Hiatus until further notice. Finals are coming up and I have about 2 papers due this week plus another the following week. Good thing I’m a science major who writes slow and doesn’t care for the subject material in one of the writing classes. QQ


Saturday OzO

Quite a fun Saturday! To kick off the day, I finished up rC weaving with relative ease. The skill hasn’t been too bad thus far but the grind ranks (rA-r8) are coming up so I’ll have to brace myself for those.

I then went off to Tara to do shadow mission with Nathan1102 (who is currently applying to Simply so best of luck to him!). The daily happened to be my favorite mission: The Other Alchemists, and Nathan suggested that we do the run at the elite difficulty. The party consisted of three meleers, Nathan1102, Xeraos, and Northic, while I filled the role of party healer. Overall, I felt the mission went quite smoothly; the number of deaths was sparing and the only trouble we had came from the blinkers. I learned that frozen blast works extremely well against them and even performs better than sand burst. Even though I thought the basilisk would give us the most trouble, WM lock was still viable even at the elite level and the monster fell without much hardship.

As a small aside, I feel like wind alchemy remains grossly undervalued for its versatility. Shock has the best AOE, wind blast provides a much needed recovery time, and frozen blast cripples enemies for extended durations of time. I suppose the deterrent of wind alchemy is its AP cost as wind blast and wind mastery are the only low AP demanding skills. If I decide to continue with alchemy, I’ll likely dabble with wind alchemy once I save up more AP.

After the mission, I decided to help another friend run The Other Alchemists but on advanced difficulty. The run turned out to be frustrating as half the party had just hit Advanced difficulty and their DPS was not what at the level that the mission demanded. Though in the end, we persisted and completed the mission after a while.

Following the combat filled morning, I then went to Dunbarton to work on part time jobs for tailoring and weaving. In addition, I also took the opportunity to farm a bit of holy water as I hadn’t been doing so of late. Refreshingly, I managed to find some really good deals while in Dunbarton: bat boots for 2 million and traded a gacha composite shield along with a few other items for a living room chair! The funny thing is, the shield was from the one gachapon I bought simply for the title “someone who celebrated Kristel’s Birthday”. In other words, I got really lucky when I didn’t even expect it, haha.The only downside is that I owe Northic 800k but I’m nearly done accumulating the funds to pay her back.

To finish the day off, I ran the Other Alchemists Advanced one last time with Train. My performance turned out to be terrible but Train was chill and was grateful for the company. That being said, I managed to get another rank in Chain Cylinder and once Winter Break roles around I’ll try and master this skill and have it done with.

In the end, turns out I got lucky once again as the Basilisk dropped a burning enchant scroll which I then proceeded to enchant on a Trudy’s Vintage Turban without any fails, YES!

All in all, a great day! I hope things continue as they are! See you next time!

About that Update…

Sorry, here it is. >.<

As seen below, I’ve been focusing on ranking skills for the time being. I would very much like to finish party heal soon in addition to getting my playing instrument rank up. After all, I need the DEX since I’ve finally decided to go alchemist/range for my “endgame”. Before I really go after range, I’m going to finish up my alchemy and ideally that’ll get me RA. For now, I’ll settle for r1 Alchemy Mastery, Chain Cylinder, and Mana Crystallzation. Fragmentation will be coupled with weaving so that skill will take some time to rank. There’s also the possibility of ranking flame burst, flame mastery, and water mastery in the end although that’s quite a bit more AP. Though I’m pretty much ready to do whatever it takes for Royal Alchemist… Here’s the (I guess monthly) skill progression. B>AP >.>”

The second thing I’d like to mention is that I was accepted to the Classic Guild shortly after running Peaca INT with them XD. The run went well and was actually one of their fastest ones. My role for the moment is being the party healer though I plan to use petrifying music as soon as I can get my playing instrument rank higher. Turns out I got the finish on the Master Lich and he dropped a nice (16 dura lol) black falcata 😀

I actually gave the end key to Northic who’s looking for the Steel Needle ES. Ironically, the chest contained a Flame ES, something I could use as an alchemist XD. I mention this since I’ve started to work on a flame burst set. Currently, I only have a Hot burnable that I need to stick on flamerider boots when I get the chance. Once that’s done, I’ll work on getting round ES, explosive ES, and a volcano cylinder. I don’t really want to burn the fomor version of the weapon as farming ducats is kind of boring but whatever lol.

Oh last thing, new title and first one to get it on the server when it came out, awww yeahhhhh!


*Is a little peeved with Mabi atm*

Basically, I didn’t get royal alchemist again and I was unsuccessful at getting a skull battle axe. Call me immature but I dislike when things don’t go my way in a game. Real life is one thing but a game… Well, anything should be possible in my opinion. The sky’s the limit after all, right?

In other news, I managed to get a Traveler’s Suit from the Fomor Merchants. It still needs a little dying (thinking of a dark purple and black color scheme) but I’m happy with it for the time being.

Currently, I’m at a loss of how to earn money. The unknown ore market has died down so that leaves me with metallurgy as my back-up. Not super excited about that but it might be time to train my elf or something. Or maybe it’s simply time for a break from Mabi lol. In fact, that might be best for my mood XD.

Pushing Towards Royal Alchemist

As most of you know, there was a super long double rainbow this weekend as compensation for the prolonged G15 maintenance. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take much advantage of it due to three factors: school, the quiz event, and the new gacha. To be more clear, not only was I pretty busy with schoolwork over the weekend, these new Imp Gachapon released a load of wealth into the economy along with some very useful and impressive enchant scrolls. The one of interest to me was the scholar enchant scroll. Here’s the effects of the enchant:

Scholar Enchant (Suffix, r3)

+5x Repair Cost
+2% Crystal-making Success Rate
+2% Synthesis Success Rate
+2% Fragmentation Success Rate

Essentially, this enchant is a weaker mimic of the Academic enchant that’s imprinted on the royal alchemist robe. While the benefits are nearly the same, donning the clothing does not have the added pressure of earning your weekly quota of points nor being in the top 100 of active alchemist users in the server. Quite a useful enchant and definitely worth the effort invested into obtaining it which is why I sought after these enchants so fervently. As of yesterday, I now have three of these scholar items and I’m hoping to put them to use in the next few weeks.

Regarding alchemy, this life I’ll be working on alchemy mastery and chain cylinder. Ideally, I’ll have chain cylinder up to r1 and that should finally net me a royal alchemist position. Training both skills is coupled nicely with ancient mob hunting which I’ve been doing recently to earn a little money. Of course, I’m broke now because I spent a good chunk of my money this weekend on random items and tickets. But! I’ve managed to obtain two more flame mares! And now… I can finally NOT play for a while and get ahead on my schoolwork. Till next time!

*Pictures later since I forgot my flash drive at home lol*