Halfway There~

Got Enhalo to total 500 this weekend and almost to level 70 within a week \o/

… But I did log in quite a few hours this weekend. Something I’m not proud of at all… To add to my shame, I spent around 1.5 mil on fashionogi this week. With that, my Rock Star Outfit is done at last and it turned out perfectt! I’m really proud of it~

All that’s left to do is perhaps dye the back part of the scarf a different color and find a better colored Pear Shine Bracelet. But those are more minor details that I’ll worry about later.

I also bought a Luxurious Crystal Dress for 800k. Pretty good price for something with a white base and it looks rather eloquent on Enhalo~

Skill-wise, here’s what I accomplished:

Training this skill is pretty easy even without destiny. Essentially, just head over to Math Dungeon if you’re in the Dunbarton area and simply let rats beat you up for the melee requirements. For the range requirements, it’s probably more economical potion-wise/mana-wise  to get hit by the young goblin archers in Ciar Beginner. Though if you have around 70 MP, you can usually survive kobold magnums in Math Normal if you wield any kind of shield which is what I ended up doing. For this life, I’ve kept the skill at r9 and plan to get it to r6 with my next life. Alternatively, I could raise magic mastery to r9 for the 70 MP – nearly double the mana I have currently… Tough choice in the end and I’ll probably consult my guildmates for advice with this dilemma.

It’s been over a half a year since I joined Classic now and to this day, I can’t stress my gratitude to my guildies enough. Since Jovo left around a month ago, things haven’t been quite the same but activity is definitely as its peak since I joined. Tream and Boners have since come back and I’ve been spending a lot of time with them, whether it be leveling, commercing, or just plain hanging out . We skype quite often too which adds even more fun to the mix. They’ve been really generous in helping me gain levels and I’d like to extend out my thanks to them 🙂

On a final note, the lease on my house in Sen Mag has run it’s course. Houses only last for four weeks and after that, they’re put back up for auction. I’m not quite sure what guild owns the Sen Mag Housing District but they sure do have long auctions O_o. I was planning on renewing that same house as I liked its recluse location but I really don’t want to waste seven days of inventory plus service D:. So here’s a warm good-bye to my house for now! I do hope that next month I can rent that house again~


Nearly Done

I ranked some cool stuff on chaolin during the double rainbow this week and made some excellent progress on lifeskills on Enhalo, primarily with the handicraft skill. Here’s an image summary:


So ya, quite satisfied especially with handicraft. All I need now is to complete G11 on Enhalo so that I’m good to go for r1 handicraft as r3 is rankable via broinac and r2 is easy-peasy. I’m gonna take a break on lifeskills for the time being and focus on combat since I need to buff my damage to complete generation quests anyways. First I’ll get magnum to r1 (r3 currently but I have enough AP for r1) followed by capping mana shield then ranking magic mastery to r1. This should give me the damage and survivability I need for ADV level solo missions. After that, I’ll rank bow mastery then ranged attack and finally crash shot. This will keep me busy for the next several rebirths so I definitely have my hands full…

With chao, no idea what I want to rank on him so in the meantime, I’ll simply farm AP. I’ll just keep my mind open for now.

Since I’ve pretty much finished my life skill goals on Enhalo, I’ve been playing a lot of fashionogi OTL… I recently purchased the rock star outfit that I’ve wanted for oh so long… Dying is going to be a pain but I’m almost done! Once it’s completed I’ll update my outfits section haha. On top of that, I bought a luxurious crystal dress and another summer knit. My wallet is in tears… ;o;

To save the best accomplishment for last, I’ve finally acquired a permanent explorer cat without even buying any gacha! Oyama was awesome enough to sell me his code and now another Mabi dream has come true :’D

Good Day~

Managed to finish six of the seven attempted Arc Lich solos today! Too bad the best rewards were a 15 durability wooden club and a 7 durability broad stick 😛

Additionally, I’m just at the cusp of rank D enchant! Shred and I have started training it though I really need to get on the mage destiny bandwagon LOL. Not much else to report other than that I’m still working on weaving via PTJ farming and amassing a holy water collection courtesy of Kristell.

Fragmentation Master!

On to synthesis! I’ll be ranking rain casting on the side too if my wallet can bear the strain haha. For now, the goal is simply r9 which should neither be too costly nor too challenging.

As for Enhalo, still working on consuming up all my handicraft materials to make wood boards. I’m REALLY going to have to start getting r9 blacksmith seeing as how my iron bar stockpile only has 150 bars left… Not looking forward to PTJ camping at all though… :<

Also since tomorrow is Sunday, I’ll be Arc Lich soloing again. Turns out, it’s a pretty fun alternative to exploring in Cor. So far I’ve only gotten one drop: a Lich Grade Leather Long Bow. Hopefully I can get a Kyra Floral-Patterned Robe sewing pattern or an arc lich burn tomorrow 🙂

Not much else to report for Enhalo though aside from finally acquiring the crash shot skill. I literally spammed Ciar Normal/Beginner for 3 days until Shred finally got me a pass. Bless his soul~

Milestones Conquered


And with that, there goes another lifeskill milestone. The hardest ones, blacksmith and handicraft, are to come though… Not sure if blacksmith will ever be ranked past 9 but there’s definitely been progress made on handicraft.

Chao has not been without progress though! Here’s the most recent thing!

So now… The plan is to continue ranking ranged skills on Enhalo and possibly fighter skills on chaolin. I deranked a lot of stuff on chaolin and hopefully with all the AP, I’ll be able to establish some sort of focus secondary to alchemy. I’m probably going to rank fighter skills in the end but for now I’ll work on synthesis and alchemy mastery.

For Enhalo, I’ll keep at handicraft. Ideally, I’ll have that brioniac soon so handicraft can become much more manageable…