Royal Alchemist

Today was an epic day and I no longer have to suffer from not getting the title I deserve~

I want to credit three alchemists who inspired this motivation: Vestellise, Vinator, and Trainaurion. It’s rather interesting that each one of us has mastered one of the four alchemy elements. Vesellise – Fire, Vinator – Earth, Trainaurion – Wind, and Myself – Water. That aside, I’ll always be grateful to these three for getting me interested in alchemy. 🙂


As Leaves Fall

As we move into the height of the fall season, Erinn has itself a certain solace that brings us all comfort.

Skill training has been back-seated for the remainder of this life, even with the double rainbow in effect. There’s really not much else to do other than metallurgy and fishing, neither of which are that pivotal for Enhalo’s combat prowess. However, the final major skill of Enhalo’s range triad was completed and I’m happy to have it out of the way at long last~

Currently, I’m level 103/25 and still only halfway through G10, meaning I’ll be stuck on this life for a while. It’s a good thing for my real life though, as my current semester is strenuous and workload heavy.

With G17 coming out next week, the remaining AP I have will be invested into commerce mastery. This should get me r5 (potentially r4) along with a very palatable amount of + 20 luck that equates to +4% natural critical percentage~ If there’s anything Enhalo is lacking at the present, it’s critical percentage. Regrettably, neither the critical hit skill or windmill have been ranked so Enhalo’s natural critical rate remains at a low value. Combined with the fact that I commerce excessively, it’s probably in my best interest to rank commerce mastery next as opposed to bow mastery and magic mastery.

Someday I’ll get to ranking synthesis though… The skill is incredibly useful for those that can employ it’s uses effectively. Honestly, that’s really the only alchemy I want to invest in on Enhalo aside from rain casting and alchemy mastery. But that’s a topic for another day, tata~

October Leisure

Not much skill progress this week. Pretty burnt out on raising skills at the moment but I have been ranking alchemy on the side still. Easy alchemy skills are easy to train lol. Hopefully I’ll have the water alchemist title soon and some nice damage as a result. Kudii was quite the gentleman in giving me another tidal accessory thus completing the water damage accessories I need. Transparent title accessories are pretty insane since they give + 19 water damage each giving a total of + 38 water damage for two equipment slots. I also got my hands on a refreshing water cylinder last night with a + 34 water damage roll and + 15 fire damage roll (max fire damage). Once I rank frozen blast, another + 15 water damage will be activated making this cylinder better than wave enchant (max roll = + 43 water damage). That being said, it’s still not on a tidal cylinder so I’m not entirely sure if that + 15% boost overtakes the added + 6 water damage I get from refreshing. Probably not but it’s much much easier to get than the wave enchant IMO.

So with these two new pieces of equipment, what’s left? Not much actually, just synergy enchant for my cylinder, a steam ripple shield, and the elusive restored enchant for my Cai suit. Sadly, synergy and restored will both require enchant protection potions so they won’t be hunted anytime soon… For now, I’ll just S upgrade my refreshing cylinder and R upgrade my tidal cylinder on chao and bide my time until I can get some enchant protection potions. Maybe get RA too.

Though I’ve made a surprising amount of progress on chao, there’s still quite a bit to say about Enhalo too! Recently I’ve been doing dailies with my guild leader Jiihae and fellow guildie Stained17. In this last week, we’ve ran The Other Alchemists Elite and Ghost of Partholon Elite. Gratifyingly, I’ve been doing quite well in these missions but this aptitude might be due to the recent fishing event and SE potions ><. Hopefully it’s more related to my skill and not these potions D:

I’ve also been trying my hand out on field bosses of late since I’ve been exploring Iria for the elusive Lake’s enchant.

Sadly, my damage isn’t high enough to solo Ifirit yet but I did get pretty close by taking out 75% of it’s HP before it despawned. Maybe when I have around 500 max I’ll be able to solo Ifirit 😀

Regarding stats, I’m about to hit 1k so might as well post my stats haha. Setup is:

  • Head: Dexterity Bohemian Hat (F)
  • Accessories: Avenger Lily and Precise Lily
  • Body: Special Glass Fragment Bohemian Wear (F)
  • Gloves: Sacrificial Outlaw Bohemian Flower Band (F)
  • Shoes: Sacrificial Bohemian Shoes (F)
  • Bow: Wolf Hunter’s (Max Roll) Stamp Long Bow (No Special Upgrades)

