Clear Skies Ahead

I like the desert, it’s a cool place. But not really because it’s hot lol. Regardless, it’s peaceful there and exploration is a pleasant way to pass the time. Thanks to the Back to School Events, I spent quite a bit of time in the ALSKDJFLKJ Desert which has quite a plethora of magnificent rock structures. Gratifyingly, not only did I make off with a decent haul of mufflers, I took quite a few scenic pictures (as seen below). So if there are random pictures of me exploring in the desert, you know where they came from lol.

Exploration aside, I’ve branched off into the tailoring skill which is surprisingly easy to rank with Simon’s part time job. I’ll probably shoot for rank 9 at the time being and decide if I want to pursue the skill further once I attain that goal. My decision to raise the skill will be highly correlated with the amount of money I have and the amount of money I’ll actually need to rank the skill. Rank 5 would be a nice rank to have and if I could reach that benchmark, I could probably make money from the skill. I imagine that at a certain rank, the skill essentially trains and pays for itself. I just hope that getting materials won’t be as hard as I think it’ll be.

Coupled with tailoring, I’ve finally finished up production mastery. Though the title is highly alluring, I’ll have to wait some time until I’ll actually raise my life skills high enough to actually meet the requirements. Despite me getting the title any time soon, the stamina and dexterity from the skill are already being put to good use. More damage from highly balance and more production success. Woot!

With all this leveling, I’ve gotten my Spirit of Order to rank 2. Ideally, I’ll have wings of a Champion Knight at last with the next life and from there I’ll start to raise Power of Order.

Sticking to my plan, I continued to raise transmutation as well and after about a week of working towards the title I was able to finally master the skill! It was not enough, however, to qualify me to be a Royal Alchemist as I applied the same week and was rejected from the position. It’ll come eventually but in the meantime, time to raise Alchemy Mastery some more!

The Iria Exploration Event wasn’t the only event I’ve wanted to partake in as the Tara Festival was also on my list of to-dos and better yet, I was able to participate in it with my good friends! They were great company and at the end of the day I found myself with two Yukatas, a Japanese Fan, and the high score for channel 6. Good stuff, good stuff! The only downside to all these great event items is that now I am in dire need of inventory… It seems that I’ll have to buy an owl pet soon. That or they’d better re-release the fire horse pets very soon.

All in all, it’s been a productive life! For now, I’ll remain on the alchemist destiny since I can finally train Alchemy Mastery in an efficient manner thanks to mana crystallization. Although, the AP surplus from the last double rainbow spamming has all been spent but there’s actually another event being held tonight. GUESS WHAT I’M DOING LOL. The AP from tonight’s double rainbow will all go towards Alchemy Mastery and ideally I’ll become a Royal Alchemist soon.


Getting There

To start things off, here’s my skill progression for the week:


I’m most excited about finally breaking rA Alchemy Mastery. It’s been a huge hurdle for me and gratifyingly, mana crystallization is really helping me in my alchemy endeavors. Transmutation Mastery is coming along quite well and ranking it has happened quicker than I originally envisioned it to be. All in all, my scholarly pursuits are going better than planned and hopefully I can maintain this pace!

As a bit of bad news, I’m sad to announce that Chaplin has disbanded for the time being due to activity. My guildleader got depressed from seeing “logged in X weeks ago” which is understandable given how few members we have. For now, we’ve decided to scout out new guilds: Nathan enlisted in Neko while I chose to pursue membership in Voice, a guild led by Rainne (pretty well-known player according to Nate). Yoyee is also a member of this guild and she was kind enough to let me borrow her Scholar Alchemist-in-Training Suit for the time being. This has assisted me so much and I’m quite grateful for her assistance in my alchemy endeavors.

But life certainly isn’t all about work and every person needs a break from the toils of life now and then. As such, I spent the day at the Tara Festival with my good friends Windsound and Ardalene along with their new guild member Meliaon. The greater part of the day was spent playing the hammer game but later I deviated to darts on my alt, Daliah. Fun and memorable the day was, as on chaolin I managed to nab the channel 6 high score! At the end of the day, my performance netted me two Male Yukatas, a Japanese Fan, and a Female Yukata for Daliah. Definitely a memorable day that I’ll keep with me for a long time. 🙂

(Pictures later as I left my flash drive at home @_@)

Scholarly Life

Back to the alchemist’s life for me! This time around I’ll be studying Transmutation, Mana Crystallization, Fragmentation, and of course Alchemy Mastery. Why Mana Crystallization (MC) though? Turns out Fragmentation is MUCH harder to train than I thought which leads me to believe MC will be an easier task at hand. Although, there’s a still a decent chance that I’ll still get a few ranks before I tire from the heat of the ovens and grow weary from the arduous tasks of an alchemist. Once that happens, it’ll be back to enchant where the goal will be rank 7.

