Business, Business…

Gah, one more week! I’m really itching to play but I know better… All I’ve logged in to do is farm some holy water in preparation for leveling/generation quests. Boring but manageable in small doses.

The first thing I want to take a stab at is getting life drain so likely on Friday and Saturday morning at the latest. Following that, power leveling… >_<

I’m still saving the AP for animal taming which mind you, I actually have been training. Rank 6 is fully trained so all that’s left to do now is farm gold to buy bait. I’ll probably finish up metallurgy next week and ideally achieve rank 3 metal conversion. I’ve heard rank 2 is terrible as grinding for the diamond takes FOREVER. Although, with enough unknown ore fragments and fragments in general, it shouldn’t take TOO long. My accuracy for the little minigame is pretty darn good at this point. Then again, I could just be overestimating/kidding myself. Time will tell…

I’m thinking that metal conversion will be finished up within two lives meaning I can use all that time to stock up AP for party healing/life drain/water cannon. I’m thinking of raising water cannon and life drain simultaneously to avoid the CP boost by training just one skill to r1. Should work if I’m careful about it.

Hi to Firelace and till next time!


Minor Updates

Just as a quick heads-up, I’m starting to feel the pressure from school so at best I’ll be logging in only to complete the daily shadow mission.

The last two days have been mellow with a little leveling up with friends. I’m probably not going to hit level 50 come Saturday due to the aforementioned reason but I gave it a good shot. Leveling should prove to be easier now that WM is finally finished but it will still require a lot of time. Once my midterms are done in two weeks, I’ll have one week to try and get 50, again… Until then, I dunno if I’ll be playing. While the bingo school bag reward seems tempting, I don’t think it would be wise to invest so much time into the game. Maybe I’ll just top off this week and go for a daily bingo. Wednesday perhaps. I really just want a Mabinogi Scholl Uniform (F) from this event for my alts but it’s not really a DIRE need.

Back on topic, the major accomplishment would have to be me finally upgrading my mace and kite shield, both of which were very long overdue. For the mace, I’m trying to get as much balance as possible while the kite will have as much passive melee defense as possible. I considered magic too but then again, I DO have two kite shields. Both upgrades have helped me out noticably in combat and I’m really glad I finally got around to upgrading them both. Next on the upgrade list is my Light Melka Chain Mail and dual broadswords!

Item wise, the last few days have been super successful! First I traded off my goddess enchanted claymore for a par ice wand; now I just need to get ice spear, lol. Then, I finally managed to trade my cross-stitch dress away for a jackal wizard suit! Awesome! Right after that, I went to Cor to finish rank 7 animal taming which is now ready to rank. Zebras were “boss” to me which really sped things up. The rest of the ranks will proceed fairy easily now with the limiting factor being my ability to afford taming bait. For my next rebirth, I’ll just save all the AP I need for animal taming r1 and then use whatever is left over for party healing. Speaking of which, I’m now rank C. The training requirements aren’t too bad and can easily be finished with the help of a few dedicated friends and someone with fireball. Actually, since Train’s mana crystallization rank is pretty high, we could just use fireball crystals to save on MP costs lol.

Aside from those two major happenings, I’ve been running a lot of shadow missions and dungeons with Train, Fuwa, Celestra, and Blackfaith. If it weren’t for them, I’d probably get to level 40 per rebirth at best by myself.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll update when I start playing again 🙂

Little Progress

Things have been going well. Party healing got another rank and metal conversion is just waiting to be ranked to 4. From here on out I’ll need exclusively ingots (copper, silver, and gold) but I can still fulfill the nickel ore requirements by converting unknown ore fragments to iron ingots. If everything goes well, I expect to be rank 3 by the end of my spring break; it really just depends on how much studying I have to do and how dedicated I am to metallurgy. For the most part, I think I will since the only other dire task at hand would be getting the AP to rank up metal conversion and transmutation. Tonight I’ll likely spam Their Method at advanced difficulty if I can’t find anyone to run The Other Alchemists with. Ideally, I would get 7 AP tonight from leveling but that’s being slightly optimistic. As far as exploration goes, I’m currently “capped” at level 14 as consequence of my mac not being sound compatible with Windows 7. Ah well… I’ll figure something out. I did actually try and explore using just the l-rod glow but that was neither efficient nor fun. So for now, I’m such with leveling the old way. Ideally I would reach level 50 before I get to rebirth next Saturday but school does come first.

Finally, I wish I could find a buyer for my iron ingots. Sure, ranking blacksmithing on the side is great but it would be more favorable if I coupled the training with weaving. Not only would the weaving materials supply me with finishing items I need for blacksmithing, the added dexterity gained from blacksmithing would compliment weaving success rates as well. Seeing as how I wish to train alchemy after lifeskilling a bit, this probably won’t happen for some time.

