Moving Forward

My last two lives have been considerably productive with regards to both skill ranks and commerce milestones. With each passing month, I come ever closer to the title of master of commerce and the max merchant level of every town. My Bangor merchant level finally capped out making this my third/fourth level 9 merchant level. With my Belvast merchant level following closely behind at level 8, I imagine that will be my next level 9 town. After musing over my commerce routes, I realized that Emain Macha will be the only town difficult to cap. I deliberately avoid trading there as it’s somewhat out of the way what with the moongate being reasonably far from the trading post. Combined with sub-par profits to most neighboring towns, it will take some considerable time and perseverance to max out Emain Macha’s merchant level.

Bangor Level 9

Belvast - Level 8

After many years, I’ve finally finished the most challenging skills. In all honestly, I never expected to do this but it just seemed to happen over time. If I were to give advice to anyone thinking of ranking blacksmith, tailoring, handicraft, enchant, or synthesis, it would simply be: if the opportunity presents itself, take it and run.

Handicraft - Rank 1

Synthesis - Rank 1

I’ve still been investing some effort into ranking dexterity and managed to achieve rank 1 metal conversion tidying up most of the alchemy production skills in the tab. For the remaining skills that I want to finish in the alchemy tab, all that remains is alchemy mastery and mana crystallization. I imagine that these two skills will be trained steadily in my coming lives, as a means to save AP for more dexterity giving skills.

Metal Conversion - Rank 1

My disciple Rulion has also been progressing rather quickly of late. Just a bit ago, he finally finished up refining and is now dabbling in range skills as an effective hybrid skillset to use in conjunction with melee. Now that he’s made it to the mid-game, I’m quite excited to see him get this far and very much anticipating what he’ll be capable of in the end-game!

Matching Master and Disciple

Quality Time with Ru 2


That’s all I have for now! I apologize for putting off writing for so long. Life is somewhat tumultuous for me at the present but hopefully good times will emerge soon 🙂


Enhalo Wallpaper

Enhalo Wallpaper Mac

Commissioned by Somecoolguy! His Minus site can be found here.

I have to say I really adore the face I’m making! He did a superb job and I will definitely be commissioning from him again in the future ^o^

Nostalgic Times

My alchemic pursuits have been enjoyable thus far! Recently I’ve installed both a dry and steam oven in my homestead to provide myself with the convenience of having them at hand at all times. The only downside is that my pets cannot be summoned meaning I’ll have to rely on my partner for inventory at the time being.

On the topic of homesteads, I recently achieved level 14 and subsequently received the space upgrade. The sheer expanse of my stead is now massive and quite honestly I’m not sure what to do with all of it.

Level 14 Homestead

Currently, I have a row for each type of herb and I plan on installing an additional row of mana and base herb to supplement my mana potion stock. In the other corner of the stead, I’ve set up a desert encampment of sorts– a reclusive oasis wherein I erected a camp to further my alchemy studies. I’ll have to post some pictures of it next time as I’m quite proud of how it turned out 😀

Alchemy Mastery - Rank A

Mana Crystallization - Rank 6

Transmutation - Rank 1

I managed to get few skill ranks outside of the alchemy skill-set as well! Most importantly, rA evade provides me with two uses of evade allowing me to take advantage of dodging even more so than before! It may seem trivial but I do use evade quite often in shadow missions, successfully too I might add.

Evasion - Rank A

Final Shot - Rank 5

Transformation Mastery - Rank 9

My schedule this week also permitted me to attend the banquet with several friends and we had a delightful time 😀

Bacon Banquet

Lastly, I partook in a few Lord level shadow mission courtesy of invitation by the Simply Guild. The first mission, Abb Neagh Convoy Escort, is not too unbearable though it does require a reasonable amount of AOE DPS given the number of monsters that appear with each spawn. Puppeteers are unquestionably ideal for Lord missions for two reasons. They deal the most AOE damage by virtue of their dual stat contribution and the fact that given that elemental reforges do not give any additional damage bonus on the monsters. Secondly, they keep mobs from spreading with the Crisis skill and allow for party members to deal more damage with their area of effect skills, increasing the synergy of the party considerably.

Convoy Clear

Anyhow, the first mission was completed without a hitch but the second mission, Belvast Hostage Rescue, was not a cup of tea. The first half of the mission involves your party sneaking around with transparent camouflage enchantment and if you get caught, you’ll have to fight off an on-set of powerful monsters. To our misfortune, we managed to spawn all three of the monster spawns you’re supposed to sneak by but managed to fend them off and reach part two of the mission. Part two involves fighting monsters while guiding the hostages to the port wherein you successfully complete the mission. While this sounds easy in theory, the hostages get stuck on obstacles rather easily and the sheer volume of monsters that spawn is incredible. Our party did well to fight off both of the major waves of monsters, however, the hostages that survived the onslaught became stuck and we failed the mission.

Belvast Hostage Lord Mission with Simply 1

Belvast Hostage Lord Mission with Simply 2

Belvast Hostage Lord Mission with Simply 4

I foresee us taking on this challenging mission in the near future but in the meantime, I’ll be continuing my alchemy studies in the serenity of my homestead.

Jun the Giant