Combat Craze!

I had a slight obsession with combat-related skills this rebirth, haha. First off, I managed to acquire the Master of Combat title – a title that I think sounds pretty cool despite the effects not being too superb! Following this, I was able to finish the counterattack skill for the dexterity it gives. And finally, I capped the evasion skill for the minute amount of dexterity it gives.

Master of Combat

Counterattack - Rank 1

Evasion - Rank 6

Hoarding all the dexterity I can eventually pays off in damage output! Though it was a bit cheating using a gold combo card, hehe~

17k baybay

Dexterity and ranged skills aside, I happened to venture to the Hillwen Mines in this life. Rumor had it that monsters there had disappeared for some unknown reason and I wanted to see with my own eyes if the whispered tales were true. Incredulous as I was, the rumors did turn out to be true and ores galore were up for grabs with no risk of being attacked my monsters! With haste I bought a mining drill and set to work looting these once guarded treasures of the earth.

Empty Mines

Rare Minerology - Rank 5

I soon found myself at rank 5 rare mineralogy but unlimited access to the treasures of the mines was not to last. Towards the beginning of the year, the monsters returned and once again claimed the mines once again leaving milletians to fight for the right to mine. Like the other milletians, I’ve retreated from the mines for the time being but I certainly will come back to train engineering and finish the rare mineralogy skill.

To pass the time following my adventure to the mines, I headed to Avon in search of the Prince of Denmark. From my point of view, we got along pretty well but who knows!

Enhalo And Hamlet 1

Enhalo and Hamlet 2

Enhalo and Hamlet 3

I did want to give him some space after he claimed to have been visited by his father’s ghost though so I went off to Filia to train my magic craft skill. I seem to find myself in the nature reserve more and more often these days and it’s gotten to the point where I’m getting quite reasonable at the trade. As it stands now, I’m currently at rank 4 and still wanting to train more so we’ll see where this motivation takes me!

Magic Craft - Rank 4

The guild also went out to raid the Peaca Intermediate dungeon again. This time we took it slow and relaxed a little towards the middle of the dungeon. Disappointingly, we did not receive any desirable drops once again but the fun is in the journey and adventure rather than the destination, no?

Peaca Int CTRL Run 3

Peaca Int CTRL Run 11

On a final note, I’ve shortened my rebirth cycle to a year’s time rather than the typical three year period that most milletians follow. As a consequence, I’ve hastened my level accumulation rate and now find myself at a cumulative total of 4000.

Cumulative Level 4000

It’s been quite the journey thus far and it’s hard to believe that I’ve come this far along. Nonetheless, my adventure days will continue in earnest!