On a side note, I met a really interesting person the other day: Faithrend. She has a stylish outfit and personality to boot all while being highly apt at combat. I met her while running Defeat the Shadow Wizard with Fuwa and his friend along with my healer friend Ruinne. Ruinne has more or less inspired me to raise party healing adding to the number of skills I need to raise… Gah, I feel lost in all this freedom after finishing windmill. Part of me wants to raise water cannon and become a real alchemist while the other part of me is saying hold off on combat until G14 comes out and you finish animal taming! Regarding which, I have not saved a single AP point for >_<

Last night, I went on somewhat of a splurge and bought all the crystals I need for the Crystal Collector title. It’s nice to have that title out of the way and it’s another uncommon one at that. The stat boosts are decent but there are better mastery titles out there.

Last last thing, I saw my Mom earlier today! 😀 She’s been gone for about a week and a half now so it was really nice to see her, even briefly. So once again, “Hi Mom!” and good to see you back. 🙂

Small Updates

Not much has happened since I last posted. I’m leisurely enjoying alchemy and sticking to my guns. The only deviation is the fact that I’m raising party healing now as I REALLY would like that title. On the way, I’ll get on meditation… Combined, party healing, meditation, transmutation, metal conversion, and alchemy mastery should keep my AP consumption low. I’ll have to wait for the summer to REALLY start generating decent amounts of AP. This should also maximize my crystal success for life drain and golem summoning in the future. To sum up skill progress:

Transmutation – Rank D
Party Healing – Rank E
Water Cannon – Rank D

One unfortunate thing happened though, I reached level 300 cumulative. Gah, advanced missions here I come >_<

Last thing: I finally have this outfit finished. The only thing that I could possibly add to it would be a vintage goggle cap with the goggles matching the red belt on the robe with the actual cap color being the same as the robe. It’d be great if I could get Smart Will O’ the Wisp on the hat but since it’s vintage, I’m hesitant. Meh, first I need to actually find someone to sell me the cap. XD


So today, two momentous things happened:


Yep, tis a very good day because of the things I got. It wasn’t very social though since Train logged on briefly before I had to go but he did commemorate my long-worked for WM goal.

Also, I should mention that I managed to secure another Nakuru Dragon Robe for about 100k. Super steal deal eh? I didn’t really have a use for it so I gave it to Train as a thanks for all the fun/shadow missions we’ve had together. Then… I left the long-dead Joker guild and joined Train’s guild! He’s trying very hard to revive this relatively large guild so hopefully I can contribute in some way with my membership. It’s nice to have an active guild again, ever since Uncle and Mom left Joker, the guild has just been there as a humorous looking placeholder above my head.

As for my plans now, hehe, I’ll try and stick to my guns (see previous posts). Not too sure what I should do about animal taming though but I am thinking of just trading off my cross-stitched dress for jackal male. That should cover my CP until I get rank 1 water cannon or something along those lines. Maybe I can trade my arch lich short short for some CP grieves as ideally those would be used for animal taming. Raccoon cub seems out of the question since these new stupid gachapons ruined the value of the cross stitched dress…

Aside from the CP gear, the only thing I really “need” now is a metal lightning wand and penguin robe. Those can wait though since they’re somewhat low on my priority list. Right now, I’m going to do my best to rank barrier spikes, transmutation, and most important: alchemy mastery. I’ll try and do some metallurgy and metal conversion on the side once my AP runs dry or my leveling stagnates. Next time I rebirth, I’ll probably finish up animal taming to the cap and switch my destiny to alchemy. Yep, I’ve got it all planned out from here on out ;D

Moar Shadow Missions!

Two incentives: experience points and journal points. Having fun meeting people is assumed though 😀

This time, it was The Other Alchemists, Ghosts of Parthelon, and Sulfur Spider (all at intermediate difficulty). Ghosts of Parthelon wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be and there are some decent drops in there… As for sulfur spider, WELL, people aren’t exaggerating in the least. Once again, I see the value of having a player that can legitimately tank… It was literally the only way we made it out of there. O_O

After that, I went to run Rundal Advanced Hardmode with Train but since both of us were pretty tired, we logged off about halfway through. Ehh… At least I got two levels bringing me up to 54.

Wow, I would’ve never believed myself capable of that. My last rebirth had a record high of level 35, lol. Because of this, I now believe that getting the “who reached level 50 at age 10” title is highly possible for me but I don’t feel like trying it until the summer/spring break. I’m not really in a hurry to get it though… Doesn’t seem very fun to do :<

Favorite Shadow Mission <3

In Taillteann, it would be Defeat the Shadow Wizard. In Tara, it’s The Other Alchemists :3

I like it so much that I ran it THREE TIMES on intermediate today. Our party was rather interesting; two alchemists (Train included) and two warriors (me included). Train and I usually duoled a room except when I tried to solo and died as a result.

Hehe, I love raiding the mouse hole rooms though; everyone seems to give me keys for it so I always end up going for it. Fighting the Basilisk is always an exciting event as well and it’s nice to affirm the fact that I can kill something semi-difficult with a little help.

At the end of the day, I leveled up again bringing my current level to 52. I also got a pair of alchemist shoes from the chest end reward on the final run of the day. Super happy about that 🙂

Some other things I did before running the missions: I helped out a guy with Taillteann Defensive Battle and posed with some people I met. Old, mad scientist look is amazing 😀

Another good day on Mabi. Also thanks to Train for running these missions with me and making them fun. 🙂