Fulfilling Life

I’m happy to write that I’ve made some reasonable progress on a few life skills! To start off the year, I finally managed to angle my way to r1 fishing! I can cheerfully say that attaining the master title won’t be in my sights for quite some time, haha. Although I may strive for finishing the first part of the collection journal of fishing if I feel up to the challenge!

Fishing - Rank 1

Cooking is was the other skill that my drew my attention in this past life and now that it’s at rank 9, I can finally start making shrimp fried rice to feed the hot spring monkeys! It’s a bit odd that after wanting the rewards from monkey feeding for so long, I never got around to ranking cooking until now. I will comment that ingredient hunting has involved less work than originally envisioned and once I had this misconception  out of the way, progress was made rather quickly!

Cooking - Rank 9

Aside from life skills, I managed to finish up march song without much difficulty. Unlike most skills where I allocate most of my focus towards them in a single life, march song was simply trained passively with each rebirth. It would be nice if the other bard skills ended up being trained in this manner but I doubt that will be the case once my focus narrows in on the music tab.

March Song - Rank 1


My spirit weapon, Photon, also achieved level 30 strength this week! Though it’s not much, I’m happy to see consistent progress with her max damage range. Ultimately, I would like for her to reach level 50 strength within half a century, though I would be perfectly content with a max damage range over a hundred in all honesty. But enough with skill ranking and statistics, and let me share what the guild did this year!

Strength Level 30

The yearly guild event consisted of a long-standing challenge: the Belvast Hostage Rescue Lord mission.

CTRL Belvast Hostage Run 1

We were able to actually make it through the courtyard with a hostage intact this time around! Upon arriving at the port, our premature celebration ground to a halt as the mission did register as completed and once again, the mission’s success had eluded us. To this day we’re still baffled as to why the mission was not considered complete. Though disappointed, we remain undeterred and will someday conquer this undertaking!

CTRL Belvast Hostage Run 2


On a final note and as you might have deduced from the illustrations thus far, I was able to purchase a Millia wear and  with it, fashion another outfit! The theme is largely inspired by Iria wherein the vast majority G18 takes place in. I’ve always adored the continent of my birth and spent countless days exploring its sweeping and boundless landscape. To this day, I still enjoy flying around the outer reaches of the continent where few Milletians are to be found. The serenity one can enjoy in these remote locations is something you cannot find in the other two continents. Though maybe one day this will change as we continue to discover and explore!

Millia Outfit


Oh right, I also fulfilled my duty as the Milletian this year but you all know how that goes…

Lelach Creepin


… He’s so creepy sometimes…

Dowra Being Cool

Good Reference


Dire FireNop Welp


But then after this I procrastinated on my destiny by doing other things per the usual…

Inspirational Halo