Light. Brilliant light engulfed me and overcame all my senses. For what felt like an eternity I lay suspended in its warm embrace until something finally took form. Vision returned to me as a I began to make out the developing figure in front of me.

I found myself on what seemed to be a circular platform decorated with a carving of an intricate knot in the center. The enveloping light still surrounded the platform as I felt my feet slowly make contact with its ivory surface. Suddenly I regained the all-to-familiar sense of touch. To my surprise, the stone floor beneath me was uncharacteristically warm like rocks that had been bathed in a gentle sunlight all day. I enjoyed this sensation until I realized I had overlooked something. Slowly I raised my hands to examine them. Unexpectedly, my skin had a pale complexion and my features extremely delicate yet graceful.

Before I could process what I had just observed, rays of light appeared in front of me that quickly materialized into a human figure that appeared almost like a silhouette against the blinding backdrop. Features began to take form and I immediately stared into deep azure eyes– a color that reminded me of the ocean in its most pristine state. I was then drawn into the white hair of the figure followed by the shape of the face. Noting the length of the hair and softness of the visage, I quickly established that the person in front of me was a girl.

As if she read my mind, she smiled and blinked slowly then began to speak with serene voice.

“Hello, there… You are Enhalo, right? I have been waiting for you.”

Enhalo. My name. The sound resonated in my head in the same manner as remembering something forgotten did. “Yes, this is me… My true identity,” I thought to myself as the vestiges of a smile appeared on my lips. I continued to listen to the girl intently as she continued.

“My name is Nao. It is my duty to lead pure souls like yours to Erinn.”

She paused, perhaps to let me take in what she was saying.

“Enhalo, we have some time before I guide you to Erinn. Do you have any questions for me?”

I had countless questions. “Who am I? Why have I been brought here? Where is this place? What is this place called Erinn?” Yet… I responded with a simple “No, I do not.” Whether what I said was out of excitement, bewilderment, or a combination of the two, I found myself satisfied with this mildly tart answer. Though I could not describe this premonitory feeling, it seemed inevitable that I would encounter Nao again.

With that Nao smiled once again and replied, “I hope you enjoy your stay in Erinn.”

The light that enveloped the platform grew in brightness as its brilliance overcame my senses once again. Again, the familiar sensation of floating overcame me as everything faded into oblivion.


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