Sharp cold air pierced my lungs as I inhaled the morning air deeply. Like most of the Iria Continent, the breeze of the Maiz Prairie was charged with the energy of the vast wilderness that stretched across the land. And now as dawn broke over the horizon, the land’s spirit was at its peak. I stood at the base of the camp for several minutes, paralyzed by both the chill of the morning air and the incredible view of the rising sun. As mesmerizing as the moment was, I took care to savor the stillness before me as I knew the day – like many of the previous – would be anything but peaceful.

The noises of a waking encampment soon broke the tranquil atmosphere and I soon began to mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. Anticipation soon filled my chest as I watched my comrades emerge from their tents to prepare breakfast. Their demeanor was anything but composed in their drowsy state yet their eyes glinted with excitement for the day ahead. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I recalled how we all ended up here in the middle of the wilderness – by our own free will at that.

Roughly a quarter of a century ago, I heard whispers of a guild that focused most of its resources into raiding campaigns in the Iria Continent. This information itself was not particular special; in fact, it was to be expected as many guilds partook in such hunts on a routine basis. The allure of the enchantments dropped by these beasts was the primary incentive for most Milletians to fight though a select few individuals sought materials to craft the finest of weapons. Naturally, my own ambitions stemmed from these two incentives as well and I had been searching for a party with which I could partake in these raids with. Thus, my attention was drawn to the Steadfast Guild.

Unlike most campaigns that typically lasted a year at most, the Steadfast Guild differentiated itself from all other guilds by their commitment to pursue and slay the dragons of the land. By the time the rumor of the legendary raiding guild reached my ears, their campaign was supposedly approaching its tenth year. The drive and determination of this guild excited the adventurous spirit within me and it was not before long that I scouted their party out in the wilderness of Iria with the intent to join. The first contact with the guild – like most exchanges – was daunting and upon explaining my intent, I waited apprehensively as they discussed in private what their course of action would be. To my surprise, they welcomed me with open arms and it wasn’t long before we were on the hunt and fighting as allies together on the battlefield.

As we slew more and more dragons and acquired great sums of wealth, I slowly began to achieve my original goals. Before long, I had acquired all the desired enchantments and was even lucky enough to pluck the eye of Bhafel intact from his massive skull! The organ was immediately used to craft the coveted Bhafel Hunter bow – my current weapon of choice to this day.

Though I had originally partook in raids to acquire items, I’ve since decided to stay with the raid party indefinitely. These last few years have been anything but boring and there is hardly a dull moment in the company of the Steadfast Guild. Perhaps in the future, I shall take some time off from the battlefield to improve my skills and abilities but for now I am content to spend the days fighting with my dear companions as we enjoy each day even more than the last.




Draft that I will try to expand on later but I’m awfully tired right now.


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