Going As Planned

And there goes my AP. I’ll probably be commercing in-between Pub part time jobs in order to get the AP for playing instrument. I might also stock up on base herbs as to free up my inventory and train potion making.

As one can see, I’ve made a breakthrough with fragmentation and I’m planning on getting that to r1 with my next life. In a perfect world, I’d also be able to get Alchemy Mastery to r1 as well and while that’s a feasible task AP wise, the time commitment is a bit much… I suppose it’ll give me the opportunity to stash some AP for playing instrument/enchant that’ll I’ll be ranking in the future. Hopefully the six weeks will give me the time I need for fragmentation mastery but time will tell. It’s funny that I find myself ranking alchemy once again after giving up on Royal Alchemist. Though it’s even more ironic that this solely for the purpose of efficient life skilling that in turn, indirectly contribute to range damage. Ah well, I suppose I’m fortunate that these skill goals coincide with one another LOL. Till next time!


Never Mind

B> Ability to resist temptation and greater willpower….

Long Road Ahead

Progress on r3 playing instrument: 50/100

The strategy here on out for playing is gonna be playing to crops along with brief 1-2 hour periods of afk. I might try out the Belvast PTJ as well but for now, let’s hope r1 isn’t too far off (1333 tries at a minimum, ugh…).

Going to be stuck on this rank of fishing for a while due to the inability to afk overnight… For now, I’m just going to finish up herbalism and crash shot then switch to playing instrument + enchant (along with mage desinty).

As you can see in the background, I finally got an anti-fomor robe and a magnum bohemian set. Once support shot gets r1ed, I’ll go for the full 10/10 set. But yeah, check out this sweet fomor robe my guildie has

And Classic + Lelou are treating me well. 😛

Coming Along

Small progressions in the lifeskill tab. I’ll probably need to stock up on seeds and homestead stones for r2 playing training (playing to crops training requirement). Same goes for potion making; I’m gonna need a lot more mana and bloody herbs.

When my graphics glitch, the result is almost always cool as seen below.


Here’s what I got:

Indeed, crash shot is in fact that secret skill I’ve been training for quite some time now. I intended to master it before posting it here but I was aware of the lack of updates to my blog of late and for that I apologize.

I spent the greater part of this winter break simply grinding crash shot, commerce, and herbalism. I’m not sure if that was the BEST course of action but what’s done is done and now I can look  forward to having another r1 life skill, potentially another master title as well if I’m not too lazy about it. Skills weren’t the only thing I grinded as with the advent of the Christmas gachapon, weaving bags were released and I jumped on that bandwagon pretty hard… As it stands now, I have literally no more extra items and 18 bags all together which should be more than enough to help me with my weaving.

Aside from all that grinding, I’ve been trying to build up a little bit of combat gear. Currently, I have an 11 roll Ancient Flamerrider Outfit (M) along with two spike falcatas. Eventually, I plan to Cypress them but for the time being, I’ll just work on proffing them and start on my newbie combat gear consisting of Special Glass Fragment Premium Newbie Wear. Once that’s done, I don’t know where that’ll leave me. Oblivion Dexterity is ridiculously hard to get and I’m not familiar with shoe and glove enchants. Maybe researching those would be a good place to start.

Oh, I seemed to have forgotten to mention that I finally got a Professor ES courtesy of Northic and successfully enchanted it onto my composite shield. Even better was the fact that I got a max INT roll on it LOL. All I need now is a solid enchant and I’m good to go for my mana crystallization shield.

Northic has been helping me quite a bit of late, actually, as she’s also helped me with my music knowledge skill. It’s been stuck at rank 7 forever and she let me borrow her bottle set!

Now I need to find the book Soundbox: Heart of the Instrument to get r5 and after that, it’s an easy exploration collection book for r4! The end is at last in sight for this skill!

From here on, the plan is to work on enchant until the merchant destiny is released (predicted to be around March). My goal then is to acquire r5 enchanting before the new destiny rolls around. Granted, I’m not going to be spamming Alby ever logged in moment so I’ll be working on two other life skills: Playing Instrument and Potion Making. Potion making is going to require about a month of building up sufficient patches in my homestead whereas I’ve already begun playing instrument with Justin’s help (thanks for composing those scrolls for me). The goal, as always, is r1 and someday a mastery. Though with this school semester stacking up to be one of the most crucial yet, Mabi playing may begin to cease for the time being.

One thing’s for sure, Classic has definitely been keeping me on my toes and everyone I’ve met in the guild has been quite charismatic. Yep, that word fits nicely XD

Outside of Classic, I’ve met some awesome people! Cokeslayer, Fantasyx, and Hasley to name a few. From here on out, Cokeslayer is going to be my rafting partner as we make quite the duo with his thunder and my crash shot!

By the way, I have no idea who that person is in my header but she had a cool outfit and the setting was perfect for a picture. I also now know that you can sit on those benches in Belvast! Probably would be a good idea to mention that I took a snapshot of her before coming off as a creep.