Training in the Mountains

The highlands of Erinn have always had a certain allure to them. Ever overshadowing in the distance, the mountains’ presence dominates the northern part of the country. Despite being nestled amongst the base of this cordillera, Tir Chonail infallibly feels homey and warm. It’s an odd realization if I ponder about it. Originally my initial birth took place in the desert town Filia while my early upbringing was in Taillteann. In fact, it wasn’t until much later that I visited Tir Chonail. I suppose Tailteann and Tir Chonail are somewhat alike in terms of climate, thus their similar ambiences.


Regardless of the reason I’m drawn to the small village at the base of the mountains, I found myself there once again to train. The skill in question – enthralling performance – turned out to be a surprise. At first I was rather apathetic towards this skill but the training requirements ended up being quite reasonable and enjoyable. In retrospect, I would agree that there’s an unappreciated entertainment value in having monsters follow you, haha.

Enthralling Performance - Rank 1

Though finishing enthralling performance was enjoyable to say the least, I made other efforts to improve my life skills as well! It so happens that I came across the Manus Brand Disinfectant whilst perusing the Dunbarton market shops. I promptly purchased it and was able to cap my first aid skill!

First Aid - Rank 6

I’ve also continued to train my magic craft skill on the side as well and my efforts have brought me to the rank 3 milestone. Conveniently, this magic craft rank activates the magical enchant which is used widely by mages and alchemists alike. As my experiences training this skill have been quite positive and relaxing, I anticipate that I’ll eventually reach rank 1 in due time.

Magic Craft - Rank 3

Other than skills, I managed to resolve the heated antics of the three girls drawn to Keane! Ultimately, that ended in Keane and Ysolte getting married of all things… Though as long as they’re happy, I suppose it doesn’t matter what the end result was!

Rush of Love Wedding 2

Rush of Love Wedding 3

Other than that, this life wasn’t particularly eventful! I have a feeling that the coming weeks will be rather eventful for me but we shall see~



Onset of Frost

The silence that the muffling winter snow brings in Erinn is both unnerving and serene. It’s presence becomes even more noticeable after a lengthy journey to deliver commerce goods. Perhaps the silence gives us Milletians time to reflect on what we’ve done since arriving here through the Soul Stream. It is my hope that with each passing year, we come closer and closer to finding happiness in this place.

Field Warrior 1

Though the chill in the air makes trading goods more arduous, my elephant and I braved the cold to make several trips to Tara. Our persistence was rewarded, however, as our merchant rating for that town reached level 8. With this milestone, only a single rank in Tara remains before my merchant rating has been maxed in all towns. I do wish that eventually the fomors will extend their trading routes to Iria but for now, that remains a distant dream of mine, haha.

Tara - Level 8

On topics other than commerce, my homestead reached the level cap and my ego, Photon, reached level 36 strength! Slowly but surely, the ego is becoming stronger and is hopefully on track to reach level 50 strength in the next half century.

Homestead Level 15 Strength Level 36

I should also thank my guildleader, Jiihae, for being extremely generous by giving me this Halloween Hunter prefix title. It’s quite a nice addition to my collection especially because it gives benefits to both alchemy and magic when equipped. I was honestly not expecting to get this title at all and as such, I am once again indebted to my guildleder and their kindness.

Hallow Party Title Clean

In addition to homemaking and commerce escapades, the rest of this life was spent training some unclassical dexterity skills: spider shot and hailstorm. I must comment that the training methods for both of these skills were slightly tedious but in the end, the slight increase in power makes the slow progress worth the effort.

During this life, I found myself training spider shot and hail storm. It’s a tad unusual for me to dabble in magic but branching out every now and then is always a refreshing change of pace. Aside from dexterity, hail storm also gives a bit of intelligence and mana – both of which will be valuable for mana shield and the gunner skills if I ever get around to ranking them. On the other hand, spider shot only gives dexterity along with a drip of stamina and because of the skill’s cool-down, it feels much more laborious to train. In the end, I was able to persist and finish both skills in a little over a year’s time.

Spider Shot - Rank 1 Hail Storm - Rank 1

With these two skills checked off, I believe that there are only a handful of skills left that grant dexterity! The end of my archery journey is in sight at last!

Iria Desert Glow