There are a few people I’d like to thank for their recent help, as without their assistance, well… I wouldn’t have nice things, haha.

Jovo of Classic

Jovo has always been ready to lend me a hand whether it’s running my elite mission passes for me or cutting my fine leathers. Most recently with Jovo’s help, I was able to make not one, but two scholar Popo’s Shirt and Pants. This feat alone would’ve taken me at least a month and I appreciate the help with enchanting. I also have the new gachapon to thank as well for having this enchant in the first place.

Justinishere of Classic

Obtaining my Vito Crux armor would’ve been impossible without Justin’s help seeing as how the manual is so rare to come by. Not only did he have the manual, he offered to tailor me the armor provided I supply the materials. Also, Justin has been giving me lessons on field bosses and providing me with highly useful information on skills.

I’d like to extend my thanks to the both of them for all their help. Maybe someday I’ll have the chance to be in their excellent guild XD


Diet has always helped me fragment things for my tailoring materials. He’s been a great resource for all things life skilling and I’ve learned quite a bit from him. Thanks mate.


Purrz lent me a bit of cash when I needed it most, that is, when I saw a Trudy’s Vintage Turban on sale and had no money to buy it. Seeing as how hard it is to come by these turbans, I’d like to thank Purrz for helping me take advantage of this opportunity.


Train has always been there to bail me out when I need rA bridges for enchanting. He’s saved me on at least three occasions and without his help, I wouldn’t have some of the CP gear I have today. Thanks Uncle!

And finally, for anyone else I’ve missed. Without the help of my friends, I never would’ve gotten this far in the game, EVER. Thank you for making my Fantasy Life a fun one!


Workin’ Hard

The biggest accomplishment of the weekend was finishing G10. It wasn’t too bad, actually, thanks to the help of Uncle Vin. And now I have demigod powers which might come in handy someday! As you can see below, I also acquired rain casting which is very tempting to rank despite the high AP costs. I love stamina (thus alchemy) and will probably raise the skill to rank 9 for the yummy RA points.

Following up on this, this week involved a sizable amount of skilling. Here’s my progresses thus far and although it might not seem like much, I’ve been very close to a break-through on tailoring, handicraft, and weaving. For sure, next week I’ll have something substantial to post. And without further adieu:


At last, the champion paladin rank and most importantly, WINGS!

This weekend had one last surprise too as Blackfaith and Celesta have returned to Erinn! Ever since Chaplin disbanded and Nate quit, I’ve lost quite a bit of motivation to level… However, with them back, this means I finally have people to level with once again and I look forward to running many many shadow missions with them. 🙂

So what now? For the most part, I’ll be working towards another flamemare. In a perfect world, I’d be able to get three but with ticket prices as they are now, two seems realistic. Though the true arbiters in this situation are actually the ticket sellers. If the tickets can drop to around 5k apiece, then getting three horses might not be so unfeasible after all!

Not to be left out, I’ll be working on G11. I hear that this is the hardest of them all but the reward (brionac) is well worth it. We’ll see how I fare in this generation with my mediocre skills lol.

Flamemare Get!

Not too bad of a color scheme I have to say. Heck, I could care less what the horse looked like since the inventory is SO SPACIOUS!

Best of all, it came with a matching flamerider (M) outfit, YES!

Originally, I was short 20 tickets thanks to someone scamming old tickets in Dunbarton. However, ellibunny special was extremely kind and gave me the 20 tickets I needed to finish off the quest. A special thanks to her for making Scaoli a reality tonight! 🙂

Commence Weaving!

Procrastination is never a wise action to partake in yet I do it both in real life in Mabi. However, this last week has more or less forced me to terminate such behavior. The world doesn’t wait for you so don’t fall behind. Anyways, the point of that short anecdote was that after avoiding the weaving skill for almost a year now, I’m finally going to get started on it. With the advent of metalware tools in G15, the gathering knife is pretty ridiculous speed-wise providing the perfect reason to begin the skill. Tailoring also heavily relies on the materials procured from this skill giving me even more of an incentive to train the skill.

Compared to metal conversion, weaving is much much more affordable and time consuming. After only an hour or two, I’m almost through the first arduous rank (rank D for those not familiar with the skill). This in turn, the materials I’ve gained thus far has provided me with the supplies I need to make vito crux armor. Gratifyingly, my searching has paid off as I’ve finally found someone with the armor pattern. Even better, they offered to make me the armor with the stipulation that I provide the materials and 3 mil. Not a bad deal in my opinion seeing as how I’ve never actually seen the armor in-game.

So yeah! That’s what I’ve been working on as of late. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have acquired both the armor and rank B weaving! Expect an update this weekend.