Today’s Ramblings Include…

Haha, my personality is getting the better of me. Despite people on the forums remarking that it’s time for me to buck up and raise my CP as “It is inevitable,” to steal a movie line. Somehow I don’t believe them though or I’m horrendously stubborn. The benefits of having a high ranked thunder are very tempting but I believe that I can get all the levels I need with zombies and exploring on my own. Complimenting this idea is also the incentive of long term profit. Windmill is VERY lucrative, metallurgy is passable, and exploring makes a small profit. Between those three activities, raising sufficient funds and AP for training should not come as a struggle.

Yes, thunder would give me a needed edge in combat and help raise mana crystallization to an extent but it’s hardly worth sacrificing the ease of training alchemy skills by gaining numerous combat points. Besides, rafting will soon be “nerfed” in the upcoming season of Generation 13 making it not very alluring. With my aforementioned skill progression, that would keep my CP on the low side while still raising skills. I’ll need to adjust it to include barrier spikes though… That will probably the first “combat” alchemy skill I train. Here’s a better list:

Non-Combat (Net AP Required: 0 + 32 + 34 + 57… + 9 + 153 + 152 = 437)

Metallurgy Mastery -> Metal Conversion Mastery  -> Meditation Cap -> Mana Crystallization (rA) -> Animal Taming Cap -> Barrier Spikes Mastery + Water Cannon Mastery


Alchemy Mastery 😛

Transmutation -> Earth Alchemy -> Water Alchemy

Woof, lot’s of AP needed O_O”. That summation doesn’t even include the AP needed for the passive alchemy disciplines. Mana crystallization will probably get to C, maybe B at best. Still, it takes up a sizable chunk of the AP I need. We’ll see what happens, I can be flexible 😛

If I keep the skill CP of water cannon below that of barrier spikes (or even below critical hit) then there won’t be any problem. I was debating whether or not to raise wind blast since my combat style is defensive but since there’s no stats to gain from it there’s little motivation to do so. There’s much more to gain from some offensive skills anyways. Granted, this will probably take up most of the summer so it’s probably better to hold off on any more planning. I feel like this post was extraneous and wordy. Sorry :<

No pictures this time, internet is being a problem child…


Weekly Thoughts

First of all, sorry that I haven’t finished tidying up the blog and updating it… I’ll be caught up soon >_<

So I’m still not sure as to what skills to train after finishing windmill. At first I was sure that I’d do water cannon but now I’m having some inner conflicts. Regardless of what I decide to do, I will work on stocking up some AP and try to complete the fireball book. Thankfully, I will have part of my summer off and that’s what I plan to do during that time. Also on my to-do list is finish up metallurgy and correspondingly metal conversion. I want another master title and the lovely stat boosts from metal conversion. Metal conversion will in turn train transmutation alchemy mastery which is my best idea of what to train at the moment. Following the completion of metal conversion will likely be mana crystallization, however, I would like to max out the meditation skill to gain the AP benefits. Yes, magic mastery would be a more viable option if all I’m after is MP but raising it any further than my current rank would start to adversely affect my CP, booo. Once meditation is completed, mana crystallization will proceed and hopefully I’ll have completed the book of fireball by the time I need it. Ice spear can wait… Or can it? The mastery of mana crystallization title gives a whopping +60 MP! Very useful for any type of alchemist for sure! Gah… We’ll see…

So the progression of things to do is as follows:

Metallurgy Mastery -> Metal Conversion Mastery  -> Meditation Cap -> Mana Crystallization -> ???

Somewhere in there, getting Paladin would help for the MP but I’m not entirely sure how the whole transformation thing works. I’d assume that getting the Champion level would give me the biggest MP boost but of course, that’s speculation on my part. No speculation holds against firm research and I’ll get on that once the blog is sorted out. Regardless though, I would like to master transmutation before taking on defragmentation. This along with Alchemy Mastery might make training defragmentation along with life skills more efficient. For now, weaving can kick the bucket since I have no need for dex seeing as how I’m trying to be an alchemist.

Oh! With the recent proficiency changes, I REALLY want to get a nicely upgraded metal lightning wand. With all the mana reduction, it would make mana crystallization a whole lot easier to train. Some MP increasing gear would be nice too… A smart will o’ the wisp goggle cap shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain nor should a mana cylinder. Of course, I need to make friends with a good enchanter >_<

Yeah… I have more things in my head that need to be put down but I need to go study. Back in a few days!

Fishing Life

So at the mercy of my friend, I can AFK fish for mystic pearls on her computer. So far I’ve gotten around 60 of them (not many, I know…) and hopefully thousands more once I get a netbook and good internet. My mabi playing will likely increase once I move into a new place in the fall and my character will be fishing ALL DAY! Rank 1 life drain goooo!!!

I can dream, alright? XD

To all those who have been greeting me on Mabi while I’m AFK, sorry that I haven’t been replying >_< . It’d be easier if you sent me a message on Mabination 😀

Alright, peace out!


