Chaolin Sketch by Rhetoi


Wonderful! I adore it! Now back to weaving… >.<


Doing Well!

First of all, 1k total at last~

The last few days have been highly eventful and I’ve made some substantial progress towards AP gaining thanks to my two locked out characters. On top of that, I’ve reached the highest current levels to date through commerce and camping field bosses (thanks to Justin for bringing me along).

As one might be able to see from that nighttime picture, I acquired a new outfit and I simply adore it! The summer knit cap was a trade I made a while ago and Jovo was kind enough to give me it. The armor is something I recently added to my wardrobe and it came from the collection book: Light-Blessed Etheral Gem that drops from the Giant Lion. Formally, it’s known as Spark Leather Armor and I really enjoy its simplicity as an armor. I suppose the only downside to the whole ensemble is that it IS winter and this outfit rings more of a summer tune… However, I’m highly pleased with it thus far and I’d say it’s among my top three favorite outfits.

Other fashionogi advances include: Romeo’s Shoes and Causal Suit White (with Crash Shot level 2 metalwear enhancement). The casual suit can look pretty cool and it’ll be funny to use in combat with how classy it looks, haha. A HUGEEEE thanks to Kairiluvsu who bought it for me as a Christmas present at like 5 am. ❤

Oh yes, the red wing bow is yet ANOTHER thing I’ve gotten my hands on in the last few days. As it stands now, I’m terribly broke and will have to save quite heavily from commerce. Though this shouldn’t be to hard now that I’ve finally gotten…

Sheesh, it took AGES to get this level but now that I’m here Incubus Suits are practically the most profitable item I’ve encountered so far. 15k ducts per 4 minutes is a pretty awesome sum and I’ll be exploiting this for quite some time. Pro tip for those trying to raise Dunby: Use your unlimited warp function from VIP premium service to warp back to Dunby after you’ve made the trip. This double your ranking speed for Dunbarton and really does make a notable difference.

Dungeon-wise, I’ve been quite lazy haha. The guild tried out the martial arts tournament and got to Team Boss until this happened…

Yeah… Apparently the remedy to this problem is have the agroed person play dead OR have them exit the shadow mission. Though we didn’t know that and tried to EvG thunder chain through the wall. While that worked, we regrettably ran out of time… Ah well, better luck next time.

My last escapade from commerce was running a Par Dungeon for Ardalene, leader of Rispetto. Oddly, Par was the last dungeon I needed to visit for the Dungeon Crawler Journal Achievement. The dungeon wasn’t hard at all so I took the opportunity to practice my range. It was enjoyable and the aesthetics (like all the Iria dungeon) were awesome.

Finally, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I dunno if this’ll be the last update of the year but it’s been a wonderful year of Mabinogi. Thank you all for blessing me with a delightful fantasy life. 🙂

Brief Update

For the most part, I’ve had my hands full with commerce and using it to level. The results have been spectacular as I’ve surmounted the level 70 gap for the first time. In fact, level 75 shouldn’t be too far off since I recently got my pack elephant. Usually, the wagon is ideal for longer trips but the elephant truly shines when you need to go to Belvast and wait on the boat. For now, my route has been Emain -> Dunby then repeat along with Dunby -> Taillteann then repeat. So far, this has worked pretty well but Dunby still needs a little more work to get to level 6 merchant level (currently 5). All in all, I’ve quite satisfied with commerce and I’m REALLY hoping they don’t nerf it very much with Season 2 update…

Aside from leveling, not much skill progress has been made… I’m still working on range for the most part to see how that goes but until weaving gets to a decent rank, I don’t have the materials to push me forward in tailoring.

Since joining Classic, I’ve taken part in two new activities: Peaca INT as a healer and field bosses. Both are really enjoyable activities and field bosses are particularly lucrative in exploration and regular  experience. Hey, new experiences ftw~

As a guild, Classic has turned out to be exactly what I wanted and it’s members are definitely among the highest tiers of the player-base. Frankly, I have quite a bit to learn from all of them but I’m glad they’ve accepted me into their ranks XD

Till next time!

Since my last entry, I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my lifeskill tab as summarized below. The lifeskill page has been updated if anyone is interested.

With now 153 base DEX, I’m still leaning towards range due to the added benefits of the skill enabling me to raft and hot air balloon efficiently. Both activities are quite crucial to future progression in weaving and tailoring as hot air ballooning distinguishes itself as the most efficient means of acquiring thin and thick thread balls for weaving. The silks and fabrics derived from these materials are then the core materials used in ranking tailoring. Therefore, hot air ballooning is the premier source of materials for both skills.

Just now writing this, I’ve thought of the possibility of using water cannon for hot air ballooning. However, after receiving some feedback on Mabi Nation, it seems that water cannon is grossly inferior to range and even firebolt as well. One can dream…

Back to lifeskills, they’ve been going quite well. Tailoring is the trouble child at the moment and without the materials to rank it, I’ll be stuck on this rank until I do some weaving or ballooning. For now, I’m going to focus on weaving and ideally save up materials to get my tailoring to rank 5. It’s a pretty lofty goal but definitely an achievable one. As for weaving, I haven’t quite set a goal yet but by the end of the year, maybe hurdling rank 8 would be something to shoot for.

Commerce has been an excellent supplement to lifeskilling and as such I’ve been pursuing it in my spare time. I like pretty much every aspect of it and it’ll be my prime source of leveling from here on out seeing as how lag often gets the better of me in shadow missions and dungeons. The update as a whole was pretty sound in my opinion; Mabinogi is highly aesthetic game and commerce really allows the player to enjoy it. Part of the fun in Mabi (sometimes) is just traveling between areas and enjoying the scenery. Throw in an alternative way to level and you’ve added some nice depth to the game!

Not to be left out, I’ve finally acquired a title I’ve been wanting for some time now: the One Who Discovered Karu Forest Ruins title! Many many thanks to Northic who told me that it had disappeared and also where to find it! Pretty soon, I’ll want to go for the other three discovery titles and then all that’ll be left in the exploration titles category are Friend of Hot Spring Monkeys and Daring Hot Air Balloon Pilot. I can do this!

The Simple Life

Cosplay Ideas

I’ll be doing the Richter one so don’t steal it :l

Trafalgar Law

Hat: Mongo Cap /Lirina’s Cap

Body: Beginner Long Pants

Shoes: Romeo’s Shoes/Core’s Oriental Long Boots

Sword: Yoshimitsu

Richter Abend

Hat: Wooden Glasses

Body: Selina Half Jacket Coat

Hands: Leather Stitched Glove/Light Gloves

Shoes: Leo Tie Shoes

Sword: Wakizashi and Sickle (Secondary Slot)