Puppetry Progress

With some deliberation, I finally made up my mind to begin seriously ranking puppetry skills with the rationale that a new set of skills would balance the weaknesses of archery. The progress I’ve made thus far in the last few years centers around the primary AOE combo of puppetry: crisis followed by climactic crash.

Crisis - Rank 1

Master of Climatic Crash


Rising Action - Rank 1

Another noteworthy thing to mention is that I’ve finally begun to take my ego’s development a bit more seriously and just this year, she achieved level 29 strength.

Strength - Level 28

In my head, I envision attaining 41 social towards the end of next year but that widely depends on how much gold I can amass and reinvest in diamonds. The price range of these gems can range anywhere from 10k-30k a cm making social growth  an unquestionably exorbitant venture.

Aside from the usual routine of commercing and leveling, the guild collectively decided to raid peaca intermediate dungeon once again. We unfortunately did not receive any of the desired enchantments but as always, peaca dungeon is an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Peaca INT Team 1


After a number of entries in this journal, I’m happy to see that this is my 200th record. As it’s been 260 years since I arrived in Erinn, it’s refreshing yet nostalgic to look upon my own past words and perspectives. With that, I thank those who’ve happened to come across this journal and took the time to read its contents. Perhaps you’re from a distant age in the future or simply living alongside me in Erinn at this very moment. Whoever you are, I hope my records have been worth your time and brought you enjoyment but most importantly, it is my wish that you’ll look forward to the entries that the future shall bring.

As it’s the 200th record, I figured that a happening of significance would be most appropriate to document. Such is the case as a Portia Costume has finally entered my belongings after nearly 40 years of searching. Incidentally, these are the original colours belonging to the costume and retaining them felt quite appropriate given the joy the acquisition brought. Yellow does happen to be my favorite colour as well and I rarely use such a colour scheme since the many garmets I come across look better in darker hues. Regardless, I am truly happy to finally own a dress with such luxurious air about it.


I’ve spent the last several lives focusing on leveling and invested very little time into training skills. I was finally prompted to change this trend by finishing one of the newly discovered life skills, working on my transformation mastery skill, and completing mining mastery.

Shyllien Ecology - Rank 1 (Clean)

Transformation Mastery - Rank 7

Mining - Rank 1

Completing my mining skill turned out to be much more enjoyable then I thought it would be and Cullin was delightfully scenic and tranquil. Though the natural greenery of Cullin was a nice change of pace from busy streets of the cities, the opposite could be said for the sulfur pits in Zardine! I happened to run into a few ancient sulfur golems while mining near the Raspa Cliffs. With persistence, I was eventually able to dispatch the two nuances and finish up the mining skill in a tidy manner.

Sulfur Golem on the Edge 2

Even more surprisingly, I decided to work on my culinary skill reaching rank A prior to writing this entry. This was moreso galvanized by my desire of dungeon pass boxes from the hot spring monkeys. The want is mostly convenience driven but I am working towards finishing my dungeon journal achievements in addition to hunting for enchants on the side!

Cooking - Rank A

The last skill achievement that I’d like to note is that upon reaching a 3.2k total, I finally attained all rank 1 transformation skills. It’s a bit sad to see my levels more or less go to waste after this point but I suppose it’s a natural progression within any Millitean’s development.

Capped Trans

Aside from skills, my ego has also seen some modest progress in the last few years as I’ve invested more effort into ranking her stats since receiving the fire level 4 reforge. Right before authoring this entry, I gained the title of “the friend of the female bow spirit” by reaching level 21 social. My next goal is level 30 strength but given the time-frame of feedings, it’ll be a bit of time before this milestone is achieved.

Friend of the Female Bow

The gods of luck have been kind to me of late as the guild has successfully completed several production projects. Our target items were demonic weapons and I was responsible for crafting two Demonic Gloomy Sunday instruments for both mike and Oyama. To my gratification, I was able to carpenter both instruments during this past Alban Eiler and have the satisfaction of having my signature born on both weapons. It seems that acquiring the master of carpentry title turned out to be worth the effort and happy that my guildies are able to use it! At the present, I’m seriously debating as to whether or not I should stock up on wood boards to aim for the mastery title of handicraft. Like the carpentry title, it adds a small quality success bonus to the successful crafting of an item making it desirable for demonic weapons. Though it would be unarguably useful, the escapade would call for heavy time and monetary investments that could be better spent elsewhere. Perhaps I’ll undertake this venture after I finish updating my enchantments.

Demonic Gloomy Sundays

Speaking of enchantments, I was finally able to successfully ensorcell the Boiling enchantment on a Bohemian Wear. I vied for Boiling over the Encore enchantment due to my plan to hybridize over to alchemy in the distant future, as well as avoid the annoying damage rolls built into Encore. Normally having a damage range enchantment is not a problem but having two such rolls on a piece of equipment (Ambush being the other counterpart in this example) often leads to exponentially more frustration. I’ll surely work towards a doubly high rolled Encore Ambush Bohemian on the side but for now, this Boiling Ambush surrogate shall suffice!

Boiling Bohemian Wear

Updating my enchantments also requires that I rank certain skills to activate the effects. This brings me to my final topic of the entry: my initial progress in ranking puppetry skills! The best prefix for both Bohemian Flower Bands and Bohemian Shoes is the Burlesque enchantment but the impressive 10 ~ 15 max damage that comes with the enchantment calls for having rank 1 Act 9: Invigorating Encore. An additional 7 ~ 15 marionette max is also an added feature of the enchantment but also requires rank 1 Act 6: Crisis. Given my reasonably high dexterity stat and rising strength parameter, as well as my need to activate these enchantments in the future, it seems wise to venture into the puppetry skill-set at this stage. Thus far, I’ve managed to make a bit of headway in all skills save for Act 2 and Act 4. Eventually I’ll get around to ranking those two skills as well but for now it’s my intention to be conservative with my 1.4k AP.

Crisis - Rank C


Climactic Crash - Rank C

The journey to this point has been rewarding to say the least and brimming with adventure and joy with every step! Here’s to another hundred posts and to the bright future!

Legatus 5