So since I’ll be finishing up the first part of my Mabinogi career (windmill, refine, metalurgy, animal taming), I’ve been thinking of what I want to do next. While I’m supposed to rank handicraft and weaving right now, I’d rather start them when I feel like it. Surely, the need for more dexterity will bring me back to the skills quicker than I intend but in the meantime, here’s what I have planned out.

The major goal for the second part of my career will be obtaining all the skills including all the advanced magic business. Yes, this will take time and money but I think it’s an achievable goal in the next two years. Primarily though, the skills I’m most excited to get are evasion, arrow revolver, charge, and metal conversion. The advanced magics and blaze are cool skills and all but they either require a decent amount of combat skill or loads of money, neither of which I have at the moment.

As for my skill focus, part of me wants to start on alchemy. Yes, this is probably unorthodox but I feel its necessary before I beef up my CP. Frozen blast and water cannon will be first then the other alchemy skills that have CP requirements. While my main focus will be on combat, I will be supplementing some life skills to balance things out a bit. Fragmentation, mana crystallization, metal conversion, and fishing will do nicely. Of course, some music training every now and then would be a good idea for the stat increases.

All in all, I think my plan is a good one. The tough part will obviously be obtaining the money needed for the materials. I have to say, I’m not very good at earning money in the game yet and I’ve been able to dodge this by gathering my own materials. Any profit I made was used to buy fashion items or CP decreasing items. I’m sure the money making business will work itself out through combat so I’m not too concerned about it.

Somewhere along the way, I’ll need to get Paladin. Other than that, I think that the generation quests will have to wait after I train up my combat and stats up. It would also help if I could play the game on a consistent basis. Maybe after I graduate, who knows?

So yeah, just a few thoughts. I’ve somewhat recovered from this whole tragic blog deletion business but I still need to re-upload the images for the entries I preserved. As for the ones that were lost, I have no idea what to do other than recreate them using the screenshots I took. It’s a shame but what are you gonna do about it, eh?

I’m sure no one will read this but if you do and have recommendations, please comment. I’d appreciate it. 🙂



Yesterday was the most fun I’ve ever had on Mabinogi. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Very blessed to have such fun friends 🙂


I would be cussing profusely right now but I won’t for the sake of keeping this site under the all ages category. Basically, Mabiguru’s domain name expired which means my mabiblog got deleted. EVERYTHING from the past week (around 4 entries) is gone. I managed to recover the bulk of the blog from google cache but I still need to re-upload all the images and fix some font bugs. Sigh… There is a small chance that the owner of the site will renew the site but at this point, I better be prepared to accept my losses. Sorry for the bad news and I’ll try and make this blog better than the old one. 🙂


First thing in the morning, I packed my bags and head to Tir. The day before, I had forgot to mention that I purchased an Arc Lich short sword with my profits from refining and metallurgy which thus galvanized me to begin windmill training once again. Basically, it was painful. I got around 1k kills before I was unspeakably bored so I then killed time around Tir to get my motivation back up. The giant white wolves showed up and while I managed to get a few hits in, I didn’t receive credit for the kill… Maybe next time…

To be honest, Tir and Tailltean are my favorite places in Uldah. Tir because of its quaint and nostalgic atmosphere while Tailltean always has this spark of adventurism to it. I can’t describe it other than calling it a gut feeling but those places really feel like home to me.

Anyways, I tried a few new things today once windmill training was over. I participated in my first fashion show in Tara, the capital of Uldah. I placed third out of four participants not bad for my first time.

The journey there on horseback was pleasant and Tara itself is astoundingly huge. Quite an impressive city but it lags DISGUSTINGLY on my home connection. Well, all this means is that Tara will have to wait until I have some better game specs.

While in Tara, I was on a quest to obtain the Metal Conversion skill which is a useful alchemy tool that converts ore fragments to the next level up. I figured that learning the skill would be beneficial for when I need more silver ores so I was pretty earnest to learn it.

