Enhalo’s Diary

Planned contents of some short stories- they can be thought of as small light novels. Not sure how far I’ll go with these but this is what’s in the cards at the moment. Prologue is written and out and Book 1 has been started. I want to illustrate them but that will require considerable practice…



Book 1 – First Life

  • Awakening in Erinn and the scholarly life

Book 2 – The Legacy of the Classic Guild

  • Story about the guild life and Tara castle defense by Jovo

Book 3 – Transitions

  • Fall of the Classic Guild and Creation of CTRL

Book 4 – Commerce Convoy

  • Adventures in Belvast and misadventures with pirates at sea

Book 5 – Noble’s Tale

  • Infiltration of Erinn’s aristocracy and an unexpected adventure

Book 6 – Queen of the Hunt

  • Journeys into the Iria wilderness to hunt down dragons for a medicine

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