So yesterday I did a bit of leveling with wind, Ardalene, and Nathan in addition to some enchant hunting and holy water farming. Ardalene and wind both like to run Shadow Cast City on advanced because it’s quick and easily spamable. For me, the allure lies in the chest rewards containing water drop cylinders with enchants such as water drop, stiff, and moist. Moist is a pretty awesome enchant but its drawback is the x10 repair cost. I was fortunate enough to receive a moist water drop water cylinder as a drop yesterday and I’m itching to test it out on a guild run. If the damage output is sufficient, then I’ll wait until the durability drops to 0 to burn off the enchants. From there, I’ll try and stick moist and water drop onto my tidal wave cylinder and then start to special upgrade it for water damage. I’m pretty scared of the repair costs at that point though as I’ve voiced my concerns on the issue before.

Transparent and ripple enchant hunting has surprisingly been failing. Nathan and I ran Guardian of Avon three times and not a single sieve was obtained. Then we ran two King’s Request and got nothing but gems, not even upgrade stones! These drop rates are slightly absurd to me but I suppose that’s why these items are difficult to obtain.

For the remainder of the night, I used my 19 AP to train life drain. Currently, I’m at rank B and it’s already proving to be pretty lethal in advanced missions. The knockback of the skill alone takes out a fifth of an enemy’s HP bar so in terms of damage output it’s comparable to that of my 1k total melee friends, even a rank B! Needless to say, ranking the skill was a sound choice. 🙂

That’s about it. Hopefully there’ll be a guild run tonight so I can show my stuff :3


On the Road to Strength

After some serious grinding this past week, I managed to achieve my level goal of 53/20. As consequence, I was finally able to rank both water cannon and metal conversion to rank 1.

Of course, no skill is truly complete without its corresponding mastery title and I will be pursuing these in earnest.

With my own leisure funds diminishing after two weekly rebirths, I will now resume free rebirths until ambition strikes me to level grind once again. This puts me right on target for rank 9 life drain at the end of this life. The trick with the skill is using it at the right time when the enemy is using defense or counterattack. Hopefully, soloing The Other Alchemists on intermediate difficulty will be within my power at this point and if not, I’ll be slightly disappointed.

These three-week periods will prove useful in more ways than one as I will use the time to achieve mastery titles in addition to other side quests like the paladin passive defensive skills. From here on out, I’ll be aiming for level 60/20 per life but whether or not that’s feasible for the amount of time I can commit to the game has yet to be decided. The extra 10 AP per life would quickly add up and increase the pace at which I can rank my alchemy skills.

In addition, they provide the opportunity to rebuild funds that have quickly been diminishing thanks to the purchase of not one, but TWO flamerider (M) sets AND the long overdue purchase of my very own vintage goggle cap! It’s taken a long time for the only one on the housing market board to drop to a reasonable price (500k) and I spent the last of my reserves to seize it. My only qualm with the purchase was that I had to buy some dyes to color the hat to my liking; in all honesty, the algae green color didn’t complement any of my outfits well. I ended up purchasing two regular dyes but only used one as the first dye job turned out reasonable (off-set light blue). In the end, I’d want the base color of the goggle cap to match my nakuru dragon robe, seeing as how it’s my robe of choice for combat. For now though, its blue hue suffices.

<insert picture of it here>

The fun didn’t stop at the purchase of the cap, however, since I decided that it was time to enchant upgrade my gear to add more damage to my water cannon. Since I have no access to Avon and the missions rewarding ripple metallurgy sieves, water drop enchants will have to keep me satisfied until I get a hold of a few ripple items. With the help of the enchanter nitiara, I was able to enchant water drop on my vintage goggle cap with NO DURA loss! Very, very awesome!

Right now, I’m hunting for two transparent enchants to attach to my accessories but I’ve learned after a few runs in The Other Alchemist that they’re somewhat uncommon. Although, the more I think about it, I really should just hunt for ripple sieves due to water drop’s x2 service fee. As for my cylinder, I’m hoping for a moist tidal wave ripple cylinder for some serious damage. That alone would allow me to hold my own in most advanced missions with the repercussion being HUGE repair fees (23k a point O_O”). I’d probably save the cylinder and both accessories exclusively for guild runs where my survival (and combat contribution) matter the most. Needless to say, enchant hunting will demand most of my time in the next month or two but the trade-off of doing close to an additional 100 damage per water cannon shot seems well worth the time commitment and effort.

With all this new emphasis on enchanting, it begs the question as to whether or not I should pursue enchanting in my spare time. After much deliberation, I decided on this skill build.

