With A Hint of Magic!

Once again, I’ve been spending most of my days traversing the commerce routes. I’m getting very close to getting level 9 in every town with only Emain Macha (level 8) and Tara (level 7) left to cap! I didn’t think that ranking commerce mastery at around 2k was a good idea but now I can say without a doubt that it was a wise investment in AP, haha!

Emain Macha - Level 8

I’ve invested my remaining amount of time into these new skills: Magic Craft and Shyllien Ecology. Both skills can be a tad tedious and analogous to the metallurgy and refining skills. Like metallurgy, Shyllien Ecology is a gathering type skill yet different in the sense that consumes it mana, rather than stamina over the course of collecting the item. Collectable items include mana, bloody, garbage, and poison herbs along with shyllien crystals- all of which are used in making items with the Magic Craft skill. Magic craft mimics refining such that you need a cauldron or “furnace” to create items. However, the skill is leagues more laborious in terms of the number of requirements making it quite a lengthy process to achieve rank 1. Though… That’s never stopped me before, has it? XP

Magic Craft - Rank A

Shyllien Ecology - Rank 4

Lastly, I finally managed to get a decent ego weapon thanks to purchased reforges. I was not even going for an elemental reforge in all honesty and this is pretty evident from the one line LOL… In any case, my ego is now quite usable for most things though is still sub-par to a critical from my glorious thorn lotus r5 highlander long bow.  Now I have the added flexibility of a longer shooting range, slightly faster aiming speed, and less of a reliance on critical damage! The real trick from here on will be getting that max range up to 100 and repairing this bow, ahhhhhh!

Fire Level 4 Ego


Milletian in Motion

As I draw near my 200th entry in this diary of sorts, yet another milestone has been achieved!

Cumulative Level 3000

Though my development in range hasn’t increased quite as sharply as my other two milestones, I’m happy to see that there is progress nonetheless. Seeing as how I stockpiled about 1.2k AP and ranked quite a bit of alchemy skills in my last thousand levels, this progress still does come as somewhat of a pleasant surprise to me! I surmise that these next one thousand levels will either have another spike in improvement dexterity-wise or will be reminiscent of my last milestone. The arbiter of my progress will end up being the stat change wherein I’m torn between maxing range, improving alchemy, or branching out into magic. My ideal endgame would revolve around all three but like most Milletians I’m hampered by my limited ability points, haha~ But ultimately that’s the true beauty of Erinn, no? The infinite potential we all hold within us to pursue and realize our dreams! Even if you wanna be a cat that hangs out with other cats!

I Wanna Be a Cat

Also in this past life, I was also able to put this lovely outfit together! That hat still needs to be replaced with another that matches the color of the scarf but for intents, purposes, and enjoyment, this suffices for now! Originally, Jiihae and I thought it would be nice to dye the shoes the same grey as the scarf but it turns out to be somewhat rare on the palette. Being the fearless Milletians that we are, we decided to pursue the 1/5 chance anyways! Rather fortuitously, the shoes ended up colored as the blue as pictured below and I decided that I enjoy that better than grey, haha~

Gamryu Outfit

Fashion escapades have always been enjoyable but in the interest of mixing things up, I decided to fulfill my destiny as the Milletian- at least for a little while!

Saga - Episode 1 - 1

I began by asking Akule and Millia to help create a charm to keep demons from possessing my body freely.

Saga - Episode 1 - 2

Matters escalated quickly as Akule fended off the Black Dragon following the creation ceremony of the charm resulting in Milla and I going off together to search for Akule following the conflict.

Saga - Episode 1 - 19

Saga - Episode 1 - 26

Saga - Episode 1 - 33

Misadventure soon befell me as I was captured in the Mysterious Karu Dungeon but with Shamala’s help, we managed to escape together!

Saga - Episode 2 - 19

Saga - Episode 2 - 21

Saga - Episode 2 - 22

Saga - Episode 2 - 26

With that exciting conclusion…! I scampered off to procrastinate on my destiny once again by training other skills, hahahaha ahaha haha… Yeah TxT…

Saga - Episode 1 - 14