So I’m currently grinding animal taming when I can find time during the day. I MIGHT finish it tonight but… I underestimated how stubborn zebras are to being tamed… GAH, SOME OF THEM TAKE LIKE 6 BAIT. >_<

Currently just finished the hard majority of rank 4 with rank 3 and 2 being the easy ranks due to the low amount of boss requirements and not needing strong requirements to rank the skill. The mastery title is what will take a while with 600 strong taming requirements (ZEBRASSAAKSDFLKASJF). I wish I could somehow use otters for those strong requirements as zebras just come down to being a pain from stubbornness and being spread out (clumped ecology distribution FTW :D).

Anyways, I’ll post back once I’ve finished this whole fiasco… Hope I can get it before I crack down on finals Q _ Q

Post finals, I’ll do a VERY DETAILED post of all my accomplishments of late. Till then, wish me luck with this bloody zebras :<


Killing Time

More or less, this is what I’m doing. All the AP required for rank 1 animal taming is now stocked with some spillover :P. Additionally, I have 600k saved up for bait costs which should be more than enough for the mastery title. Right now, I’m debating as to whether or not I should train chain cylinder with water cannon but as of last night, I’ve pretty much made up my mind to raise water cannon. Not only is it more beneficial to leveling in general, it opens up long distance combat to me. That being said, I’ve found that range should not be discarded so readily and now I’m considering raising that too. GAH, AP is such a drag in this game but I suppose it teaches you to be responsible with the limit resources you have.

How I discovered that range is just as viable is alchemy is interesting. Incidentally, this happened when I had to raft in order to obtain the natural shield skill and the corresponding magic shields. With critical and my paltry amount of dexterity, I was hitting a little under what I do with melee and critical hits hit about half the damage that a windmill critical would. The end result of this escapade was me managing to kill six hobgoblins with range and of course, the four shield skills.

Skill acquiring was not limited to just these magic skills, however, as this past week I was also able to finally finish my fireball book and do the sand blast quest. So now, all that remains is crash shot, arrow revolver, assault slash, ice spear, and shock outside of alchemy skills that are granted through completing the generation quests. Things are looking well at this point and I plan to start ice spear once finals are over.

Training skills has likewise been going well! Metal conversion is now at rank 2 AND I finished the necessary diamond requirements needed to rank the skill. Ideally, I would like to get another diamond from metal conversion to save on using my stocked copper ingots for the mastery title but if doesn’t happen before Saturday, oh well. XD

Finally, meditation training is nearly done. I’m now at rank B and currently in the process of gathering sufficient elementals to finish up the training quest for rank A. After that, all I have to do is buy the Cor Meditation book and I’ve capped the skill! As consequence, my mana pool has been getting close to 200 after a fresh rebirth! Awesome! With leveling, I bet I could get close to 300 now if I tried. Then there’s transformation 8D

Haha, regarding that I’ve FINALLY made some progress on G2 after realizing a little flashing arrow on the quest window revealing both my Fomor Counterattack and Barri Training Dungeon generation quests. Q _ Q… Well, now that I’ve pressed complete, I feel much more motivated to do G2 now. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m ridiculously overdue and overpowered for this generation. Windmill gets me out of ANY danger and so far, I have yet to die once lol. Based on a quick Rundal Normal run last week (which my party cleared in less than 15 minutes), I don’t think G2 will give me much trouble…

As for a change of pace, I decided to buy a new outfit to reward my perseverance in preparing for G14. Incredibly, I did not have to dye a single piece and the color scheme matches PERFECTLY. As for the feel of the outfit, I was inspired by the idea of adventure and exploration in Iria and I wanted something that suited the action of taming animals in the prairie, jungle, etc. Hopefully it will lessen the harshness and repetitiveness of the grind next Wednesday. If it does, I’ll be pretty satisfied that I bought it. 🙂

WOW, longest post ever >~< … I probably should have broken up this update a little but alas, I procrastinated. That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

DAWWWW, seals are so cute ❤

Laundry List

This post won’t have much interesting content. It basically serves as a glorified notepad for my weekly schedule.

