Double Rainbow Progress

This past month I’ve been focusing on leveling for the most part but I’ve also found time to train crash shot and ranged attack. Just today, I managed to achieve these three things:

On a side note, I finally finished my first r1 transformation skill: Sharpness of Connous!

This means I’ll be working on Armor of Connous next such that it’ll enable me to stay alive longer with the protection boost. After that, I’ll rank Fury of Connous for the will/crit.

Oh, here’s my recent progress on crash shot. Close to being done but not quite yet! Thankfully, I have more than enough AP to get to r1 so all that stands in my way are the training requirements ><. Uguuu, I want it to end already ;;


The Time Has Come

I have been waiting for this since becoming the first Animal Taming Master on Ruairi. ­čśÇ

G9 Progress

Gratifyingly, Enhalo has reached a point where soloing most advanced level missions has become comfortable. Because of this, the generation 9 mainstream story-line quests have been completed rather lucidly and without assistance. Ideally, generation 9 will be completed by this weekend and Enhalo will be on her way to getting demi-god with the completion of generation 10. In particular, obtaining the shadow spirit demi-god skill is something to be excited about, as Jovo often remarked that shadow spirit is the best skill in the game. Anyways, something to look forward for sure.

In other news, Enhalo is almost level 60 and is on schedule to rebirth this weekend for another 140 AP during the double rainbow. That being said, life is way too busy right now… Bleh >w<

September Blues

Double rainbow every weekend of this month? Oh boy… Looks like I’ll be playing on weekends then despite the timing being especially bad with exams coming up. The power-leveling method of choice will likely be pursuing bandits along with trading exclusive commerce goods. Ideally, I would be able to get level 70 every week but we’ll see how feasible this is. I’ll be weekly rebirthing for the remainder of this month but if my total level gets close to 1k then I’ll cut back on this. Ideally the weekdays will give me the window of opportunity I need to finish my generation quests but as always, life is exceedingly busy at the present…

Crash shot, combat mastery, and support shot will be my foci during this month. This past weekend, I just finished potion making and herbalism and I’m glad to have those skills out of the way. In terms of ranks, I want crash shot at at least rank 5, combat mastery at r1, and support shot as high as I can get it. In a practical sense, crash shot will give me more AOE damage while combat mastery will provide more┬ásurvivability. After I rank these skills, I’ll rank magic mastery for the mana allowing for more tanking ability. And finally once all my primary skills are done, my enchants need working on. Ideally, the replacement enchant for oblivion will have been released and I won’t have to camp for that silly enchant…

Boring post is boring, sorry ><