Despite the recent updates in Korea rendering mana evaporation a thing of the past, I still believe raising MC will be of benefit to me. Not only does it give MP (which everyone needs lol), it’s a skill that can be trained fairly freely (time is really the only investment into the skill if you have a large enough mana + base herb farm). And I need it anyways for Alchemy Mastery crystal training requirements so it really is of benefit to me in that sense. Somehow, I believe that I’ll be able to use it in combat eventually but that’ll likely have to wait until I rank my advanced magic skills or find a friend to help me out with the crystals.

Random older picture is random.

Switching it Up

This past week I’ve been trying to finish up rB enchant (lost rA from the rollback) and I’m finally done! Just in time too since this weekend is also my scheduled rebirth which means it’s time to switch destinies! I’ll go back to alchemy for this week seeing as how I’m going to spam transmutation for a quick mastery title in addition to training alchemy mastery and fragmentation. In essence, it’s a nice break from enchant and more or less Mabi in general with midterm season coming up. So yeah! Hopefully I’ll finish up transmutation in a tidy manner and be on my way!

The other topic I’d like to mention is how cool my wife is. This morning, we exchanged gifts when she visited me in Tir Chonnaill this morning. I gave her a set of black wooden blades (rare Albey normal drop) while she utterly spoiled me with a francisca and muffler robe. This was anything short of awesome as I had thee worst luck during the Caravan Joe event… I’ve always wanted a francisca to match my composite shield and out of nowhere, BOOM, Del grants my wish. Man, I’m so lucky to have Del as my partner since Mabi would be a whole lot less fun without people who care about me. At the end of the day, Del essentially gifted me this new outfit which I like quite a bit. It’ll be referred to as my axe warrior outfit.

But that’s not all we did! The next day, Del and I duoled the Giant White Wolves in Tir Chonnail! Neither of us died other, haha. Although I missed the actual screenshot, I managed to hit a 3k critical on one of them. Not bad for a low ranked alchemist like me.

That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll get around to another entry next week!

Aspirations for the Future

That last post was drafted about a month ago and I’ve made my mind up about a few things. Here’s what I intend to do, if I find the time…

First things first, I’m going to continue raising enchant for the time being. It gives me something to do until the guild is stabilized in terms of activity and in the end, it seems to be worth it. The real obstacle that’ll keep me from raising the skill is the dreaded rank 8 where about 1000 burns are required (with destiny). If holy water is priced at 20k a stack, that amounts to around 2 million gold for that rank alone. Ouch. I could probably raise the funds somewhat quickly with metal conversion but the market for unknown ores has been sparce at best. The plus side to this price increase is that consequently, iron ingot prices have also gone up. As of now, the current price per stack is around 45k creating a pretty decent profit margin of 29k per stack. For the time being, I really shouldn’t worry since I still have rA and r9 to train through before tackling that monster.

Secondly, I’ve given up on the knight lance outfit for the time being since allocating money into skills seems to be a better use of my time. I did succeed in getting that composite shield along with another dragon slasher (that direly needs a dye job) so I’ve definitely been successful with merchanting to say the least. For now, I’ll stick with my punk pirate outfit and look for an admiral coat if the opportunity comes around.

This conveniently brings up my next topic: making a fragmentation set. Now before you think that I’m an idiot for making ANOTHER outfit, let me mention that it’ll overlap with my punk pirate outfit. Yep, I’m going to try and make a Scholar Admiral Coat along with Division Fragment Shoes for the Alchemist-in-Training. For the personalizing fragmentation hat, I believe using a pirate captain hat would be a wise choice. Although, I technically COULD use my Delicate Trudy’s Vintage Turban but I REALLY dislike the personalization and the fact that the scroll is r8. There are other options too, as summarized below (enchant sequence on the right):

Hat: (Fragmentation) Pirate Captain Hat [Earnest -> Reliable? -> Fragmentation]

Body: (Scholar) Admiral Coat [enchant enabled rank regardless BUT definitely need Ancient Magic Powder]

Gloves: (Fragment) Guardian Gloves

Shoes: (Division Fragment) Shoes for the Alchemist-in-Training [Lake’s -> Difficult -> Division]

Total Fragmentation Success Bonus: 9%

So like this -the gloves and ideally the hat matching my composite shield and the inner tunic matching my starlight robe.

Now the whole reason I’m making this killer set is to raise fragmentation and in the long run, master the skill. A recent event added speed training to ranks 5, 4, and 3 by mass distributing 300 potions into the market. As for the rest of the ranks, they don’t seem TOO bad aside from the handicraft requirements. Time will tell though, haha. I plan on doing training with destiny around midterm season when I KNOW I won’t be playing much (thus not ranking enchant).

All the while, I’ll be ranking and hopefully mastering transmutation before I get into the nitty-gritty of the higher fragmentation ranks. It would probably be in my best interest to rank Alchemy Mastery but I’m so burnt with that skill lol. Someday, someday…

Long story short, I’ll be working on enchant as well as the transmutation and fragmentation mastery titles. That is, once maintenance ends…