Title Hunter

After what seemed to be slow going progress overall, I have been blessed with a number of exciting events! First off, I’ve managed to acquire some smashing prefix titles: Legatus and God’s Feather! Legatus bestows the wearer with 14 max damage and 10 critical whereas God’s Feather boosts alchemy success rate by 5% and alchemic damage by 10%! Needless to say, I am ecstatic to have both of these advantageous titles!

Legatus Title Get

Gods Feather Acquired

Playing rock paper scissors has become a fun pastime as well! This is definitely an event that I would love to have as a permanent feature. It not only brings the community together but it’s just plain enjoyable and cute haha. Much like the Nightmare event that I wish was still around, when this event goes I’ll undoubtedly miss it.

Rock Paper Sissors Go

Every five months, dan tests roll around yet as a guild, our attendance is lacking mostly due to everyone being pre-occupied. We were finally able to find enough people to initiate a dan test and I managed to increase my blacksmithing rank to Dan 1. The end-goal would be Dan 3 but given how slow the process takes and the availability of our guild, the target rank is still a far ways away.

Blacksmithing Dan Test


Passing Dan 1


Alchemy training has continued to proceed smoothly and already I’ve attained rank seven in the skill. Once this is done, I’ll be finishing up mana crystallization and then debate as to whether or not I should rank flameburst and its corresponding mastery skill. I suppose it depends how much AP I have at that point but I’d definitely be willing to invest it for enjoyment’s sake.

Alchemy Mastery - Rank 7


On a final note, a small social club of mine got together  to run the Ciar Advanced Hardmode Dungeon to hunt for a particular enchant! We had a nice time working together but regrettably the desired enchant did not drop from the reward chests. Better luck next time  though I must say that I am in high anticipation of our next convocation!

Bacon Lovers Ciar ADV HM 1.1

Bacon Lovers Ciar ADV HM 10


Bacon Lovers Ciar ADV HM 16


With that, until next time!

Field Bossing Reprive



So begins a new era here in Erinn! Field bosses run rampant throughout the lands with the most mennecing one yet being the Black Dragon. In the near future, the White Dragon will also emerge and the entire guild is preparing in anticipation! I myself attended a raid against the Black Dragon not too long ago and the battle was something else!

First Black Dragon Raid 1 First Black Dragon Raid 2

A sizable number of Milleteans attended and in the end our numbers prevailed! My reward..? 10 coper ingots 😀 . . .

First Black Dragon Raid 3

The Black Dragon raid was more of a freelance explorative activity for myself but that was only the beginning of my field boss escapades. As a guild, we set out on Samhain to conquer the field boss landscape and by Imbolic we had most certainly achieved this feat. Within the span of two months, we had taken down 14 Giant Lions, 10 Gators, and 4 Prairie Dragons.

Giant Lion Raid Giant Lion Finish New FB

Despite all the recent happenings, I have not forgotten to train my alchemy! My pace is not what I’d like it to be yet it’s important not to get burnt out just for a bit more progress! Rank 9 will be the last bottleneck until rank 3 so if I can make it past this, I’ll be more or less home-free.

Alchemy Mastery - Rank 9

For the remainder of the past year, I invested quite a bit of effort into maxing out my merchant rating at Tir Chonaill. This milestone marks the fifth town with the highest ranking leaving only Belvast, Emain, and Tara left. I anticipate Belvast to be finished any day now but the other two will require some assiduous incorporation on my part to include these towns into my present commerce routes.

Tir Chonaill - Level 9

We also enjoyed a session of the martial arts tournament for our yearly guild run as well!

Martial Arts CTRL Run

Until next time!

Belvast at Night Smell of the Ocean

Anticipation and Adventures!

I’m in high hopes that I’ll be sampling the gunner skill set soon and hopefully it lives up to my expectations! If the skills aren’t as high speed as I envisioned them to be, I’ll continue ranking my remaining alchemy skills and a few puppetry skills on the side all while saving AP on the side by leveling with commerce. Just recently I finally managed to master the skill meaning no more selling X items at a time!

Master of Commerce

I did waste 7 AP in this last life by using it to advance my ranged attack skill to Dan 1. I do enjoy the furious prefix title so in terms of aesthetics, it’s worth it haha.

Ranged Attack - Dan 1

The guild also did a four person Peaca INT run which lasted roughly four days. We lost a member in the boss room and that made the Master Lich rather tricky. In the end, we managed to prevail and were rewarded for our perseverance! Sadly, nobody got the steel needle or flame enchant but I did manage to snag a mythril heavy lance helm (M). I do hope it sells in my house soon XD

Sacrifice Pengy 1

Recently, I managed to prevail in the Their Method Elite shadow mission by using puppetry. I was admittedly a bit crunched for time towards the end of the mission but the boss room took a shorter amount of time than I anticipated and in the end it worked out. With that, I’ve achieved perfect complete on all the Tara shadow missions– save for those related to making wine. I’ll have to give wine-making another shot in the future but for now, I’m satisfied.

Their Method Elite Clear

A fellow guildy, alekvic, was kind enough to give me his Guardian of Partholon secret shadow mission pass so Jiihae, mike, and I decided to trio the mission! The run was a huge success and we ended up receiving the maximum score! With this final secret mission completed, I only have the Belvast Hostage Rescue mission on my to-do list. I’m quite eager to give it another shot so I can write about it soon!

Guardian of Parthelon

Guardian of Pathelon S Rank

On a final note, I managed to tailor something quite exceptional, that is, a pair of rosemary gloves! I’m rather grateful that I had the opportunity to make this “holy grail” kind of item and even more pleased at the fact that the gloves bore my name. I decided to give the gloves to my guild master, Jiihae, as a token of appreciation for all they’ve helped me with in the past year. Hopefully in centuries come to pass, my name will live on through these gloves 🙂

Rosemary Gloves

Jii Gets the Sword

That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll have more to write about in these upcoming years other than my commerce endeavors! In the meantime, I’ll make an effort to improve my archery enchant database but for now, goodbye!

Hunters in the Wilderness