Just Jovo, Lelou, Cadenza, and me enjoying the night in Dunbarton! Times not forgotten but dearly missed~


Chef Life!

With only the adventure and cooking skills left incomplete in my lifeskill tab, I decided to once again try my hand at cooking. Thus far I’ve made reasonable progress but there are quite a few skills in the talent that I have to work on! I’ll tackle mushroom gathering along with egg gathering first and once those are both done, move on to the actual cooking skill. After that, I’ll do hoe mastery and harvesting for the will stats then be done with the talent!

Hoeing Mastery - Rank 8

Mushroom Gathering - Rank A

When I’m not working on my culinary arts, I spend my time in Belvast either fishing or commercing. This past year, I’ve been investing quite a bit of effort into ranking my Belvast Merchant level to 7 and as of last month, I have at last reached that milestone. The exclusive trading good, Fake Morgant Helment, is not too shabby and among other limited items it ranks about average in terms of profit. I speculate that not many people have access to this limited trade good making them less susceptible to price changes. Hopefully my perseverance will pay off in the long run in terms of ducat profits though!

Fishing - Rank 4

Belvast Leisure

Last week, I spammed the St Patrick’s Dungeon with my friends about 50 times in hopes of getting a Club Suit (F). Regrettably, the club suit never dropped for us but my pupil, Kiritokuun (shown in the above picture) was kind enough to give me his. Thank you Kirito-kun for the gift! I will cherish it 😀

St Patricks Day Event 1

St Patricks Day Fire

The guild has been braving Peaca Dungeon more frequently nowadays and yet despite having completed the dungeon a number of times, the elusive Nostalgic enchant has still not dropped for any of us. Regardless, the dungeon remains enjoyable to me and hopefully the other members of CTRL 🙂

Peaca with the Trio 3

Peaca Ghost Fluids 3

Speaking of the guild, it’s become increasingly more lively of late which gives me and the other members more opportunities to mess around. So far everyone seems to like each other and get along which is fantastic 😀

Raising the Bar of Cuteness 1

CTRL Gathering 1

CTRL Gathering 3

All in all, it’s been a refreshing life so far! I am especially fond of picking mushrooms in the serene Ulaid Forest who’s scenery I will leave you with for now!

Ulaid Forest 1

Ulaid Forest 2

Limit Breaker!

Just broke 2k this weekend and joined the 800 dexterity club \o/

That highlander long bow isn’t upgraded so with my r5 Stiff Thorn Lotus, I have around 815 dexterity and 480 max. Pretty happy with these stats as it’s been a (real) year since Enhalo was born and seeing this progress within a (real) year delights me to no end.

Enhalo 2k Stats 1

Enhalo 2k Stats 2

In this last year in Erinn, fortune smiled upon all of us in the form of a double rainbow and I used this to finish what remaining challenging skills I had left in my life tab. This time… I tackled carpentry and blacksmithing and within the span of two months, managed to master carpentry and get blacksmithing to r1.

Blacksmithing - Rank 1

Master of Carpentry

I also brought it upon myself to finish up the windmill skill – something I had been putting off for quite some time and am now glad to have it out of the way.

Windmill - Rank 1

With almost every hard skill out of the way, I can focus on finishing up most of the dexterity giving skills outside of the puppetry skillset. In the meantime, I’m going to try and cap my life tab by finishing up mining mastery and transformation mastery then segway into cooking and egg gathering. After that, only fishing (r5 current), harvesting (r8), hoeing (r9), metallurgy (r5), mushroom gathering, animal taming, and milk gathering will remain.It may sound like quite a bit of work but I can easily finish most of those skills once I rebirth into the cooking talent with my next life.

After capping my life tab, I’m not sure there’s much for me to do other than save AP for the gunner talent! Thanks to my escapades during the double rainbow, I have around 300 str and around 500 int which should be around 200 max damage… Whether or not this’ll be robust enough damage to actually use in HM and Elite level missions will be the question once gunner is released!

In terms of my enchantments, I’m still working on getting some oblivion and nostalgic enchants… I need three of them to complete my gear and then I’ll have only my accessories to work on. Hopefully I can make some progress on these during the weekend Peaca normal runs but until I can accumulate a decent amount of money, I’m not going to see much improvement in my gear haha. That being said, I have been hunting the butterfly enchant for some time now but I’ve really had no luck so far :<

Until next time everyone!