Day 5

Today was a huge success! Not only did our guild leader master carpentry but we also had three other members achieve r1 tailoring! With that, we now have five max rank tailors in the guild! I also managed to gather enough materials for r1 blacksmithing and potentially carpentry as well. The caravans will leave on the seventh day so we must make haste in gathering the remaining materials we need!


Day 4

Today I managed to monopolize a number of the materials I needed for blacksmithing. Knowing that I put away a fair share of materials put my mind at ease for the time being and rekindled my ambitions! Our leader has made great strides in their carpentry as well and hopes to master the skill within the next day or two. Things are looking well for our guild as we continue to endure the desert for the sake of training our skills and I’m confident that we’ll end up achieving all that we desire!

Day 3

Competition was fierce today and I was absent during most of the sales… I’m banking my hopes in the nightly sales in hopes of purchasing more goods. In the night, I dislike the cold and the noise of the wind rolling across the desert. It makes a disconcerting sound that keeps one in an endless state of alertness.

Day 2

Morale is high and we’ve already amassed a good portion of materials. I’ve also used some of the materials I’ve collected so far to rank my fragmentation skill and I hope to have it mastered by the end of this week. In the meantime, Jiihae and I continue to hoard everything we need…

Day 1

Competition for the items is fierce. Many guilds are here including Reverse, Dango, and Bento. It’s going to be tough to get what we want but we’re determined to see our goals through. The nightly chill the desert brings is cold but knowing that the guild is here working together keeps brings warmth to my soul.

It Begins…

Last year on a foggy night in spring, caravans arrived in Connus, the land of my ancestors. To this day, we know not where these traveling merchants came from and yet despite their mysterious presence, they are friendly. They carry rare goods used for crafting related skills and are quite a blessing for those of us interested in production skills. This year, they arrived earlier than our guild anticipated but with the nature of our guild preparedness, we were ready. I shall keep a journal of our endeavors until the caravans leave Connus so wish us luck in our aspirations!

Cusp of Spring

As all things come to pass with time, the bitter cold of winter is at last subsiding. Though milder, the chill still lingers in the air and constricts the breath. Despite this, I’ve still braved the chilly trade routes and wilderness across the vast lands of Erinn ferrying goods from town to town. The life of a merchant is a simple one- simply moving from destination to destination while avoiding bandits along the way. Traveling gives a Milletian a broader perspective of why they’re here in Erinn. Yes, we fight fomors and all when necessary but we’re here to live on and persist. We’re here to be happy and for me, commerce is a both venue and means of realizing this~

My countless journeying across the land has finally rewarded me with this and I’ll continue to commerce even beyond mastering the skill!

Commerce Mastery - Rank 1

The decline of winter marks a new start for me and I’ve decided to go back to my normal appearance. I did change my hair courtesy of ¬†Ailionoa from Emain Macha and I enjoy the result very much!

New Look Enhalo

I’ve also brought it upon myself to finally begin to trade goods from Belvast by virtue of seafaring! I’ve always liked the scenic environment of Belvast and regretted that there isn’t more to do there. I am hopeful that this will change in the coming years though~

Belvast - Level 6

Aside from commerce, I don’t seem to have much else to write about haha. Shred-kun and I have kept ourselves busy by running a few shadow missions to continually improve our combat¬†prowess. I’m getting to the point where I can get by a good number of hardmode level missions without using potions. A good indication of progress as I see it!

Fomor Attack HM Duo

I believe that this is all I have to write about at the present so with that, goodbye for now~