Prepare for Updates

Yep, school has started up again and GUESS WHAT?!? I’m taking a bloody writing class implying that I need to should practice writing if I want to improve. Therefore, expect updates despite me not posting anything during the summer… That being said, I have drafted out a summary of my summer escapades. The truth is, I’ve just been too lazy to update all the related pictures for the post. Sigh, go me… I swear I’m not this lazy in real life… =_=”

See, I’m still kind of productive? Actually, this meeting is for future plans for the guild since there sits the only active members at the moment. If you’re interested in joining Chaplin, please send me or Nathan1102 a note.

For now, cheers~


The Cost of Pride

Fashionogi is in no way practical but none the less, I enjoy it extensively. As of today, I have started my fourth outfit by obtaining the crucial piece of equipment: Trudy’s Vintage Turban. Real quick, here’s what I’ve devised so far.

Alchemy Outfit – enchanted with water damage and critical enchants; used for combat routinely

Desert Traveler Outfit – adds a mysterious aura to the warrior

Knight Outfit – depicts a noble knight decorated in intricate armor; no intended functional use planned

Punk Pirate Outfit – work in progress; possible synthesis set

Sorry for lack of updates. Still merching, still leveling. I’ll try and start working on enchant soon as party heal has taken a dive without any dark knight friends willing to help out QQ. Expect a large post summarizing the summer events in the near future.