From the Ashes

… Perhaps ashes laden with gold and other items BUT STILL.

I’ve started a new character that I’ve been working on for the last few months! This time around, I’ll be using an elf and going pure range meaning I will won’t rank anything (except alchemy mastery and fragmentation) that doesn’t give DEX. Initially, I did quite a bit of commerce as a means to level but now that I’ve gotten roughly to where I was on chao merchant level-wise, I’ve been ranking a few skills on the side not to mention getting my homestead level back up to 10 for herbalism.

Refining was the first to be trained of the skill list and with that currently at rank 2 and having a majority of my mythril failure training requirements done, I’ll be segwaying into tailoring training with the event in full speed. I owe my hasty progress in training refine (4 days) to Jovo and Ethelis so a huge thanks to them!

My goals for the event are a bit lofty but I’ll do my best to achieve them. That is, rank 1 tailoring and at least rank 6 handicraft. This will go on until the event events and from there, I’ll go back to commerce and probably finish refining/metallurgy and start to work on playing instrument. It really depends on the AP though, like always.

Not sure how much I’ll be updating the blog from now on though. I’m quite busy irl and I don’t think many people read it based on the number of comments I get (15 since it’s creation LOL).