I spoke to Heledd to give me the quest for the skill and after much lagging and annoyance during the shadow mission with Jenna, I completed the mission. G11 seems pretty intense from this first mission so it’ll be interesting to see how that generation pans out in terms of story content and combat difficulty. Corrupted alchemists eh? Sounds cool :3

At the end of the day, I went pretty insane with metallurgy and refining since I want to get that mastery title soon. That title is calling for me! >:3

Hope I don’t burn out from all this… Doubt it though. Mabi is way too much fun! 😀

Light Dungeoning

Hey, turns out my combat ability – in particular my ability to anticipate AI – has improved a bit! I wasn’t entirely sure until I was complimented during some dungeon runs. My party members were both from the ANGELSOFWAR guild, coincidentally the same guild Ardalene is from. By greater chance, Raviente, my robe clone is also a member of that guild and he was one of the members of the party.

While waiting for a fourth member to show up, both Raviente and Lairon kindly helped me out with my RP quest.Turns out Tarlach is VERRRYYY intelligent in addition to being quite powerful.

The quest was fun but had a tragically depressing ending… I won’t spoil anything for anyone though. The party then proceeded to do a Math Normal run for exp. Math in general is a pretty easy dungeon but hey, experience is experience and practice is how you get good at anything.

I then spent the rest of the day having fun in town again; it’s becoming quite the habit XD

Here I am logged in as Snooty :3

And here I am causing mayhem by bringing a tamed bear into channel 1 Dunbarton XD

Okay, okay. No more goofing around! Windmill grinding starts tomorrow so I’d best prepare myself Q _ Q


I’m starting to see why my school schedule goes haywire sometimes: my in-game habits carry over to real life! OwO

Today was slightly disorganized simply because I’m in a bored slump right now meaning I don’t want to do what I need to do. Sure, I ranked up animal taming to 9 today accompanied with another handicraft rank but I expected myself to be much more efficient. I really need to finish up these darn skills before I get sick of the game D:

Animal taming is getting hard to train so I had to head over to Maize Prairie to diversify my training a bit. The result was a pretty scenic day. 😀

Aside from sporadically ranking what I needed to today, I did an advanced math dungeon run today 😀 But wow, those red kobolds hit HARD. They nearly one hit KO me at full health! Luckily, windmill saved my butt several times in that long four floor dungeon and I was actually complimented by one of my party members on how decent I’ve used/rank the skill. Yay! Maybe all this effort isn’t going to waste after all XD Although, this could also imply that my understanding of the game and my combat ability is going up. Either reason is good in my book ;D

Oh yes, one other thing. I’ve never, ever seen anyone with my robe color scheme. In fact, not many people have Lacard’s robe anymore since it’s been outshadowed by far more luxurious attire. Anyhow, I ran into not one but TWO people with the exact same color scheme. Crazy eh? It’s good to know that there are other people like me in Erin XD

Till tomorrow!

Day Two and Three

To kick off day two, I started off with Metallurgy but with a twist, new locations. Rano beach hasn’t been cutting it lately with people frequenting the beach and taking spots so I decided to give the beach south of Fillia a try. On my way there, I met quite an interesting girl, Ardalene. I greeted her with a “Hi,” and she kindly replied back. In my book, that’s plenty reason to add them as a friend. To make a long story short, we started talking about things regarding life and really hit it off. I love the internet and MMORPGs for that reason; you can meet people that you never would’ve even made contact with in the real world. But this common interest alone brings a myriad of different people together just for the sake of plain old fun. Getting back on topic, Ardalene is pretty much the best friend I’ve made in Mabi and she’ll probably keep that for my entire Mabi career.

Continuing on with metallurgy, gathering ores was painless and efficient. It’d be great if I could keep up this kind of momentum for the rest of the month but then again, it IS just a game that I should be enjoying. My efficiency, however, was likely bolstered by the fact that I finally got premium service and thus, LOADS more inventory space. It was kind of a lucky break on my part that Nexon released new 8 x 10 item bags recently so I had double the inventory space I normally have, if not more. On top of that, premium service enables the use of a personal shop which helps fund my escapades in the long run.

Another fun feature was getting new emotes. I always wondered how people did the hand clapping thing but now, I myself can do it. 😀

The day proceeded pretty smoothly and at the end of the day, I broke a pretty big metallurgy milestone. 🙂

After this was finished, I messed around town a lot seeing things, meeting people, and flying in bubbles. Here’s some pictures!

A very fat penguin who’s extremely good at cooking.

Another cool cosplay, this time from the anime Full Metal Alchemist.

A lovely outfit just in time for the holidays. 😀

A crazy good Tarlach cosplay.

And my favorite activity, bubble flying 😀

Haha, goofing off can be fun every now and then. Cya!