Commerce Reforging Part 2

Things went much better this time around! Shame I couldn’t keep the other two reforges with the level 5 commerce speed but the extra speed was worth it IMO 🙂



I’m excited to share that my husband has returned from passing! We have since re-wed and are reunited as a partnership should be! This time around, we had an actual ceremony in Filia and I was at last able to wear that coveted elf wedding dress! Shred-kun also dressed for the occasion finding a tuxedo that matched the style of my own elf-woven garment.

Reunited Once Again

Shortly after the wedding, the guild decided to take on one of the new lord difficulty missions. Overall, the run was pretty smooth since we all knew what we were doing and the damage output was sufficient enough for steady progress. Merrow was the only monster that really gave us trouble but only because she has insanely high amount of hitpoints and protection. Fighting her literally took 15 minutes haha.

Secret of Scathach Caverns

I’ve made a few skill progresses in this last week as well with the most noteworthy accomplishment being r1 combat mastery! With that out of the way, I’ll invest the rest of my remaining AP into commerce mastery then decide where to go from there. I may try to complete my life tab a bit more for all those yummy will and dexterity stats from the mastery skills but then there’s also the urge to do alchemy as well… Decisions, decisions!

Commerce Mastery - Rank 5

Egg Gathering - Rank 8

Harvesting - Rank 9

Combat Mastery - Rank 1

Good times, good times~ See you later~


Winter Solace

Erinn’s winter has been the coldest I’ve witnessed in my many lives. Though the chill in the air lingers and the wind attempts to piece the skin, there is much warmth to be found in friends.


With the swift transition into the winter, I felt a desire for change and as such, changed my facial features and hair. Many of my friends were shocked at this abrupt transformation but I enjoy the appearance shift considerably. I also added a trinity wear to the mix with a slight visual modification as well. Personally, I think the wings are super cute and really top off the outfit 😀

Enhalo New

Though I’ve made some progress in ranking a few skills, the duration of the winter has been spent honing my tailoring abilities and doing enchanting projects. For quite some time, I’ve been practicing finishing hairbands to make them a higher quality. At present, my signature rate is about 30% and I’d like to push it up to 50% in time.

Combat Mastery - Rank 4

Armor of Connus - Rank 1

Critical Hit - Rank 2

Before Jovo-kun passed away, he asked me to tailor a Terra V-Line Four-Point Armor using the scales he had collected for the last year. The scales were then passed on to me and kept for quite some time as I hunted for the tailoring manual. At long last, I found two patterns and the time to make the armor had finally come! Using about 40% of the scales, I was able to make two armors both with 4 defense and protection. Regrettably, neither of them received my signature but I’m still happy to know that these are the second and third Terra V-Line Four-Point Armors created since the inception of Ruairi.

Recently I’ve gotten into doing shadow missions and filling up the battle portion of my journal. It’s been pretty fun having the journal fill up and I hope to have the battle tab completed soon! After all, having more journal points can only be favorable especially when I go for the Royal Alchemist position 😀

Alby Complete

I’ve spent quite a bit of my time helping others too! From doing generation 1 quests to helping others hunt monsters for their Shape Shifting Skill, my time has definitely been filled with these fun activities. Honestly, the feeling of helping someone is what’s satisfying, as the joy you bring them kind of rubs off on you. It is from these people that warmth emanates from and I am grateful to them. It is my hope that I am able to bring others this same comfort from day to day.

Rulion's G1 Part 1

Scary Library 1

On the guild side of things, we’ve been spending a considerable amount of time summoning field bosses and much of my time has been invested into this guild activity. It’s some awesome experience and it definitely requires a guild-wide effort. There have been a few good drops but the experience of spending time with guildies is much more valuable.

Beach Bossing 1

Beach Bossing 2

Lastly, I’d like to mention that I finally secured the Thorn Lotus enchant on one of my spare Highlander Long Bows. The Stamp enchant landed nicely with no fails and then Thorn Lotus was then bridged with no fails too! After that, I enchanted Intricate to step for glorious, again with no fails. Then disaster struck as the Stiff enchant failed thrice. All was not lost, however, as I used enchant protection potions that compensated for the triple failure. For now, I’ll leave this bow be and simply finish upgrading it but I’m well on my way to the endgame bow: Glorious Thorn Lotus Highlander Long Bow r5.

Thorn Lotus Get


Enhalo in Trinity