Returning Home

As I gaze out the foggy windows of my small cottage, nostalgia sweeps over me. It’s been at least several decades since I last settled down in the area and though the town feels more sparsely populated than it used to, the towering mountains and bubbling ovens remain as they always have.

After nearly half a decade of being on the raid front-lines, weariness had crept over me like a slow poison and had slowly dulled my mind. It’s interesting that Milletians what with their continuously regenerated bodies can feel “tiredness” but I suppose the soul can only endure so much even with an immortal body to house it. Though it was saddening to leave my companions on the battlefield, as true friends we all knew that this was simply a “See you later” and not a true “Goodbye”. As I’ve always believed, if the fighting spirit of a Milletian remains, you’ll be destined to encounter that person again.

I recently moved back into my home on the northern part of Taillteann to once again take part in the delights alchemy has to offer – including the newer advances pioneered by Vate. At present, I’ve already mastered the use of the guard cylinder and its ability to summon the hydra, though I’m about three fourths of the way towards completing the enhancement skills golden time and elemental wave. If you’re an avid reader of this journal, you’ll be happy to hear that after quite a number of decades talking about it, I’ve finally gotten around to completing rain casting as well. Though long overdue, this skill was really the last component of truly completing my production skill capabilities and will hopefully serve me and others well in the future. Last to mention, I’m currently making headway on the frozen blast skill and striving to obtain the heat buster skill soon. Gratifyingly, the teachings of Vate are streamlining training as golden time allows for multiple enemies to be frozen at once, making defeating enemies under the skill’s influence a much quicker task.

It’s funny, reading back on this journal makes you realize how old you really are. Though I should probably show more concern at my age, I can’t help but chuckle at the fact that my 150th birthday is only a few years away. The journey has been a long one and though there have been lonely times, I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything. And it’s still not over! I’ll strive to train my alchemy diligently over the next couple of years and see where that takes me.


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