Puppetry Cessation

I’ve been ranking skills quite a bit in the last two week and upon ranking control marionette to rank 5, I finally managed to finally acquire the event Huw prefix title. With that, I’ll say goodbye to puppets for now and focus on supplementing my range by ranking critical hit, bow mastery, crossbow mastery, and support shot.

My magnum criticals are getting pretty epic after ranking critical hit a hit. On bandits, I can break 4k ­čśÇ

On the side, I ranked first aid just to get it out the way. Now I need a hellhound skull that I’ll be running math advanced for in the future. After that, Manus-brand disinfectant is pretty easy to get and I’ll have the skill capped!

School is getting pretty demanding atm so I haven’t had too much time to play. In whatever time I manage to allocate to the Mabi, I’ll work towards that sniper title and leveling. After that, I’ll switch to the magic talent and rank magic mastery, mana shield, and ideally enchant over my Christmas break.

I still don’t know when I’ll get around to ranking blacksmith but frankly, I see enchant being more useful to me at the present. I’m trying to polish up my bohemian gear a bit by getting hard peaca on my shoes and quite recently, I managed to get classic on a bohemian band with no fails. Annoyingly, I have to rank enthralling performance to activate that enchant and outlaw still needs to be enchanted as the suffix. Honestly though, sacrificial gets the job done for now so I’ll hold off on ranking enthralling performance. There’s still the hat and shoe prefixes to worry about and the only real end-game options are oblivion or nostalgic, neither of which are easy to obtain (giant horned gnu field boss and peaca normal respectively).

Quite a number of people have been achieving grand masteries recently, with Kudii being one of them. Gratz to him and a tremendous thank you to him as well for bringing me to field bosses and always inviting me to NPC runs to speed level. You’re the best~

Lastly, I’ve been working on the highlander bow Jovo gave me. After much hesitation, I was finally able to buy a marketplace modification coupon and subsequently artisan upgrade the bow. Discouragingly, the artisan upgrade gave me a very low roll and I’ll have to buy a removal kit. Honestly, I might just marketplace upgrade it again to save myself the trouble. I want to r5 the bow as soon as possible since it would help my damage substantially.

Honestly, it feels like there’s not much to do in Mabi anymore. I guess there’s always room for improvement with respect to my combat but equipment-wise, the game has kind of stagnated for me. Maybe I just need to start the fighter tab to mix things up a bit or perhaps it’s just me┬áback-seating┬ámabi for school. I really don’t know…

But for now, I’ll be going on hiatus until December 20th or so. I’ll log in routinely to check my house and stuff but otherwise, I kind of don’t want to be bothered.

Take care~


Biding Time

For now, I’ll be training puppeteering and raising money in order to get Kudii some fine reforge kits and also I can buy NX to rebirth during the x3 AP event. The plus side is that stuff in my house has been selling pretty well. Thanks to the new outfits in the gachapon, the diversity of wealth in the economy has increased a reasonable amount. All this means is that there is more money for people to spend on both fashionogi and production items alike.

Up until now, puppetry skills have been pretty reasonable to train in terms of requirements. Sure it’s not as streamline as melee combat or range┬áper say┬ábut it involves much less grinding than alchemy or fighter. Going by the fact that the end date for the Classic Event is on November 30th, I should be able to get that last prefix title in time before the event’s duration is up. For now, I’ll just settle on ranking Marionette Control,┬áColossus Marionette, and Pierrot Marionette since all together the three skills only require 378 AP.

Once those skills are done and based on how much AP I have left, I’ll try and make as much progress as possible on Act 4: Rising Action (161 AP) and Act 7: Climatic Crash (282 AP). In all honesty, I don’t know which to rank first as both seem to be quite good. My gut feeling is to rank rising action because it has awesome synergy with crash shot. Additionally, it would suffice as a substitute for WM until I rank the skill on Enhalo. I’ll have to discuss this with my guild yet I don’t think anyone other than Justin has ranked the puppetry skills.

Until then~

The Great Fashion Post

I warned you all… I like fashionogi!

Aristocrat Outfit

Bedtime Outfit

Bookworm Outfit

Casual Outfit

Elf Princess Outfit

Frilly Dress Outfit

Glamorous Outfit

Halloween Outfit

Martial Arts Outfit

Merchant Outfit

Milletian Outfit

Pirate Captain Outfit

Shrine Maiden Outfit

Summer Outfit

Tomboy Outfit

I honestly can’t think of anything else I could possibly want in this game other than scathatch for the pose alone. Not worth it >o>

Hope you enjoyed this ­čÖé

The Classic Update!

To me, this update represents the greater impact Jovo had upon Mabinogi and was therefore named after his guild, Classic. Though Jovo has left the world of Erinn, his teachings and impact on the game remains, that is, stat hoarding 8D

In all seriousness, this update was highly anticipated by not only myself but literally everyone I know. Several new life skills were added to the life tab and a new combat tab dealing with puppeteering was added! Both these additions were useful to me as they give dexterity stat gains!

Here’s what I’ve gotten a handle on thus far:

As intended, I’ve been able to rank commerce mastery without too much trouble! Though I have to admit, training slows down pretty quickly after r9 but exclusives do help quite a bit with the 5k ducat training requirements. Hopefully I can get this up to r1 in a timely manner but it may have to wait until I save more AP and have more time on my hands ><


A few skills within the puppet tab have been in the works as well! The motivation for hybridizing prematurely comes from the event prefix titles that are available at the moment. Thus far, I’ve gotten the┬áColossus and Pierrot prefix titles and am still working on getting the Huw prefix title. This last title will be pretty tricky since you need to get rank 5 of control marionette, a pretty grind-heavy skill. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it up tomorrow but no promises!

Aside from puppeteering and commerce mastery, there’s a few other things I should report! The first being…


1k total at last! Sadly, I was not able to finish G10 prior to this meaning that I’ll have my work cut out for me in the future. It should be fine though seeing as how I have some pretty pro friends to help me out with my generations. ­čÖé

On behalf of me not thinking, I did not screenshot these stats pictures with my bow equipped. But hopefully they’ll suffice as a reference…


On a whim, I was able to master crash shot. One of the easiest mastery titles to obtain out there in my opinion. The sniper title will be next! (though not any time soon because I’m done with grinding for a while >>). Oh, making my way up the transformation skill ranks too ­čśÇ

But enough about skills and ranks and other stuff! Here’s a picture from Monday night where I tailored Grim Reaper Robes for my friends in the Jabbawockeez guild! ­čśÇ

You may notice oneeeee tiny little thing in that picture. Hehe that’s right, I finally got a Del Luey’s Dress! And it was all thanks to my favorite giant Kyletwi aka Jellypretzel (human)! He is super super super nice and gave the dress to me after he got it from the NPC tournament on his third run ever! Sooooo lucky ><!!! But I am forever grateful to him for this wonderful gift and I will cherish it forever ÔŁĄ

Until next time everyone~