Rundal ADV HM Guild Run

Today, I made quite a bit of progress on potion making again!

With this, it’s smooth sailing from here on out though having rank 1 herbalism on Enhalo would certainly accelerate my progress. However, that’ll have to wait till this weekend when I can rebirth both Enhalo and chaolin. Also planned for this weekend is r1 fragmentation on chaolin. I believe I have the necessary materials to push the skill to its cap yet I’ll need to hoard some stuff for the mastery title. It might not be a bad idea to apply for the Royal Alchemist position this week either. I’m approaching five r1 alchemy skills with mana crystallization on the rise and since everyone is investing AP into fighter, the competition may or may not be easier, who knows?

Tonight we also ran Rundal Advanced Hardmode (RAHM) in hopes to find a patron enchant for Justin. The run went pretty well since we had Justin with us. As it turns out, many of the enemies in there lack passive magic defenses so Justin was able to sweep rooms pretty quickly. The dungeon took around an hour and though the reward chests didn’t contain the enchant scroll we wanted, we still made off with two radiant tough string; a pretty rare material used in making highlander long bows with the carpentry skill and merchant destiny. I forgot to take a screenshot sadly but I did get this nice scenic one by the moon tunnel in Emain!


Golem Hunting

Today was something new! The guild decided to try out farming amethyst golems for commerce items. Basically, the process is simply kill a golem and sieve the sparkles at its corpse. If you’re lucky, you might get trading items that you use for commerce. Since there’s not exactly a steady supply of this stuff, each item is worth around a couple thousand ducats making this pretty worthwhile if you’re into commerce.

Though it was my first time, I made out with about 8 dark crystals; three of which I got in the first attempt LOL. It kind of makes sense though since I’m the only person in the guild with the metallurgy master title. Whatever, it is what it is.

The fighter skill-set is pretty handy against golems, as is life drain. Basically, North and I would spam life drain while other people locked the golems with fighter combos. Pummel + point-blank water cannon was pretty effective too.

All in all, it was pretty fun! Hopefully we do more runs like this in the future 🙂

Chill Day

Did quite a bit of leveling today but then lag happened… That wasn’t so chill. But rafting with Windsound, Ardalene, and Nathan1102 was awesome 🙂

The lag, however, didn’t prevent me from getting this:

Windows 7 Was Installed Successfully

This. Took. A. Month.

But since no one should ever have to endure the pain I endured in this last month, I’ve made a guide that walks you through the installation of Windows 7 on a Macbook. Share with friends!

On a happy note, my return was fun-filled with lots of shadow missions and potion making! Jabbawockeez  ran quite a few shadow missions with me on my elf so that was quite gregarious of them!

And at the end of the night, I finally got this:

Return of chaolin

To my surprise, chao was unlocked this past week! I was quite happy to finally have my character back in addition to a few items that I thought were long gone, namely my anti-formor robe, summer knit cap, and professor composite shield. Sadly, my spark leather armor and fragmentation gear were lost in the crash so there goes one of my scholar popo’s. Thankfully I had the foresight to make another so that’s not much of a problem. In fact, I’ve managed to replace my fragment set this weekend and had already re-made the spark leather armor so really it’s like nothing ever happened. The weekend proceeded nicely as one can see below.

So crash shot is at last complete with fragmentation being right around the corner of completion. Heck, I could probably get r1 fragmentation within this life if I was dedicated enough. “If” being the operative word. Truth to be told, I still can’t get mabi running on my own laptop and it’ll take a bit of tinkering to get it going again.

My return was highly celebrated among my friends though! First Blackfaith and Celesta brought me on a few shadow missions in Tara. Then Train and I ran Fidoh dungeon to pass hunt and hang at the same time. Finally, Nathan and I attempted to farm Barri ADV passes but instead got Rabbie Basic. We ran that then called it a night haha.

So what’s next? First of all, getting Mabi to work again (Macbook is SO high maintenance, ugh)… Regarding the actual plan in-game though, I may just stick with my elf for now since her life skill tab is pretty epic.