Always training: Alchemy Mastery and Enchant

Progressive Training: Life Drain r1 -> Chain Cylinder r1 -> Water Alchemy Mastery r1 -> Production Mastery

Future Training: Blaze r1 + Intelligence Life Skills at cap -> Party Healing

To be decided: Defense, Combat Mastery, Magic Mastery, Bolt Spell

The goal here is to power up my water cannon enough to finish my generation quests before moving onto my end-game build designed for hardmode missions. I’ve recently gotten back into blaze since I saw someone sweep advanced missions with ease with the skill alone. If rank 9 blaze could be achieved with a reasonable amount of intelligence, it could do some serious damage in advanced mode. With the addition of homesteads, mana herbs and MP potions have become much more accessible to the average player.

Somehow I see water cannon coupled with windmill and blaze to be a unique but stable build. Blaze deals a hard first area of effect blow while water cannon sweeps the remaining survivors. Windmill prevents multi agro build-up but without complete reliance. In other words, this three-fold combination has the potential to take on most mobs in advanced.

“So why not range or melee branching,” you might ask. Well, I’ve seen limitations on both recently. Sure, range has the highest damage output of any skill in the game but to get there, it’s just mounds of life skilling. Melee can do just fine in most advanced missions but has trouble dealing with heavy multi-agro reducing the ability to solo certain shadow missions (Fomor Attack comes to mind). There’s also a heavy period of stagnation in growth around total level 1k; hardmode is a heavy shock to the build. I’m probably wrong since I haven’t seen any true pros in either department but for now, going with what I want seems to be most important. Otherwise, I lose the motivation to grind and thus halting steady progress.

Regarding my social life, I’m pleased to report that Sayuurii and I have been getting back in touch. Three days ago we both went on a quick run along with Train and Ruinne and two days ago Sayuurii took me on my first rafting trip ever. During the escapade, I was surprised to learn that thunder can kill mobs with five charges even at the novice rank! Crash shot seems to be the quickest way to eliminate mobs as Sayuurii proved to me. While the experience is decent (roughly 3k-4k exploration experience per trip), grinding artifacts in Cor still proves itself to be more efficient if you memorize the spots. Still, rafting is a nice way to break from the exploration grind and a good time to bond with friends.

Wow, just realized this is my longest post yet… Excuse my ramblings X 3 X

Exceptional Day

Today, I met a visitor of this blog named Marcreeo and he courteously invited me to some dungeoning in Alby with his guild. Turns out, he’s the leader of Oddblock a very sizable guild full of interesting and wonderful people!

The name of the guild sounded familiar but I couldn’t peg why until I found this old picture from the blog last night. Turns out the guild is familiar lol.

So yeah! A very cool guild with lots of active, diverse members!

The first dungeon was Alby Intermediate Intermediate which didn’t prove to be too hard thanks to my teammates who were able to dish out some crazy damage by windmilling with 1/1/1 golems and by using an earthquake cylinder. Macreeo was impressive as well with his hybrid magic knight build. Melee takes care of most problem while his rank 1 ice spear sweeped up anything his combat couldn’t take care of. It was cool to finally run a dungeon with a mage type build and to see magic in action.

The second run was Alby Advanced, yet again a first time run for me.

This… Was a bit more challenging since every monster aside from the moths were able to one hit me making mana shield an absolute necessity.

Despite the struggle, we made it through the dungeon in one piece! Sadly there weren’t any good drops…

On top of all this, I was able to get life drain today! At last, I can rest easy now that I have it. 🙂

Finally, I had the privilege to watch a blaze master and thunder master in action. With the two of them, they EASILY cleared The Other Alchemists on advanced; extremely impressive!







Good Friends, Great Guild

I had such a fun time yesterday and today with my guild that I thought it to be appropriate to post our guild run adventures!

First off, the guild spent a little time assembling at Nathan’s Homestead while making potions in preparation for the runs. Not to be left out, Del came along for an introduction to the guild, all of which who were all highly receptive and happy to meet her. Nathan gave us a tour of his pad and there in the background, you can see the notorious invisible tree that messes up walking around. Apparently, he does fancy the tree quite a bit although he did say, “This is a tree. Idk why it’s here.”

We then proceeded to run “The Other Alchemist” and powered through it in under 20 minutes… Yep, a bit over-powered to say the least. Following that, we ran fomor attack which took a bit of time but in the end, the mission always seems to be worth the exp. The arat crystals are a nice bonus too. :3

Today, we actually just settled with an eight member sulfur spider. Peri, wind, and another friend came along for the ride.

So many dead spiders… So many… Granted the difficulty was at intermediate because *ahem* someone’s total isn’t above 300. It’s all good though since his melee damage output is almost thrice my own and not a single member of our party died once, small victories as they say 🙂

Following that run, we headed to Taillteann for the Surprise Counterattack mission. No idea why we ran it but nevertheless, we succeeded.

