Challenging Journey

I apologize for the lack of updates but hopefully my progress has made up for it 😀

Within this last week, I finally secured the sniper title and capped all my range skills save for final shot! Support shot was unarguably arduous but worth it in the end! Maybe someday I’ll master it but I can’t see that day coming anytime soon >w<

Enhalo the Sniper

Commerce Mastery - Rank 7

Mana Shield - Rank 6


Critical Hit - Rank 2

Armor of Connus - Rank 1

As one can see, things have definitely been busy but productive of late! Skill-wise, I’ll continue to work on enchant and hopefully power through the ranks in the next few weeks.




To start off this month, I’ve been ranking skills like mad and blew around 200 AP in the process so far. With the amount of AP that I have left, I should be able to obtain the sniper title upon finish support shot and crossbow mastery. Since I’ll be rebirthing soon, the AP for my next life can be invested into enchant also taking care of that. Speaking of enchant, I need to switch to the magic talent on the next rebirth and use that to train magic mastery too.

Magic Mastery - Rank 8

Alchemy Mastery - Rank C

Critical Hit - Rank 4

Mana Crystallization - Rank 9

Mirage Missile - Rank 4

Support Shot - Rank 6

It’s rather a bummer that crossbow mastery adds so little will and no dexterity for 157 AP whereas some of the G17 life skills give generous will and dexterity stat gains for so little AP. I think once enchant is done, I’ll work on those skills as well as alchemy mastery. Currently, my goal is to get 500 base dexterity and mana points such that I can both tank with mana shield and deal out pretty decent damage at the same time. Anyhow, below is a summary of what I want to get done during the break:

  1. Enchanting r1
  2. Sniper Title
  3. Glorious Thorn Lotus Highlander Bow
  4. Nostalgic Enchant(s)
  5. Dexterity Enchant

Oh, I should mention that I was successfully able to burn and enchant a hunter enchant onto my personalized bohemian band. Now all it needs is dexterity and it’s good to go for bandit hunting! Hunter is a pretty cool enchant useful to those who pursue bandits to level. In effect (during pursuit mode), the enchant acts as a better version of oblivion giving + 10 max and + 10 will to the user. Also in my enchanting escapades, my guild leader Jiihae and I managed to get alteration onto a 9 dura round shield yesterday with no fails! Granted, we had to go through three previous attempts until we finally mustered a all-success sequence. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell this for a nice price and use it to fund my next house.

Last thing to mention! Yesterday, members from my old guild Chaplin got together and ran a few shadow missions together! Yep, Nathan1102, Blackfaith, and Celesta all partied with me and had a blast. I literally ran around 10 SMs yesterday and had a blast! We also met Cwalker from Fruity who’s quite the impressive player! After we ran a Ghost of Partholon Elite with him, Cwalker and I decided to duelo a Mobilizing the Shadow Expeditionary Force Elite since it was just sitting in my inventory haha. Good times, good times! 😀

School Guild

From the Warmth of the Oven

My guild leader is going to be angry with me for ranking alchemy but I really want those MP stat gains. :<

In other news, I finally caved and ranked Fury of Connus to r1 giving me the Sage accomplishment but at the cost of forever losing those cool pants ;;

Jiihae also traded me a Summer School Uniform for my (M) version, thank you forever Jiiiiiiiii

On a side note, Kudii has been MIA for the last few days. I think he’s playing a new game and enjoys it so I’m happy for him haha

Other than that, I received my third flame mare. Two more to go but ugh, finals and applications…

Alchemy Mastery - Rank D

Fury of Connus - Rank 1

Armor of Connus - Rank 3

Mana Shield - Rank 8

Mana Crystallization - Rank B

Sheep Shearing - Rank C


Winter Plans

Mabi has been pretty good to me recently as have my friends! Cadenza and Lelou were kind enough to give me their tickets such that I could get a flamemare on Enhalo last night! I named it Tubbington per recommendation of someone special and it turns out that he’s a bright yellow flamemare, further adding to the ridiculousness! After further ticket collecting, I secured another horse named Tuffington, huzzah! I’m aiming to get two more horses on my other alternative characters brining my grand total of flame mares to 7. With that, I’ll have 11 AOE pets and no excuse to die during most missions/dungeons XD

Quiz Show Reprive

The x3 AP event has been quite a blessing as well and Kudii has certainly accelerated my AP gain rate by taking me to a number of field bosses and inviting me to NPC runs. To date I’ve managed to stock 500 AP and I plan to use this generous amount of AP to finish up the requirements for obtaining the sniper title.

First Neid Solo

With what’s left over, I plan to rank a enchant which I’ve been meaning to finish for quite a while. My goal is to finish the skill in a mere two weeks but much easier said than grinded. The experience will definitely be arduous but highly gratifying once I’ll never have to request a burn from someone ever again. Seeing as how I enjoy enchanting projects, it’s about time this happened and I’m looking forward to getting it over with. The countless Alby Dungeon runs ties in nicely with a few enchants I’m hunting and whenever I get an Alby Basic Pass, I’ll run the hardmode version of the dungeon and hunt for the Intelligent enchant. Alby Intermediate hardmode also has a particular enchant that I want: the Shine. This enchant strictly increases will on a +5~10 roll making it one of the better enchants supporting the fighter skillset. As such, I will be hunting for these enchants on the side while doing enchant training. Hopefully all goes well and I can be of better use to my friends 🙂

My fighter gear isn’t the only thing I want to work on seeing as how my bohemian set could use some better max damage enchants. The ones I’ll be hunting are hard peaca and memory, both of which are rewards from Peaca Normal and Peaca Basic/Intermediate. Hopefully CTRL will be up to running this a few times over the break. If not, I think Sleep partakes in these runs on occasion and hopefully they’d be willing to bring me along. Alternatively, I could just use the butterfly enchant but it’s a fairly rare drop from Queen Hornets and I simply hate repetitive killing for a drop…

On a final note, I might start done alchemy on the side for the sake of the stat gains. As I would eventually have to raise metal conversion for the dexterity, I might as well rank up a few other skills along the way. Specifically, I would like to rank these skills in the following order:

  1. Alchemy Mastery
  2. Mana Crystallization
  3. Metal Conversion
  4. Transmutation Mastery
  5. Rain Casting
  6. Synthesis
  7. Fragmentation

Ranking the first three skills would give me around 100 MP along with 90 stamina and of course the 10 dexterity that entices rangers to rank metal conversion in the first place. The remaining four skills would simply be ranked for supporting my character and would definitely take an extended period of time. Over the winter break, I’ll focus only on the first three skills but ideally get around to ranking the other four skills in a timely manner.

There still remains much to do in the game yet I have so little time at the present to play. Winter break can’t come any sooner for me!

Winter Days