Alchemy Training

After a long and taxing trial, I finally managed to finish ranking my alchemy mastery skill! With that, I’ll be taking a break from alchemy for a while but in time I hope to finish up mana crystallization and perhaps eventually master alchemy. New life skills are just around the corner though and it will take some powerful will power to pry me away from those! Alchemy Mastery - Rank 1

I did make a little progress on mana crystallization prior to switching talents, however!

Mana Crystallization - Rank 4

In this past year, I had a bit of fun trying to solo the Giant Sandworm! It took a bit of time but eventually I emerged triumphant! Even more satisfying was the fact that I didn’t get potion poisoned!

Giant Sandworm Solo

Of course, the fun of field bossing lies in the team effort put fourth by the guild! They’ve been lots of fun to fight with and the diligent teamwork always results in an efficient kill!

Blue Field Boss Team

Guild events haven’t been limited to just field boss hunting though! Jiihae, Kenton, and I recently braved the Longa Mysterious Dungeon in hopes of getting the Nobility enchant. Though unsuccessful in that regard, I did score the journal achievement and was rewarded with the Camilla Tree enchantment.

Longa Mysterious Clear

My luck could be described as lucky and unlucky in this event. I was able to get the different variants of sunglasses in addition to a nice swimsuit but sadly, the hawaiian outfit remained elusive. I did get the hawaiian bracelet and hair decoration though! Both look great with the swimsuits I have 😀

Mermaid Sand Statue

Speaking of, I don’t always wear swimsuits but when I do, it’s when I’m chilling with Okami, haha. Tis a shame that elves don’t tan *sigh*

KT and Enhalo Sunbathing


Forging Ahead

Just a short entry here! Most of my time has been consumed by alchemy training and such efforts have paid off as I’ve reached rank 4 alchemy mastery!

Alchemy Mastery - Rank 4

I haven’t updated my stats in some time but there they clean with no buffs after a fresh rebirth. I do have my gear on and I can definitely say that I’m happy with the progress so far! What’s more optimistic is the amount of dexterity I can still easily obtain so I’m looking forward to the levels between 3k and 4k– perhaps I’ll be able to finally cap dexterity outside of puppetry skills!

Clean Stats June 2013 Beginning

In mentioning of levels, at some point I’ll probably rank bard skills but I’ve no idea when. It would likely take place after I cap dexterity since I don’t think of bard skills as too much of a priority at the present. Regardless of when the training does take place, I’ll be ready thanks to this Yvona title a friend sold me. Thanks for that, friend! Now all I have to do is make a Gloomy Sunday and I’ll be on my way to becoming a bard! Well… Perchance I should get around to ranking the skills before I call myself that, haha.

Yvona Title

Lastly, I’d like to extend thanks to my friends who have kept me company as I toil away at the ovens to train alchemy. It’s a nice feeling when your friends do everything they can to help you, be it the power to achieve a lofty endeavor or empowering you with willpower by their unwavering support. I would thus like to express my admiration to all those who’ve helped me during my journey and let them know that it is never unappreciated.

Gem Happy Face

Before I take my leave, I’ll leave you all with a picture of a hat I’ve taken quite the fancy to: the norman warrior helmet. Cheers!

Enhalo Versus Reasyn RPS