Two Solos

Quick hour long session where I did manage to gain a level and one AP point lol. I did so using the Tara shadow missions, “Their Method” which happened to be the daily bonus mission and “Shadow Cast City”. Their Method went alright but I did die twice. Grrr, I just need a little more practice with my windmill range.

Shadow Cast City was the fun mission thanks to windmill. My bear Konokobo and I were able to deal out some major damage throughout the whole mission. Speaking of which, I need to level the little guy… He’s only level 30. Anyways! The doppelganger was for sure the most difficult part of the mission. Initially, I took out half its HP with pet revolver then blitzed it with Konokobo and spammed windmill on it. I lucked out BIG TIME with a huge critical windmill when he summoned more copies. The windmill literally killed all but one. Anyways, I thought I was for sure going to die when I went back to windmill spamming the doppelganger since I was already in deadly; he was literally about to attack with alchemy before I laid him out with a final windmill. Very exciting πŸ˜€

To finish off the night, I managed to grab fireball pages 4,5, and 6 off of the housing board! Now all I need to do is wait for 7 and 8 to pop up then save for page 9. I’m really hoping that my Mom will help me hunt for the last page… That bloody thing is ridiculously expensive going for at least 1 million. Ah well, something to worry about later.




Today was pretty chill Mabi-wise. I briefly trained water and wind mastery to rank them to F once I have some AP. I’ll probably get water mastery first because water cannon is awesome like that but we’ll see.

After that fleeing alchemy training, I headed off to Cor to do a little animal taming. It would make sense that I should have the skill trained to rank 6 before it’s uncapped, right? Zebras are strong to me right now which was pretty disappointing. Without a young rebirth, this may be encumbering for ranking animal taming…Β  Although it really depends on whether or not I can nab a raccoon cub wizard suit for my casual cross-stitched dress. That would have a plethora of helpful uses but for now I can only dream.

Finally, I went to Tir to grab some snowballs and large nails for future skill training. Wood boards are going to be a HUGE pain with the whole iron bar and tough string requirements… Ugh… Part of me says I should just forget about handicraft but having rank A would gain me a little dexterity. Now that I think about it, I should just forget about it… Only if I get really desperate for skill training will I continue handicraft.

I’ve been thinking though, since alchemy mastery is lengthy to train, why am I not exploiting this during my AP shortage? I couldn’t answer the question either >_< … So! I will start training alchemy mastery like crazy by making these bloody rain crystals and by acquiring flame burst. Once flame burst is in my possession, I could gain cylinder proficiency while training both alchemy mastery and flame burst at the same time if I need a break from windmill in the Other World.

You’re a Winner!

Haha, on impulse I decided to attend the weekly Saturday banquet to see my Mom. She had big news for me, who can resist such temptation? Upon arriving, I was able to see my Mom and my other friends. The big news happened to be that I have a new cousin, Alflay! This is the same person who gave me that awesome food at the previous banquet so I’m happy to have her as my cousin! πŸ™‚

The banquet proceeded on and eventually the raffle winner was to be announced. Shockingly, the winner’s number was 90, my number! I literally freaked out and then ten-folded this once I saw my prize: a casual cross-stitched dress! These are not common at all and I’ve seen some pretty hefty offers for them in the past, up to six million! While it’s a great memento for winning the prize, I’m REALLY tempted to trade it for say a raccoon cub wizard suit, or abysmal cooking pot + dragon slasher! Not sure what I can get for it but I know it’ll be good. πŸ˜€

Ensuing after the banquet, Train and I went to go run a shadow mission: The Other Alchemists. This time around, I went with my stiff mace and kite shield combo to tank it up since the primary enemies in this mission are moss golems.

About the time Train and I started the mission, ANOTHER cool surprise happened! I got the “who Defeated a Golem in a Single Blow” title! To be honest, it was shear luck that I managed to score a critical on three golems with windmill but I’m really happy that I finally got this title πŸ˜€

Anticlimactically, the shadow mission kind of ended in failure since Train was experiencing major latency and disconnected. I did my best to hang in there but I got pounded by some serious multi-aggro. The shadow mission was the most fun one yet so maybe my Mom, Train, and I can tackle it when we’re all fresh and have good connections. πŸ˜›

Oh yes, there was one last thing that happened at the banquet…

I can’t believe this keeps happening to me :O

Mmk, that’s all. Cya!

Vintage Ciar Dungeon

Today was a rare and delightful nostalgic experience. Ciar dungeon, or all dungeons for that matter, are now considered obsolete with the advent of shadow and theater missions. Once heralded as the life-blood of the game, such days have now passed into the memories of the older generations. Or so I thought.