It turns out that Mabiguru is back up and consequently so are the entries I lost during the site crash. As one can see, I’ve already tried to replace them with less accurate entries that have additional information and I’ve already made the move here… Therefore, I’ve decided to copy the entirety of the old blog onto this one, thus accurately preserving the documented memories. I will, however, add any additional information I came up with in the replacement posts. I’ll try and take a stab at it soon but with school looming very near, it might take a while so please bear with me…

I am also VERY behind on entering what happened over the course of last week. Again, this might take a while but I will do my best to finish this tomorrow night.

Till then, go play some capture the flag! 😀

A New Chapter Begins

Cool: you make friends on the internet.

Something you never forget: your friends you made on a game stay up until dawn to help you do something.

The conclusion of the generation 1 storyline began at around midnight when I managed to log in so that was around 3:00 am on the East Coast where Uncle and Mom are. Everything went smoothly until we hit Albey Green Gem. Yeesh, we had to run that stupid dungeon three times before I finally got that orb fragment. It was fun though and I NEVER mind doing dungeons with friends. Oh, over the course of the night I turned out to be insanely lucky. All in all, I got about six huge lucky finishes before the night was done (close to 120k O_O). It was pretty obvious that I was over-leveled for this too with my rank 2 windmill… And if I was over-leveled, then this was probably a joke to Mom and Uncle (mastery and rank 2 water canon among other things). At the end of the day, I got two titles: Seal Break of Another World and Who Saved the Goddess as well as the goddess enchant that I slapped on a claymore.

Around 3 am, we finally got around to the last dungeon which was six, lengthy floors of combat madness! It really took stamina but luckily the AI’s of the monsters aren’t that complex. Although, I can’t imagine how people who run Peaca feel… Then finally, we reached Glas! Phew, toughest thing I’ve had to fight yet… Actually, I didn’t do diddly since Mom and Vin used golems to WM spam Glas back to the grave. I might’ve gotten one or two hits with rank F support shot but I highly doubt it. I did, however, take care of the light gargoyles and burned their scroll drops. Glad I managed to contribute in some way though; it wouldn’t feel right otherwise XD

So at the end of the day (5:00 am) we were all bushed but content that we could make the last day memorable. I had an indescribably joyous time playing Mabinogi over the Winter Break and I’m sad that I can’t continue to play casually. Well, maybe I’ll find a way somehow. I’m very happy I met both of my alchemist tutors and even happier that they accepted me into the family 😀

Leisurely Preparation

Haha, getting rank 1 windmill kind of went out the window seeing as how it wouldn’t be very fun to grind from rank 2 to rank 1 in two days. Incidentally, I spent my second-to-last day of my winter break preparing for the completion of Generation 1 and doing some last minute title hunting! >:3

First of all, the “who Seduced a Succubus” title is mine at last! Without transformation too! I thought that taming one would require tons of bait but it literally only took three baits for a success! Much easier than the 50 baits it took to tame a baby elephant…

Second on my last minute to-do list was finally get the Synthesis skill! Granted, it will be a VERY LONG TIME till I even start to rank it to a decent level but for now, I am happy to see the skill in my alchemy tab. 🙂

Finally, I wanted to test drive rank 2 windmill with a Coil Dungeon solo run. As many times as I’ve tried in the past, the dungeon always seems to get the better of me. About 2 years ago, I had a fateful encounter with Gorgons; basically, my poor Konokobo (mini bear) and I got owned by these heavy standing monsters. These combined with the numerous sprites in the dungeon would always prevent me from finishing the dungeon but after all this time, my bear and I finally triumphed Coil Normal. This time, my bear and I got some sweet revenge on those nasty Gorgons. Muhaha!

The boss, frightfully, was a giant headless and a giant sprite. Gambling isn’t really my thing so I ended up being newbish by pet revolving the giant headless while duoling the giant sprite with my bear and final hit activated.

But yeah! In the end, the dungeon didn’t give us too much trouble and I only recall dying about 3-4 times. Dishearteningly, the end reward chest did not reward our small victory and only gave me gold. Ah well, I got a journal accomplishment and a little confidence for the trouble. 🙂

To finish off the day, I ranked my magic mastery to D since I really could use the MP for Mana Crsytalization/Animal Taming. I’ll make sure that I keep it low enough so that my CP doesn’t increase.

I also wound down for the day by fishing for some magic pearls. This may look like I’m at ease  but I am so ready tomorrow!

Return to Tir Na Nog

Today, I resumed my windmill training with earnest as my Mom was kind enough to give me a ride to the other world. The goal for today was 1500 zombie kills, painful but necessary. Somehow I managed to do it by the end of  the day, although, I must have clocked in around 8 hours just windmilling zombies. I’d say rank 2 windmill is worth it though.

Not much else happened today, just a few funny zombie farms to post.

My original intention was to get rank 1 windmill by Saturday 12:00 am but with only two days left and a whole rank ahead of me, it’s probably not the best idea. This is one of my flaws, overreaching for things. So I think postponing windmill until I come back is a much better idea. Upon returning, I will do my best to finish off the rank 2 and hopefully still have the motivation to go after the mastery title. It’ll be likely though, my pride as a title hunter compels me!

It also turns out that killing zombies is a great way to gain experience and gold! I finally broke the level 40 mark and made around 300k O_O

In the future, I’d like to be able to run the “Their Method” shadow mission but the amount of lagging that occurs in Tara keeps me from doing this. Ah well, life lol.