Insanely Fun Weekend

Wow, so I really, really enjoyed playing the alchemy patch this weekend. The shadow missions have got to be the best way to get exp because it’s just so much fun to run around with other people and fight everything! They’re way more intense than any dungeon I’ve done so far (but I guess that isn’t saying much since the hardest dungeon I’ve done is Ciar Intermediate XD) and they’re incredibly fast paced. I do wish I had some higher ranking combat/magic skills though; rank E smash and rank F icebolt don’t exactly help in a pinch. That being said, I did see some improvement in my combat proficiency. I tend to use defense a bit more now and I’m getting the hang of using windmill in a pinch. In fact, if you don’t believe me you can check out my video on Youtube here:

Hopefully once I finish that stupid ideal build, I can finally raise my CP and whatnot. I really like water cannon and I’ll probably try and get it to rank 1. I’ll definitely try to raise golem summoning and barrier spikes, that is, once I save up enough of those crystals. I’ve acquired all the alchemy skills that have been released so far except for life drain. I don’t dare rank them though since I’m pretty sure they’ll butcher my CP.

Aside from doing massive amounts of shadow missions, I did get around to a few other things. I’m nearly at rank B animal taming. I plan to go all the way to R1 since the idea of taming around half the enemies in the game sounds cool. Also, I really do want those titles from the skill :3

Speaking of titles, I did manage to get the “Lightbringer” title after doing a few G9 mainstream quests. I know there’s another title upon completion of the generation so I’ll definitely get around to doing that soon.

The last thing I should mention is that I got a Alchemy Coat for my character and thus a new outfit. I bought the coat with the “lab coat” part already white. I used my sky blue fixed dye for the pants and then took a gamble with a regular dye for the shirt part. ON THE FIRST TRY, I dyed the shirt the color I wanted, grey. Super, super lucky right? In addition, I got my old sky blue trimmed kite out of storage and bought a cylinder to accompany it. All I need now is a nice white-sheathed Japanese sword to accompany my outfit and I’ll be good to go. I’ll just have to wait a bit to save up the money. *sigh*


Wow, Back!

I had no idea that this blog was still on the internet but since it is, I’d be happy to continue updating it from time to time. In case you’re wondering, I’ve been on absence for some time due to college in combination with a lot of stuff going on in my life. I won’t be playing much more than a little bit every few weeks or so but regardless of my frequency of logging in, I’m still playing XD

So! Since last time, I’d rebirthed twice more making this life my 5th. I’ve spent a lot of time training refining, windmill, critical, metalurgy, and animal taming. Animal taming has been a recent development and my only interest in the skill is to get the titles that the skill requires. Since I plan on getting paladin, I won’t have Control of Darkness and therefore won’t get the “who Seduced a Succubus” title without this skill. Since the skill doesn’t yield any CP boosts, it’s ideal to train at the moment since my CP is pretty low. Right now I’m at rank C and it hasn’t been too bad to train lately. Oh! Speaking of training, if anyone has the “good” bait or the Tikka Taming Cane for sale, please mail it to me ^_^. Anyways, windmill training has been a little rough because I can’t seem to find anyone with Ciar basic passes. However, since I figured out how to get to TNN, the “boss kills” requirement has been the easiest to attain. In any case, WM will still be my focus for some time and I should get R1 over the summer along with R1 refine.

Refining had become a huge chore by the time I posted my last entry; copper, silver, and gold ores were becoming extremely onerous to obtain and I was running out of inventory space even with my 9 pets. I took some time off and came back to find that Mabi had already been updated to G8. With this update, of course, came the skill Metalurgy. I started reading some guides and examining the skill. Before I knew it, I had the skill at R6 and my ability to raise Refining had likewise quickened. I’ve spent a LOT of time in Bangor since then, it’s practically my second home.

Speaking of homes, if I ever do buy a house, I’d like to get it in the Sen Mag Residence XD.

I do hope that they remove the cap with the next patch because getting three ores at once would be quite formidable in terms of earning money and raising Refine. Currently, my Refining is at R5 and getting R1 should just be a matter of time. I think, though, I’ll work on Windmill until the cap is removed on Metalurgy though as to avoid getting burned out. To be honest, I really enjoy Metalurgy for some reason, as in enough to make it my favorite skill. Weird eh? It must be the scenic value of the beach and the skill’s ability to be lag free even when using my worthless home internet.

Oh, Refining in accordance with Metalurgy has allowed me to earn some slight profit and over time, it’s built up a bit. So much in fact, that I finally had enough cash to buy a Goggle Cap and an outfit to accompany it. Heh, I really enjoy the outfit and it makes training skills a bit more fun. This is probably a pretty stereotypical development in Mabinogi players; the transition from a beginner tier player to a mid tier player perhaps? I’d like to get my hands on a white colored Japanese sword(s) eventually but I’m not too keen on it since I need to save all my money from here on out for Refining :P

The final thing I should mention is which pets I plan to get. Currently, I have a thoroughbred, shire, mini-bear, four jindos (exclusively for storage), and a pair of hedgehogs. I have another pair of hedgehog cards and a black cotton ostrich card as well. Intentionally, the hedgehog cards were intended for rebirthing my hedgehogs in making “super pets” with high combat capabilities. However, this won’t happen anytime soon because I really am lacking in knowledge in regards to the combat aspects of this game. The reason I bring this is up is due to the fact that I’m considering getting some Nexon cash to buy a bird mount and a bubble crab. The bird mount is obviously for practical reasons and the bubble crab is for “I want this cuz” reasons XD. Any input as to which flying mount I should buy would be much appreciated. :)

I probably won’t be playing too much this month but maybe towards the end of the month I’ll be able to get back on. Until then, cya!