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone in the Ctrl guild that helped me with my G9 semi and finale. Additionally, Lelou and Cadenza of Jabbawockeez for their help in these two missions as well. 😀

Now that G9 is out of the way, it’s time to blitz G10 and get on with G11! Though… I won’t be rebirthing until G11 is done haha. Hardmode generation quests are not something I want to be doing in the future ><. Until next time~

Quaintness of Fall

Today was a pretty relaxing day~

The first thing I did was finally get my fighter skills, haha. As it stands, I ‘m not sure if I want to hybridize into alchemy or fighter first. I have both options at the ready though so it’ll pretty much depend on whatever I feel like doing. BEGIN MABINOGI DISSERTATION!

Alchemy provides the added benefit of stamina and MP stat gains along with the highly versatile linear AOE skill, flameburst. Basic alchemy is not too AP heavy giving it an edge of fighter in terms of development cost. On the other hand, fighter skills give insane will stat gains that correspondingly increase your base critical percentage. Damage from fighter skills is second to magnum shot in terms of single enemy DPS and within the tab, contains the AOE skill drop kick as well as the enemy locking skill pummel.

Criticism for both skill tabs definitely exists though. Alchemy has the second worst DPS of any fighting skill set and the skills are known to be grinding intensive. The same can be said for fighter though seeing as how the requirements are said to be just as grindy. Fighter skills do not contain the aggro flexibility that alchemy carries as well making alchemy superior in terms of solo play. Both skill sets are AP costly with the whole skill tab in mind whereas 1/1/1 flameburst only costs 401 AP for maximum skill damage.

Enchants are also something to consider too. Fighter skills can easily benefit from max damage enchants whereas critical is more preferable in alchemy. In terms of will increasing enchants, there aren’t too many around but they do exist! Enchants that increase fighter damage typically have a nice synergy with commerce (my other primary hobby on the game) such that they are buyable from the trade imp’s shop. Alchemy modifiers, particularly flame damage ones, are much more difficult to obtain. Flame is from peaca INT, heated is from GOP hard, etc. However! Alchemy does have set effect clothing whereas fighter does not! Both the cressida and flamerider sets are highly complementary to fire alchemy and this too is something to consider.

Anyways, WOW THAT’S A LOT OF TEXT SORRY. Kind of got inspired by ranking some alchemy on chao earlier this week. Here’s what got done:


Hopefully will get that alchemy mastery up to 1 before winter rolls around! And maybe RA soon? :D…

But enough about my gender-bent character that I’ll probably rebirth as a girl! Here’s what I’ve done on Enhalo~

Ran an Alby Advanced Hardmode today for the first time in a long while and it was pleasing to see that I could actually dish out some reasonable damage in there :D. I’ve yet to try the dungeon using chao and his flameburst but that’ll have to be later once I have 1/1/1 on him :o. happywilly2 of the Mentors Guild was kind enough to let me join on his run. Other members of the party included Revy and Itzjohn bringing our party count to four. Overall it was a pretty smooth run! Made a few mistakes here and there but predominantly I was satisfied with my performance.

Shortly after, North invited me to fight the Giant Lion. I tried to solo it at first but my lack of experience kills me… Literally. Maybe next time~

Also did some cooking and got to rC! Sadly I missed the screenie though ><. I did make a brief cooking video though that’ll be posted soon! Basically it’s just for memory collecting purposes ❤

Karu Blues and Other News

I used this weekend’s double rainbow to train a few skills. There wasn’t a ton of progress made due to a midterm this week (I just finished it actually) but it’s better than nothing!

Recently I’ve been running Karu statue dungeons in hopes of scoring a corundum enchant from the chest room on floor 3. To date I’ve not had much luck but I have scored two Inconvenient enchants from the end chest.

Right now I’m working on a fighter set to pass the time since I’ve reached a nice stopping point for my ranged gear. Currently, my setup consists of:

Head: Vine Dexterity Bohemian Band (F)

Body: Special Glass Fragment Bohemian Wear (F)

Gloves: Sacrificial Robber Outlaw Bohemian Band (F)

Feet: Sacrificial Bohemian Shoes (F)

Accessories: Precise Lily & Avenger Lily

Weapon: Wolf Hunter’s Stamp Long Bow

This setup gives me 327 max with ranger destiny and level 77/24. So I can finally break 300 max which is what Jovo expected of me haha! I’m about 700 levels from 1k too so right on target to be Jovo 😛