The Guild Life: Week 1

My admission to Chaplin was formalized at the beginning of this week! Nathan managed to get his premium service back and man, have I been busy!

The first event we had was a Barri Normal pet run! None of us saw it coming except maybe Nathan who stopped us once we entered the dungeon as our human characters.

Since Barri is one of the easier dungeons, the monsters didn’t give us much trouble. At least that was the case until we hit the boss, oof.

Ogre warriors are not easy to kill without windmill spam so there were several deaths there lol. Eventually we emerged victorious and the event was a fun break from level grinding. XD

Ensuing directly after the pet run, Faith, Nathan, and I went on a rafting trip for exploration levels.

This time around, I brought a tower cylinder so I could actually serve some use some my MP ran out. Surprisingly, I got a few kills or at least more than I expected to get (first time using a tower cylinder, haha).

The next few days consisted of Nathan and I running a LOT of shadow missions and a LOT of rafting. Every minute of it was enjoyable though as Nathan is exceptional company. The time served me well since I managed to get a whooping 82 AP in this life from regular and exploration leveling (62/20). The best part is, it never felt like a grind and I didn’t have to explore in Cor AT ALL.

As an added bonus from rafting, Nathan’s pro thundering secured me yet another title: the Chief Mate! Next on the list is going to be the Diligent title for those who are curious. :3

As a small side-quest, Nathan and I headed off to Ceo Island in search of elementals for my Meditation training quest. It took a little trial and error but eventually we figured out that you can have a sprite aggro one person while the other harvests elementals. That took care of the rank B training while a Barri Basic run with Ardalene and windsound provided me with the book needed to finish rank A and cap the skill. All that’s left is the AP to rank it, haha.

On Monday, Nathan and another guild member, xfallx, managed to set up our guild robes and I REALLY like how they turned out! I think they were intended to be full white but eh, everyone does that. These robes have a nobility king of feel with the stirling silverish color.

Monday also marked the first planned guild event: Potion Making Monday! Nathan and I spent a good part of the day gathering base herbs all around Uladh to ensure that there were plenty to go around.

Spending time with my fellow guildmates was great and I even got a rank out of it lol.

All in all, I think I was meant for this guild; it seriously makes me want to play Mabi every day just to do runs with the guild. In fact, it adds a new element to the game that was simply lacking before and now I can’t get enough of it! Long live the guild!!!



In all my fantasy life, I’ve NEVER been able to play as much as this week; I would literally get home around noon and not stop until bedtime (11 since mornings start early). Needless to say, the time has been anything but wasted.

Finishing my alchemy goals for the time being was the first accomplishment in a set of many. At the end of this life, I managed to squeeze out rank 9 life drain in addition to rank A alchemy mastery. Depending on how tired I am tonight, I might or might not go for water cannon mastery as the title is a meer 150 strong requirements away.

This week has also been full of sight seeing as balloons have been popping up around Dunbarton! Watching them float away was hypnotic to say the least and I was able to enjoy the color in the sky with Ruinne. 🙂

The balloons are part of the recent Hot Air Balloon Event where gifts drop from the sky for everybody. This time around, I had a particularly incredible stroke of luck where I received a rare drop from the event: a jester robe. It was received on my alternate elf character after about 25 gift boxes and it came in a lovely blue color. 😀

I’m extremely happy with the robe and I wear it quite often. Most of my friends agree that it fits me well. XD

As for metal conversion mastery, it’s a rather sad story… After around 2000 converts, I’ve yet to get another diamond to fulfill the requirements. Every other task to fulfill the complete of the skill has been satisfied so the title is just a day’s grind away. To make things even worse, ore prices have increased while sweatshop China bot ore sellers have decreased. The result? Scarce materials with high prices in the market channel suffocating me in my quest for the mastery. Thankfully, I have my friends who so kindly support me with things to convert so my hat off to them for their generosity.

Ardalene and windsound have truly been a blessing; they NEVER refuse a shadow mission request and they always let me know if there’s a generation semi or finale run for their guild. I’d just like to extend a special thank you to them for all their help. 🙂

You might think, “What? That’s all you did in a week?” but there’s another side to the story… You’ll just have to read the next post to find out (although I left plenty of hints as to what it was lol).