On a side note, I managed to get a flamerider (M) set today in preparation for flame burst. I have no idea when I’ll be raising the skill since the progression is going to be:

Water Cannon r1 -> Life Drain r9 -> Chain Cylinder r1 -> Barrier Spikes r1 -> Water Alchemy Mastery r1 ->Flame Burst r1

A while to say the least… The merchanting doesn’t end there though… I still want a female set for a Fashionogi alternate character I have in the works.

The last thing to mention would be that the frozen blast skill was acquired today. I was hoping that it would help to train alchemy mastery but prospects look much better for mana crystallization. If I can just make it through rank B and rank A, I can use kill requirements to level the skill. Personally, that’s a much better alternative for me seeing how much I use (and abuse) water cannon in shadow missions. Grinding will probably take place sometime after ranking chain cylinder to 1. Not fun and I sure wouldn’t grind as much if it weren’t for alchemy…


Fantasy life is good and much has happened since my last post! For starters, my water cannon is finally at a respectable rank, 2! In fact, I’m actually higher than Train since he’s de-ranked the skill to 3 to redistribute AP among other alchemy skills.

I hope I can achieve rank 1 before my next rebirth on Saturday since I’ve been utilizing paid rebirths to make up for my AP deficiencies. Not only would this give me a mastery title to works towards, it would also allow me to start my life drain training right away! Assuming I can get around 70 AP per rebirth, I can raise my life drain to rank 9 while finally ranking up metal conversion. That way, I’d have two mastery titles to work towards along with a second alchemy skill to supplement my leveling. From there on, it’s barrier spikes and barrier spikes; it’s the only way to tank in advanced missions and raise alchemy mastery independently of frozen blast crystal spamming. After that… I haven’t got that far but not too worried about it since it’ll be a couple weeks off.

Again, I’d like to thank my friends/guildmates for helping me level so much. Advanced dailies really stack up the AP and I truly appreciate the help of windsound, Ardalene, my guild master Nathan, Train, and peri. Their efforts have given me the support I need to become a great alchemist. 🙂

Speaking of my friends, we enjoyed a nice portion of experience from the banquet yesterday. Ardalene and windsound reserved a table for their guild and courteously let me join them. Aside from them, I didn’t really stumble upon anyone I knew. While that’s slightly disappointing, it’s always good to meet people like my new alchemist partner Nikolai 😀

But he’s not the only person I’ve met in the last few days! When running a shadow mission, I met this girl named Delious in Dunbarton. She was rather reserved and hardly spoke but following the victory of our shadow mission, we spoke for a bit. This soon turned into a PVP combat lesson where my creativeness and combo ability were put to the test! I certainly learned a lot from the match and am excited that someone was generous to put fourth the effort to teach me. ^_^

Finally, I’d like to thank both Justinishere and Cryosite for their help the last few days. Cryosite was kind enough to use his high ranked synthesis skill to dupe me a sizable amount of life drain crystals; a HUGE help for my life drain training ahead! Justinishere bought a shock page I found last night so it wouldn’t go to waste (indirectly allowing me to sleep last night instead of trying to find a buyer, haha).

That’s all for now! Sorry there’s not much fun content… I’ve really been down to the wire grinding away to get my alchemy up. X_X

School is Done <3

Finally! Time to play till I die! Actually, I have a take-home final that I’m going to do RIGHT AFTER THIS but once that’s out of the way, it’s Mabinogi all day 😀

I have splurged for the last three days though and here’s an update on what I’ve done since then.

So another chapter of my fantasy life has come to an end with me finally mastering BOTH animal taming AND metallurgy! That makes three lifeskills mastered thus far and I’m looking forward to finally ranking alchemy skills now. Tips for training animal taming:

  1. CP gear is of absolute necessity prior to the G14S4 update. Otters and zebras are the only things you’ll ever want to tame on your way to the mastery title. I had two -100 gears and a jackal suit. Pretty flexible but slightly inconvenient at times due to zebras being reasonably difficult to tame. If possible, use otters exclusively to train the skill.
  2. Use the “intimidating technique” as I call it. Basically, load taming and then run towards the animal. While running, click to tame and somehow this increases your success rate DRAMATICALLY. I found this little trick early on and I have no idea why it works but I’m telling you, it really does make ranks 4 and 5 MUCH easier.
  3. Avoid wasting bait on stubborn animals ie zebras/otters that take more than 3 bait to tame. Either use the aforementioned intimidating technique or move on as it’s not worth the bait and MP (at night). If it’s during the day, spam it because you can simply replenish at the mana tunnel.
  4. TRAIN AT COR. There are otters north of the Cor mana tunnel and from my experience, they are the closest otters to any mana tunnel. This allows you to replenish mana very quickly with the use of any mount pet. For zebras, you can fly directly above the mana tunnel and fly back to save time.

