Well, I found some time to play this weekend and here’s what I did.

Getting enough AP for rank 7 Windmill was my major accomplishment of the weekend and only two more ranks for that awesome extended range! Now I just need to rebirth and get some more AP

Another major happening that took place was a progression on the Generation 1 Mainstream Quests. I finally got that stupid keyword from Tarlachbear and I was able to get all the way to the Fomor Pass Sub-Quest. If anyone is interested in joining me for this Role-Playing Quest, just send me a note in-game.

Finally, I got a new hat called Cores’ Knitted Cap that you can only get from a Gachapon. I was fortunate enough to buy it off another player for 16k and I’ll be sure and post a picture of it in my next blog entry.

Well, that’s all! Cheers to the new patch coming out later today and cross your fingers that the goggle hat will be sold in Simon’s Store!


Productivity :D

It’s been a few months since my last entry so I felt it was time to write in the journal again. Not much has happened since my last report but there are a few instances that I’d like to jot down.

After my triumphant victory over the Rabbie Dungeon that previously mentioned, I again returned to brave its damp corridors in hopes for obtaining the reclusive missing thunder page 4. Luck was still not in my favor as I left empty handed following another successful completion of the dungeon. Admittedly, I was slightly disappointed that my progress towards completing the Book of Thunder had stymied in the recent months but I was not to let it discourage me. After all, the fact remains that clearing Rabbie Dungeon had seemed like an insurmountable feat before yet now I was able to make it through with just the help of my pets alone. Be it brute force, learning, or a combination of both, I’m indisputably gaining some valuable experience with these dungeon trips. Experience that will hopefully allow me to leverage my abilities and skills when I apply for more prestigious guilds in the future.

After convincing myself that my fighting abilities were indeed improving, I found myself in slightly higher spirits as I made my way back to Dunbarton. The warm sun beating down felt incredibly refreshing after spending several days in the torchlit caves of Rabbie Dungeon. My skin rejoiced at the warmth the rays brought and before I knew it, I had arrived in the town.

I immediately headed to Simon’s Clothing Shop to repair my equipment with the small amount of gold I had earned from the dungeon. My cheery mood had made me forget that I hadn’t had a warm meal to eat in quite some time. I had been surviving off of dried bread and water the whole time while I was underground. Apparently I looked unfed enough that Simon assumed I was a beggar of sorts and bestowed me with “the Hungry title”. The initial shock clearly showed on my face as Simon immediately realized the blunder he had made. He promptly apologized in a rather insincere manner then quickly changed the subject to ask what I needed. I responded that I needed some simple repairs done, half-relieved that I was able to recover quickly from his unintentional insult.

I left the shop and headed next door to the town bank. To my surprise, I found that my savings had built up over the last year and this meager amount of 40,000 gold would allow me to purchase the kite shield I had wanted for some time.


Then I traveled to Emain where I bought a brand spakin’ new kite shield that matches my robe! Now all I need is an Intellegence Uniform from Fleta and I’ll have my dream outfit ^.^ While in Emain, I also bought gold pouches that match my outfit. Useless? Absolutely! Cool? You bet!

Then I headed to Tir trying to sell that armor I bought last weekend but was unsucessful in that endeavor. After I gave up trying to sell it, I just went fishing again.

I think that in three weeks, I’m going to rebirth. It’s getting too hard to level and monsters are appearing strong and awful more frequently now. However, I want to keep my age up so when Iria comes out, I’ll be able to do something since I’ll have way more stamina than I would if I rebirth. I won’t be playing up until the Iria update so please excuse the lack of updates.

Dungeon Crawling and Deal Hunting

It brings a smile to my face that I can write about how this month was quite rich with epic adventures. For the first time since coming to this world, I was at last able to brave and conquer the menacing corridors of Rabbie Dungeon. Equipped with my trusted two-handed sword and garbed in my layered robe, I set fourth to slay the Succubus that lurked in the deepest regions of the labyrinth.

My exhilaration after emerging from the musky underground was brimming to say the least. Though no reward worth mentioning was found in the dungeon’s chest, the pride of the deed lasted for days and I was overflowing with exuberance for quite some time. I was able to channel this energy when a friend and I sought to clear the Ciar Intermediate Dungeon where again we emerged victorious. With the adventure under belts, we parted ways and I returned to Tir Chonail to enjoy the comforts of the small mountain town.

As I reached the outskirts of town’s boarders and began to ascend the hill towards the square, the public market caught my eye and I was drawn into the area where other Milletian had set up their shops. As I slowly made my way through the crowds, fortune smiled on me and I glimpsed an armor set near on of the shops by the bank. The price was outstanding for the good at mere 10,000 gold coins. Without hesitation I purchased the breastplate and made my way to the inn with high spirits thanks to both this lucky deal and my adventures throughout the week.

Note: Disabling rendering spectacular may serve to fix the flashing ground issue.

With my new prize in hand and a sound night’s rest, I went about doing a bit more dungeon crawling in Ciar. I was excited that in the process of all this adventuring, I was able to gain two levels! While that doesn’t sound like much effort to some, I’d say that’s reasonable progress for someone who finds it difficult to level!

Finally after a satisfying month in Erinn, I again returned to the outskirts of Tir Chonail. Once there, I settled down at a serene little fishing pot and set up camp by the riverside. Content as I was with the recent adventures, I was eager with anticipation for the future travels to come!