Ever Closer

In this lifetime, I was able to get even closer to the dexterity cap and made progress on the magic craft and engineering life skills. With my current pace, I believe that all dexterity-related skills should be finished within a few more lifetimes and then I can go about ranking other skills! I’m not exactly sure which skills I’ll be ranking but it will be a fun challenge to look forward to!

Magic Craft - Rank 2

Final Shot - Rank 1

Singing - Rank 2

Rare Minerology - Rank 3

Hillwen Engineering - Rank A

Strength - Level 38


Social Level 29

I was also able to rank my Emain Macha merchant rating to the current cap and now the only town that remains to be ranked is Tara! I don’t plan to actively rank the town as I’m sure it’ll rank itself in due time but once I do, all towns will have a max merchant rating level!

Emain - Level 9

Before I move into other topics, I would first like to thank Jiihae for helping me buy a Dowra Outfit. I’ve wanted this particular piece of clothing for quite some time now and now it’s finally within my grasp! Jiihae also gave me the headpiece to complete the outfit – much thanks for that as well! I’ll likely use this outfit most while training engineering and rare mineralogy but it’s sure to see quite a bit of usage in the near future.

Dowra Outfit

Moving on to equipment related projects, I was able to make a pair of Officer Automatic Dowra SE guns and a High Powered enchanted variant. Many thanks to my guildmate Okami for providing gun-making services!

Officer's Automatic Dowra

High Powered Dowra

The guildmates also helped me kick-start a new highlander long bow. The bow is r1 preforged and mike4488 was kind enough to provide me with the bow. On chance I happened to come across a stamp enchantment in a personal shop for 80k and purchased it with haste. Peterism provided me with the ancient powder wherein upon enchanting stamp onto the bow, it succeeded on the first and only try!

Stamp r1 HLB

The timing of this is quite convenient since my current Stiff Thorn Lotus highlander long bow is hovering around 5 durability – not exactly desirable but still usable nonetheless. Hopefully I’ll be able to get an effective range reforge on this bow as I hear its effect is quite pronounced. Though I’ll have to test it myself before reaching any conclusions, haha.

The last thing I’d like to mention is that I ran a “perfect” run of Defeat Fomor Commander 1 with my guildleader Jiihae. To me, a perfect run is when you don’t get hit by an enemy so I was pretty happy to finally achieve this feat in an elite level mission. I highly doubt that I’ll manage to perform the same endeavor in a Lord level mission but perhaps someday I’ll strive for such a thing!


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