After a great deal of pondering, I’ve decided that it’s time to return once again to alchemy– my beloved passion and the subject I studied astutely during my time at the Tara Royal Academy. It feels like just yesterday that I spent hours pouring over the books in the Royal Library, elucidating all of the discipline’s intricacies and subtleties. Yes, the versatility of alchemy is what drew my interest to the topic in the first place. Tis a shame that after graduating and joining the Classic Guild, I decided to pursue the more traditional route of ranged combat. My initial efforts have not been in vain though and my expertise shall henceforth be put to proper use!

Taillteann(^ Credit to Yunaiteddo of Dango)

In this last life as a chef, I achieved a number of skill ranks and am getting ever closer to capping my life skill tab. I also dabbled around with the march song bard skill too; I don’t plan to cap the skill anytime soon but you never know! I’ve been using my stocked AP to rank final shot- it requires a whopping 414 AP for rank 1… After that’s done, I’ll continue working on transformation mastery for the strength but like final shot, that skill also requires a portionable amount of my ability (390).

Transformation Mastery - Rank B

Final Shot - Rank B

March Song - Rank 8

Egg Gathering - Rank 1

Mushroom Gathering - Rank 1

On the last Alban Elved, our guild finally took on the notorious Peaca Intermediate Dungeon where on the fourth day after entering, we emerged victorious at last. Aside from the Master Lich, the ghosts were the monsters that gave us the most trouble as attributed to their insanely high protection and chaincasting abilities. Usually their intermediate magic can be interrupted with a pet’s attack or a correctly placed AOE skill but every now and then their magic manages to successfully hit one of us thus leading to a chain of disaster once the targeted party member is stunned.

Master Lich Taunting 2

Above all, I enjoy the fact that in a mere 52 years, I’m able to actually perform well in this onerous dungeon but I’m equally appreciative of the guild who endured the challenge with me 🙂

Clear Peaca INT

Lastly, I’ve been partaking in my generation quests after putting them off for so so long. It’s been a nice change in pace and my progress towards completing them has been much quicker than I imagined. I suppose that only serves to motivate me to finish the quests quicker, ahaha~

Jousting Victory



For this life, I decided to change my hair once again to the temporarily available Kagamine Rin hairstyle. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it but seeing as how well-suited it is with hats, it may be for a while haha.

In terms of skills, I’ve made slight progresses here and there but nothing extraordinary. Similar to my last life, I’m still focusing on leveling and stocking AP and ranking skills isn’t my top priority at the present. Nevertheless, this is what I’ve accomplished in this life and I must admit that I’m rather satisfied with having all the intermediate magic skills under my belt.

Fireball Get

Egg Gathering - Rank 4

Mushroom Gathering - Rank 4

Metallurgy - Rank 4

CTRL has been healthily active of late despite our guild leader running out of things to do, haha. I recommended to them that they should work on the cooking or taming journals to pass the time until gunner comes out and I think that’s what they’re going to do for now.


I know I’ve put this skill off for quite some time but I’m once again returning to the beaches of Corcle to finish off the skill. I’ll try and get metallurgy to r1 as well as mining mastery to r1 with my next rebirth though I’m still debating whether or not I should finish off mining mastery first as it’s much less enjoyable than metallurgy. Who knows! All that matters is that I get that last point of dexterity from the smithing talent XD

And Here We Are Again

Lastly, I’ve been soloing the PD quite often. It’s the easiest of the field boss solos for both humans and elves but still a fun pastime and excellent exploration exp! In my opinion,  the difficulty of soloing field bosses for elves is as follows (from hardest to easiest).

Red Dragon > Neid > Giant Gator > Ifirit (Above Ground) > Giant Lion > Prairie Dragon/Desert Dragon

For humans, it’s a different story since mounted range is non-existent. However, they have the slight advantage in getting hits from final hit. In the end though, it really depends on your experience both as a solo’er and as a field boss’er.

PD Photoshopped

Fashion Shoot 2

I said I was done but you know how it goes~

Town Outfit

Town Outfit

Rockstar Outfit

Rockstar Outfit

Shy Milletian Outfit

Shy Milletian Outfit

Tara University Outfit

Schoolgirl Outfit

Desert Princess Outfit

Desert Princess Outfit

Formal Tomboy Outfit

Formal Tomboy Outfit

Gunner Outfit

Enhalo Outfit

Seasoned Mage Outfit

Seasoned Mage Outfit

Unknown Warrior Outfit

Antifomor Outfit

Cute Druid Outfit

Druid Outfit

Hebona Outfit

Hebona Outfit

And finally we have the Fabulous Photobombing Guild Leader!