Currently, I’m level 29 and I need to get 19 AP before I rebirth. My exploration is level 11 so 9 AP can come from that. The remaining AP requires me to achieve level 40 within the week… Tough, but doable. Granted, if I don’t make it then I’m not going to kill myself over it; I have some pretty important real life business to attend to both this week and the following. Ideally, the plan is to finish up storing AP for animal taming and have just enough left over to rank metal conversion to rank 2 allowing me to start the diamond grind. In accordance with making iron ingots to fund animal taming, this training couples this task PERFECTLY. I’ve already made one diamond at rank 3 so I’m not THAT daunted by the so called grinding horror story of rank 2. Metallurgy… Has been taking a while to say the least… I probably won’t get back on it until post-rebirth this weekend since I need to focus on getting that AP but I REALLY will try and master that skill by the end of my next rebirth. So… In this order:

  1. Explore until level 20
  2. Run dailies until level 40
  3. Funding

For the most part, funding for bait costs is complete. All in all, I’ve made about half a mil with ingots/gems and I’m pretty happy with the results. If ore prices continue to stay this low, money making in the future looks promising for me. Maybe I’ll finally get that penguin robe, who knows? XD

So yeah, that’s what I’ll be doing this week. If any readers want to run shadow missions with me, just send a note my way 🙂


Not Pointless 8D

I happened to be doing market business on channel 1 today when I came across these guys collectively known as “Criminals”. Long story short, they were elf supporters looking for some fun and I decided to join them. XD

So… Yeah! It was pretty fun PVPing; I hadn’t done that in a while so it was enjoyable with such a big group. We ended up hopping to Channel 7 eventually and there some guy picked a fight with us. Honestly, when people start to complain about camping despite them intentionally leave their PVP on, I have no sympathy… Whatever…

All in all, this was a fun, random event and when I had to go, I passed on my robe to another eager person. But before I did go, out of nowhere I acquired chain cylinder XD . At last, I finally got it! It was about time but now I have a enjoyable, low AP cost alchemy skill to raise, yay!


Pretty much pre-G14, my fantasy life consists of leveling, exploring, and metal conversion. I’ve recently found some long-term buyers of iron ingots so I can now use Metal Conversion (which is in my opinion a life skill) to make some profit. I just loot Channel 1 for unknown ore fragments and convert them all into ingots. Easy-peesy! I’ve made around 300k so far and hopefully that should be enough to fund my Animal Taming escapades. Metal conversion has slowly been going up too! The only limit in the training requirements is copper ingots, can you believe that? I’ll try and metallurgy my way into rank 2 and hopefully have it mastered before G14 comes out. I’m not going to push for this goal though… Ingots are a pain to get without metallurgy and frankly I don’t need to spend any money on what I can get with a little time.

I am still doing mana crystallization on the side though. And FINALLY I’ve gotten some results from it 😀

Yeah baby! Here’s to many more! I should just save up for mana elixirs and grind alchemy mastery to rank A or something like that. Then again, I could just follow my plan and raise barrier spikes (again, something I can get myself). Hmm… I don’t have much else to report otherwise I would. Oh well, good bye and enjoy this picture I took 😀


Unceremoniously, I celebrated my return with Mabi chores due to most of my friends being offline today. Essentially, today’s accomplishments were ranking my meditation via the book from Stewart’s Secret shop from rank F to E and getting the “Studiously Spooked” title. I also continued my holy water farming as usual and hopefully I have enough to last me a while… In addition, I got my third mana reduction upgrade for my Carpinus healing wand. As for my next move, I’ll likely fund money for my animal taming grind on the 27th… I’m thinking a mil should be enough although I would like 1.5 mil just to ensure I don’t run out of money. Currently, I have about 200k saved up so it’s a pretty long road ahead of me.

Actually, I just calculated the total number of baits I would need for all the requirements up to mastery and it comes out to around 130k assuming 30% failure. If I were to account for 70% failure (which would be the worst case scenario), it couldn’t come out to more than 200k. Well, I was off in my initial estimates, haha. At least it’s an over-approximation and not an under-approximation XD

Speaking of animal taming, AP stocking for it is going well. I’m a little over halfway to the necessary 40 AP and I still have 10 more exploration levels to gain and 25 regular levels. I’ll use whatever is left over to rank meditation. Maybe I could also use the remaining cash to buy the meditation books that are dungeon rewards. That’d be great and that extra 36 MP would be lovely for mana crystallization and mana shield.

As for what to do next, I’ll probably finish up rank 5 metal conversion then TRY and get metallurgy mastery. Somehow, the skill has lost its fun recently; maybe I’m just tired from chores and itching for some combat action. Update this on this next time XD