3/2/2009 – Third Life

Well, I got a chance to explore Iria a bit this weekend and I must say, I’m quite satisfied with the current exploring event. I’ve gotten my hands on several goodies that I wouldn’t usually be able to afford but hey, I’ve made around 70k with this event NPCing items and such. In addition, I’ve accumulated an impressive arsenal of weapons meaning I’ll be able to do a good amount of dungeoning in the near future. I almost forgot to mention that I received two new titles this weekend: the Bear Slayer at 10 and the Archeologist. Title collecting is something I find to be one of the most enjoyable features of the game; almost like an integrated quest/goal for each title which makes gettting titles fun and rewarding. :)

First of all, here’s a list of noteworthy items I’ve found while exploring.

  • x4 Claymores
  • Gargoyle Sword (I’ve wanted one of these for a while)
  • Purple Elka Priest Robe
  • Hooked Cutlass
  • Glove of Extravaganza
  • Two Handed Sword

However, I did run into a problem while exploring. I was pretty annoyed of how this stupid glitch prevented me from getting my treasure. >.<

After exploring, I tried to repair my straw hat only to find out that it is unrepairable. Of course, by the time I found this out, I had rebirthed and unequipped my hat rendering it to be useless. :( Fortunately, I have prepared for such a situation with a spare straw hat in my bank and also by buying a Cores’ Knitted Cap which I now wear.

Oh yes! Speaking of rebirth, I have just began my third life! I started out at age 10 mainly because I like how I look as a kid. Plus, the lower CP helps a lot when training windmill but the lack of stamina tends to be annoying. Oh well, rebirth has its ups and downs I suppose. With some leveling, I scraped together enough AP to advance my Critical skill to Rank A which should aid my windmill training. I plan to do some dungeons next week (won’t be playing this weekend; too much stuff to do) to train windmill and get some more cash.

With the new patch, my favorite item of all time was released: the goggle hat! Because of its high demand and low supply, the game economy has really jacked up the price with the hat fetching prices ranging from 600k-1mil. Of course, obtaining one is still a far cry away, but as time progresses I believe the hat will start to drop. Right now I have 180k in cash saved up and I plan to have the half the money by the end of this month. I’m trying to balance training my skills/level with money making in order to stay productive in the game and in my own interests. Before logging off, I found this guy with an awesome goggle hat outfit. I took a picture of us together and requested that he be my friend (pretty sure he was AFKing at the time though).

Well, that pretty much covers what happened this weekend. Sorry for the late entry; I’ll try to update the blog on Mondays from now on.