Quick Update

Not too much has been going on in Mabi lately. I’ve been spending my days commercing and pursuing bandits for the sake of levels. To this day, I’ve accumulated 4 million ducats on Enhalo and making roughly 100k a day by trading exclusive goods. Ideally I’ll reach level 90 at the end of this free rebirth but I’d be pretty content with level 80 as well. Happened to get this title the other day as well.

Currently, I’m saving AP for commerce mastery which will probably come out towards the end of the year. It requires a whopping 336 AP but gives the character an added bonus of 15% ducats for your trade goods. With prices as they are now at approximately 20k a run, that’s a 3k bonus per run which adds up extremely quickly if you commerce for any lengthy period of time.

Yesterday Oyama, dranco, and I took out a prairie dragon which netted me 5 levels. dranco happened to be in the Iria map as he was ancient hunting and when it spawned, he was kind enough to call us over. Though I do casually partake and enjoy fighting field bosses, it’s rather impractical for me to camp them given how busy I am with my studies at the present. Maybe someday this will change though I highly doubt it…

I’ll be buying a new house today as to continue selling fixed dyes in order to make a little money on the side. Money-wise, I don’t really buy anything anymore and I primarily save the money earned from commerce. For now, I’ll simply keep saving gold and hope that I later use my savings for enchants and upgrade stones.


Fashionogi Queen

Throughout the summer, it’s been a goal of mine to obtain several expensive items for the sake of fashionogi and at long last I’ve accomplished this! Collectively, my hit-list was:

  • Eluned Formal Alchemist Wear (F)
  • Kusina Wear
  • Andras Wear
  • Rock Star Outfit + Shoes
  • Shooting Stars
  • Luxurious Crystal Dress
  • Juliet Shoes
  • Summer Premium Newbie Wear 2008
  • Romantic Straw Hat
  • Masterpiece Bow

Yeah… Just a little crazy >//<

I DID IT BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW. All I really know is that I had a house for three months haha…

So the point of this post isn’t to brag because ugh, I deplore conceitedness. But rather show that anything is possible with persistence 😀

Summer’s End

It’s been an unforgettable summer this year what with literally everyone inactive in the guild returning to the game. Arguably, this was the best summer I’ve ever had with work being awesome and mabi being even awesomer when I came home every night. A lot was accomplished and I’ve no regrets! Looking back at the inactivity of the guild at the start of the summer, I never thought that all this would’ve happened and I’m forever grateful to my guildies here in Classic. 🙂

First let me summarize my commerce achievements!



Next, skill accomplishments!

This life, I’ll be tying up the loose ends in my life tab by first finishing off potion making (r2) and herbalism (r5) then proceeding onto the final ranks of metallurgy (r5). From here on, I’ll be playing in a much more lax fashion seeing as how school is starting up again… Ideally I’ll be able to save AP for crash shot and pick off my generation quests here and there as to get the broinac to finish handicraft. Those are really my only goals for now and the bar has been set rather low because I know this semester is going to be extremely rough…

Notice how fashion wasn’t mentioned LOL. The thing is, I’ve finally finished all my fashion goals! \o/ This was the other crowning achievement of the summer and I’ll be proud to reveal them in the near future. Until then, here’s a small teaser 😀

On a small note, I was able to finish the Red Dragon field boss and this allowed to me to skip several hours of exploration in Cor! Yay for field boss exploration experience!


On last thing! On the eleventh hour (literally the 11th run), the elusive Dexterity Enchant FINALLY dropped from a guildmate’s chest! Much thanks to everyone that ran Sulfur Spider Elite with me all those times and especially the guildy who’s chest it dropped from!

Sorry if this post seems really disorganized >< I’m in a hurry to get to bed atm OTL



New level record:


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could achieve this kind of level… I owe most of this to my guildmates though since they’ve been super-duper awesome and helping me level.

Currently, we’ve been trying to run sulfur spider elite every other day and so far, we’ve done around seven runs in total but still no dexterity enchant :(. Hopefully it’ll come soon so I can start to work on other parts of my gear… Enchant-wise, my bohemian has special glass fragment on the wear and bandit gloves along with a lion hunter highlander long bow. In the near future, I’ll be adding thorn lotus to the highlander long bow by using stamp as a bridge followed by special upgrading with R type. In the end-game, I guess there are people that use nobility sniping but I’ve yet to see anyone that crazy… Not even Jovo did that LOL.

So those are my equipment plans for now and hopefully those enchants will bolster me to 300 max. Then there’s bow mastery which should add a little more so maybe 350 wouldn’t be too bad to shoot for.

Regarding skills, I still haven’t ranked much since I’m storing AP at the moment. Ranking magic mastery was in the cards but after running all these dungeons, I’ve found that my survivability has gone up quite a bit from mana shield alone. For now, I’m working on enchant for the time being. Part of me wants the dex and convenience of being able to do my own enchants though in all honesty, the main reason I’m ranking the skill is to activate my healer enchants for stamina refill LOL. I’ll probably be ranking crash shot as soon as I finish up weaving though. Damage-wise I’m doing alright but having a semi-useful AOE skill would do wonders for party play.

In other guild news, Okami has returned! We are currently working on getting back some of her gear so that’ll keep us busy in the meantime. Glad to have her back though and once again, ecstatic that I have such an awesome guild to spend time with 😀