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Credit to Seol who is from Mabinogi Japan but has just joined the Nexon North America Forums!!! ありがとうございます!


If I Ever Got Chao Back…

I’d finish up water alchemy, frozen blast, fragmentation, and alchemy mastery. Then I’d go pure melee since the buff it gets with G16 Genesis is ridiculous. I dunno why the change of heart but melee is sounding pretty fun nowadays.

Enhalo is nearly done life skill wise. Just PTJ stuff to finish up blacksmithing to r8. All that’s left after herbalism, pot making, and playing is handi which like the previous three skills, simply takes time. I’ll be missing about 40 DEX from fishing, enthralling, cooking, and the remaining ranks of blacksmith but w/e, there’s better sources of DEX out there. All in all, that’s 240 DEX without ranking any combat skills. GG LOL

Maybe someday I’ll have a decent elf and human. Maybe as in if I’m still playing in graduate school.