It turns out that there are a LARGE number of people who face boredom and as a consequence, they now populate strange areas. I wouldn’t have known this had it not been for a enigmatic yearning to visitΒ  Ciar dungeon once again. This might have something to do with needing fireball page 4 but you never know…

Upon arriving, I was utterly shocked at the 6-7 people in the lobby! Four of them dropped into a dungeon while the other two partied with me to do a basic run. The run itself was good and my combat experience did not fail me as I didn’t die during the course of the dungeon. We completed the dungeon run within a respectable time and proceeded to run another basic pass.

By coincidence, a guild happened to be getting ready for an advanced run and they kindly allowed for us to join them.

With an eight membered party, one could call us overpowered as the first few floors were utter carnage.

Towards the later floors three people dropped out but we retained two unique players: our elf healer and Mlooky the tank. Mlooky rightfully deserves that title because he was literally the best melee player I’ve seen yet. His damage output, critical rate, and combat awareness were insanely good and he was able to solo multiple rooms and take out both golem bosses at the end. Our healer, Ruinne, was a superb player herself as she readily healed when it was needed.

In fact, it was probably her abilities that kept me from dying THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE DUNGEON. That’s right, no deaths even against the four bug bears, booyah?

Granted, it took about 15 heal charges to get me out of super deadly status (thank goodness for my high will stat and the “who saved the Goddess” title).

At the boss, Mlooky activated demi-god and fury of light and holy cow that skill is overpowered.

Mlooky was able to take out AT LEAST 20 monsters summoned by the boss, insane!

Thanks to everyone’s commendable efforts, I was able to get yet another journal accomplishment: Ciar Advance Dungeon Clear! Whoohoo!

Proceeding after our victory, part of the party ran ANOTHER ciar basic with me! This time around, I was finally able to solo the golem boss without using pet revolver by instead utilizing windmill spam. Yeah, it’s cheap but it works; exploitation is the name of the game after all πŸ˜›

That’s about it. In total, this all took around 3 hours so a pretty lengthy amount of playing time for a school day. Ah well, fun time is time worth spent. Goodnight!


The first thing I did upon logging on tonight was finish up an exploration level. I’m currently level 22 and hopefully I can get to level 25 for the journal points. Speaking of which, I also took a look at it for the first time today. I’ve got SOME stuff but it definitely needs some work. But hey, that’s what the generations and shadow missions are for, right? XD

Following this, I went back to hometown Tailltean to meet up with my Mom and Train. Evidently, today was alchemist beach day… Good thing I always carry my swimming trunks and beach sandals for an occasion such as this!

After that little escapade, our party went to Avon so I could try out my first theater mission. Given the help I had (two royal alchemists lol), it was pretty easy but I didn’t find it very fun combat wise. As my Mom said, “Shadow missions are made for fun. Theater missions are made for grinding.” That statement pretty much sums up the experience in Avon. Oh, my Mom got an ice wand drop and was kind enough to let me have it. πŸ™‚

Of course, no day is complete without a SHADOW MISSION to excite things up! This time, we tried “Dorren’s Request” to mix it up a bit; apparently if run correctly it’s rather good exp. As for our experience, umm… The mission took a while as Train had to leave in the middle of it leaving my Mom and I to fend for ourselves. Although lengthy, I found duoling the mission was helpful in trying out new combos/melee techniques, specifically tanking. Gah, it would really be handy if I had blaze or at the very least, evade to mix it up a bit. I made the most of the situation though and my Mom always had my back in case my technique went astray.

To end the night on a decent note, I managed to level up from “Dorren’s Request”! Woohoo, level 48! If I can make it to 50 within two weeks, then I’ll get another journal accomplishment! Alright, 50/25 here I come!

Possible Build Idea

So next time I log in, I plan to get the blaze skill and start saving up the AP for rank 1 animal taming. πŸ™‚

Blaze has always looked like an attractive skill so I’m anxious to finally get it now that my magic mastery is at rank C. I was also thinking of a build centered around this and alchemy… Mainly the “Tank Alchemist”.

Alchemists are favored because of their ability to perform well regardless of stats but maybe combined with the right stats, they can become even more formidable? Maybe I’m just kidding myself but I would love to try and develop such a build. My reasons are mainly that I hate farming life skills for dexterity and since alchemy already contributes a lot to mana, why not utilize this for more than just mana shield?

Seeing as this is an endgame build, I’ll need to get the following skills:

  • All aforementioned alchemy skills
  • Rank 1 Defense
  • Rank 1 Blaze
  • Maxed Music Composition and other intelligence rich skills
  • Rank 1 Firebolt
  • Some added strength?

While I’ll rely primarily on alchemy, blaze, and defense, windmill, as well as firebolt, are important alternatives. I’m thinking windblast can be of use too to gain some time needed skill load time in multi-aggro situations. The main choice of equipment would probably be a regular cylinder and combat wand coupled with two (kite?) shields offering some solid defense.

The idea is in its premature stages but it’d be rather cool to be called, “the Tank Alchemist” >:3