And… That’s pretty much it. Good luck to all prospective animal tamers out there. 🙂

To reward myself from that pretty rough lifeskill grind, I went and bought myself a Cai Suit with the money leftover from bait funding. I have to say, it looks pretty slick and original to boot! Combined with my Master of Animal Taming title, I’d say that I have one of the more original characters out there.

Another pleasant fashionogi surprise was that with a recent update, STRAW HATS ARE REPAIRABLE! I’m absolutely delighted that I saved my two straw hats all this time and now I can wear them whenever I please. Repair is ludicrously cheap as well at 1 gold per point lol.

With these two fashionogi accomplishments at hand, I devised a new casual outfit that turned out refreshingly well. I’ll be keeping this for quite some time just from the sheer fact that I like it so much XD

As a final lifeskill note, I have finally finished up the training requirements for metal conversion. All I need is the 10 AP to rank it. For now, I’ll hold off on the mastery title until I renew my funds (fashionogi requires much sacrifice…). I’ll probably rank skills in the following order:

Water Cannon (Rank 1) -> Production Mastery (Rank 1) -> Chain Cylinder (Rank 1) -> Metal Conversion (Rank 1 and mastery)

Somewhere along the line, I’m going to TRY and finish my generation 9. I really will need frozen blast to rank alchemy mastery soon so it’s got to happen sometime.

Regarding alchemy, things are going exceedingly smoothly thanks to my jackal wizard suit. Boss requirements are extremely easy to obtain and training has been swift! In one day, I got from rank D water cannon to rank 8 (today I ranked it to 7). Before my next rebirth comes around, I expect to have rank 4 water cannon and ideally I’ll be able to top off the last 3 ranks with my next rebirth. 75 AP will be hard to come by but I might just buy a character card to speed things up. Or I’ll be grinding a lot with my guild, haha.

The last thing I should mention is that I really appreciate my friends and guildmates. Without y’all I couldn’t reach anything past level 30 so I really owe them for my progress of late. On the topic of friends, guess who came back?

………. MY UNCLE VIN! Man it’s good to see him back in action again. Right now, he’s trying to grind his way up the alchemy ranks and is really aspiring for absolute golem mastery. Yup, that means r1 Alchemy Mastery, Golem Summoning, AND Clay Alchemy. Until he’s finished grinding, I wont’ see him much in-game but it’s great to talk to him and see that green icon on my friend’s list. 🙂

And that’ll be all until Friday. Wish me luck on this take-home final… I’m really unmotivated to do it right now >_<


I’m sorry but this is going to be long.

SO! Animal taming is more or less completed. All that’s left is roughly 6 hours of grinding for the mastery title and I’ll have then mastered two lifeskills. Metallurgy won’t be too far behind; I think I need like 80 iron ore fragments for the title. Finally there’s metal conversion but I doubt that’ll be mastered anytime soon with three diamonds required… Eventually though, eventually.

On the side, I’ve been finally training my alchemy! Water canon and chain cylinder are well on their way with a fresh rebirth providing some much needed AP. Ideally I will have these skills mastered before May ends and my combat flexibility will improve drastically as a result. For now, I’ve decided to pass up on party healing until I can stock AP more efficiently. At rank A, it’s definitely usable but for now I prefer to build my stats (mostly MP) and alchemy skills up. Like transmutation 😀

As of now, I’m not sure which lifeskill to pursue but herbalism looks nice. A friend on Mabination is adamant on me pursuing weaving but I really would rather direct the AP into combat skills at this point. Raising thunder would really heighten my MP pool so that’s an option. On the flip side, ice spear would assist mana crystallization immensely. Although, I might be giving up on that too due to AP costs. For now, I’ll just stick with water cannon and chain cylinder while using barrier spikes to train alchemy mastery. Once my alchemy skills are proficient enough for me to take on the remaining generations, I’ll try and obtain the rest of my alchemy skills and rank them shortly after their acquisition.

Regarding generations, I forgot to mention something slightly important:

Yep, paladin! Bout time and it’s already assisted me in training alchemy mastery (via mana crystallization) and animal taming. The MP boost is lovely and the stamina boost is pretty darn awesome. Hopefully this’ll keep me from dying so often but usage of it will determine that.

Oh! Not really a skill/plan/thought or anything like that but I did go to a beach party during my animal taming grind. The turnout was pretty exceptional for just the one server beagle used.

I met some cool people there with the most interesting person by far being Alleira. We’ve had a lot to talk about which is always a good thing in any budding friendship. I’m so glad I bought my swimming trunks; they come in handy way more times than I anticipated they would!

A huge shout-out to everyone who helped me with Generation 2 ideals and support in general. Love y’all ❤

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-556″ title=”windsound